Report: MLB’s Proposal for 2020 Draft Rejected by MLBPA

Major League Baseball’s proposal for the 2020 draft included 10 rounds with limits on slot values.

Major League Baseball’s proposal to have the 2020 amateur draft held from the commissioner’s office has been rejected by the MLB Players Association, according to Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich of The Athletic.

The league proposed for the draft to have 10 rounds, per The Athletic which is five more than the league’s rules require. It included other restrictions to which the players objected.

In the proposal, the league would have the draft split into two five-round portions, according to The Athletic. The slot values for picks in the first five rounds would be equal to what they were in 2019. For rounds six through 10, slot values would be 50% of last year’s value. Teams would also be allowed to sign five undrafted players for $20,000, the maximum bonus a player is allowed to receive. Teams could also sign as many players as they wanted for $5,000 or less.

The looming threat in these negotiations is a draft with even fewer rounds, something the players are against.

MLB could still send a different proposal. In March, the two sides agreed to a broad framework for the draft that set parameters at somewhere between five and 40 rounds, with a commitment to sticking to the 2019 draft’s slot values. As of now, the draft is still scheduled to take place in June.

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Author: Nick Selbe

The Skirt Trend Fashion Girls Are Suddenly Obsessed With

This is one micro-trend I’ve been bookmarking for a while now, curious as to if it would really become something. As a fashion editor, this is something I do a lot. It’s similar to investigative work (except no one’s lives are at stake) where we get a lead on something, follow it for a while, and see if anything larger comes of it. When it finally does, you end up reading about it here and today, the trend I’m finally excited and confident enough to report on is pleated miniskirts.

After seeing dozens of fashion girls dabbling with pleated minis, I figured it was time to start breaking down the why and how backing the gradual success of this skirt trend. It’s safe to assume that when you see or think of pleated miniskirts, private school uniforms, tennis, and cheerleaders come to mind, but once you see the various ways fashion girls have been styling them, you won’t even remember what your school uniform used to look like.

The nature of this skirt gives off a preppy vibe that you might not be used to incorporating into your personal style, but with the right counterparts and the 13 styling tips ahead, I have the utmost faith that you’ll be able to tackle the trend. From cardigans to cowboy boots, get ready to learn how to style my new favorite skirt trend of the year and shop some of the coolest versions below.

Give your cowboy boots new life by pairing them with a pleated mini. The open-bottom polo shirt and ’90s shoulder bag complete the look by adding both a pop of color and some subtle nostalgia. 

If you went to private school, this look probably reminds you of your childhood, but thanks to the oversize look of the shirt and the funky mix of patterns on the skirt, it feels less costumey and more fashion girl. 

Clearly, cowboy boots are a favored shoe choice when it comes to the pleated mini, and thanks to this sweater and bandana ensemble, we have a new way to wear the duo. 

Finally, a fresh way to style all of your graphic tees. Take your favorite one, tuck it into a pleated miniskirt, throw a belt on, and voilà. 

Your summertime wardrobe is going to thank you for this one. Whether you pair a bikini top or a bralette with this skirt trend, all those vacation shirts you bought last year are finally going to come in handy again. 

Go monochrome by matching your favorite hoodie to your miniskirt. The look will read sporty and spice at the same time.

Need to run a few errands? Throw on a crew-neck sweatshirt, your pleated mini, and the Nike socks every fashion girl on Instagram has been wearing and you’ve got yourself a comfortable casual look.

Pair a cropped and structured jacket with the pleated mini and accessorize with statement socks and heeled loafers. Trust me—this is one ensemble no one will see coming. 

If you play tennis, these skirts are will remind you of what you wear on a regular basis while practicing. So in case you need some fresh inspiration for your next look on the court, here you go. 

Get a tad sportier and wear a simple T-shirt with your pleated mini. Retro sneakers and ankle socks will be just the accessories you need to complete the look. 

Yep, we love a polo-shirt–and–pleated-mini moment. 

This monochrome look on the bottom is really working wonders. 

Have you ever seen a cardigan look cuter? Because I’m not sure I have. Styled with clean sneakers and a trendy shoulder bag, this outfit is living proof that one new addition to your wardrobe can make some of your favorite basics feel brand-new. 

Next up, shop the new “grandma” bikini trend we’re seeing everywhere.  

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The New Way Everyone’s Wearing Summer’s Favorite Jewelry Trend

Summer is undeniably shaping up to look and feel a lot different this year. However, just because we are all spending our time indoors doesn’t mean the fashion connoisseurs of the world aren’t still trying to drip. One of the most popular jewelry trends that bubble all throughout summer is anklets. Usually, they are worn to add that extra edge to a swimsuit look or simple sandal situation, but now that inside clothes are the new norm, socks are replacing shoes and anklets are being styled on top of them.

It might seem a tad frivolous at first to put an anklet over a sock, but when you’re sitting on your couch in the same gray sweatpants for the third day in a row wishing you could somehow try harder without actually trying, you’ll remember this story, put on your anklet, and experience a temporary feeling of happiness you didn’t even know you needed.

So far, we’ve been eyeing the trend in three main categories: Nike socks with chain anklets, bright-colored socks with beaded anklets, and sheer socks with pearl anklets. Either one or all of these duos is bound to strike a chord with you and once you see how inexpensive this new summer styling tip is, you’ll probably end up stocking up on all three variations.

The rise of Nike tube socks on Instagram is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s as if someone cued all the fashion girls on the app to wear and post them all at the same time, instantly birthing a new trend. Regardless, the affordable logo-adorned socks are everywhere and chain anklets just so happen to make them look twice as good.

Obsessed with color? Then this duo is for you. Take any bright pair of socks and layer a crafty beaded anklet atop for a kitschy summertime look. I haven’t spotted any on Instagram yet, but I am betting we’ll see tons of this combo paired with Birkenstock-type sporty sandals sooner rather than later.

Sheer socks with darling pearl-adorned pearl anklets? Yes, that’s pretty much an Instagram moment waiting to happen. If your style airs a tad more on the polished side and Nike socks really don’t seem to have a place in your “aesthetic,” then this is the sock-and-anklet coupling for you.

Next up, shop the 39 affordable things we’re manifesting in our summer wardrobes. 

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