Do Lawyers Make Good Mates?

We all look for compatibility in a mate (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.) but are there certain traits which make it difficult to End of lawyers relationshiplive with lawyers?

I decided to look at one set of traits in particular associated with lawyers. Thought Catalog lists the following “Traits of Lawyers”:

  1. A know-it-all vibe
  2. Pessimism
  3. Anal-retentive
  4. Excessive usage of fancy words
  5. Social skills
  6. Risk-aversion
  7. Drink like fish
  8. Dry dispassion
  9. Highly competitive
  10. Self-focus

Now do the above traits make for a good relationship? I don’t know. Having dated a lawyer (or 2) I have first hand knowledge on this subject. Let’s look at these traits one at a time.

A know-it-all vibe
Absolutely. Sometimes lawyers act like they are like their television counterparts who are all-knowing and clairvoyant. The truth is they are just like the rest of us and have their limitations. They know a lot about lawyer stuff but may not be up to speed on other subjects. Also a lawyer who specializes in one type of law may not know much about another type. They are nice to have around though when you need to be represented in court!

Many lawyers have to deal with a lot of bad people. When you see so many people at their worse it may be difficult for you to see your significant other in a positive light. To offset this you need to get them out into the real world where most people are not criminals. This will give them a more balanced perspective on life.

This trait is important to have for a lawyer who is doing their work. When you hire a lawyer you want them to have attention for detail so they don’t miss something that might impact you negatively. I have found though that since lawyers have to be so anal-retentive in their job they go to the other extreme in their personal life. Don’t expect them to be clean-a-holics or detailed oriented in other areas. This is where you will need to take up the slack.

Excessive usage of fancy words
This comes with the neighborhood. The law requires many fancy and complicated words to be precise. Go with the flow. If you don’t understand them just ask them to explain. They will love knowing that they are the expert (see number 1 above). Continue Reading!