The 23 Long Leather Jackets That Are Both Runway and Mom Approved

My mom discovered a fashion trend without even trying. In anticipation of Chicago’s winter, my mom and I always go coat shopping together to try to find her a new warm jacket. We tear up Michigan Avenue, going from store to store in 15-minute increments. The same thing happens in every store: I pull out funky bombers and cropped puffers, my mom shakes her head no, and she reaches for a knee-length jacket.

“Come on, Mom. Why not this one?” I’ll say, holding out a leather bomber that I secretly hope she likes so I can “borrow” it from her closet.

She informs me for the 97th time that she will not wear any jacket that does not fully cover her butt. I remind her of her great physique, which is perhaps due to weekly pilates and five-mile runs every day. In turn, she tells me that’s not the point and to not push it. “I’ll wear a short coat the same day you wear a long one,” is her final word on the matter.

In my defense, I tried wearing long coats. But every long puffer made me feel like an elongated walking marshmallow, every trench coat made me feel like a lurking private investigator, and every wool overcoat made me feel like I was trapped in a blanket. Then one night, as I was putting on my favorite leather jacket to go out, it hit me: long leather jackets.

While I still may not understand my mom’s no-short-coats rule, I will say that I can get behind her long-coat look. Long leather coats are the ideal jacket for winter. They’re sleek, subtle, and have just the right amount of shape. The leather isn’t too heavy, and the extra length adds plenty of warmth. And after a lengthy online search, I found tons of options that I could see both my mom and myself wearing. Below, I’ve rounded up 21 long leather jackets to get you through the winter. (And Mom, if you’re reading this, it’s now your turn to try the leather bomber.)

Vegan leather and faux fur? I guess that means I can buy this with a clear conscience.

Biases aside, we crushed it with this jacket.

Heads up: You’ll want to size down since this is a men’s jacket.

It has leather trim, so it counts.

Absolutely living for this leather-on-leather moment.

Brown leather is so in.

A long, leather puffer vest is exactly what this world needs. 

If you’re going to wear a trench, at least make it a leather one.

Someone tuck me into this coat, and leave me alone.

I’m a huge fan of the jeans with this one.

A patent-leather coat is exactly what my mom needs.

This is basically a leather puffer bathrobe.

Red leather definitely makes a statement.

It’s still considered a coat, okay?

This belted jacket pays a little more attention to form.

Until now, I thought cognac was only something my father drank, but I’m obsessed with this color.

The rhombus quilting makes this coat fashion-person approved.

FYI, “shirt jacket” means two styles for the price of one.

If I had to wear a pantsuit to work, this would be my suit jacket.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but it does technically cover your butt, so we can call it long.

The recycled leather makes it easy to justify this purchase.

Since this trench is 100% leather, it’s certainly worth the investment. 

I’m sorry. I had to.

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We’re Calling It: These Are the Nail Colors to Wear Right Now

It’s a new year, and you know what that means: Most of us are setting personal goals and intentions, tossing out old habits that aren’t serving us, and just looking for a fresh start. It’s also a prime opportunity to have a little fun and try something new.

One way I like to mix things up at the beginning of the year is by changing up my beauty routine. Listen, I’m not forcing you to trim your own bangs or to box-dye your hair a crazy color, but if you did and it didn’t quite work out, that’s what hats are for, right?

Even if you’re a little wary of making a drastic change, you can take baby steps and start by mixing up your manicure routine. If you normally stick to reds and neutrals, why not opt for blues and greens? Or if your nails are usually bare, you can treat yourself to an at-home mani and experiment with some new colors or designs. The sky’s the limit here, and if you don’t like it, well, there’s always nail polish remover!

To get you inspired, we compiled a list of our favorite nail colors to wear this January. Some are classics, but we’ve also got a couple of funky and unusual options. Take a look below.

Deep, darker colors are the norm for the wintry season. Instead of an inky black polish, why not grab a dark navy polish? You still get that dramatic effect, but it’s a little more unexpected.

If you normally gravitate toward pinks and reds, you can switch things up with purple. There’s a shade for any kind of mood or vibe—like a dark wine-inspired hue, one that veers toward magenta, or a soft mauve.

Wintry whites? How groundbreaking. But there’s a reason why it’s a classic hue, especially this time of year. Depending on the shade, white can look crisp and sophisticated or soft and creamy. It’s versatile and goes with just about any outfit or look.

Winter might not be a particularly green and lush season, so if you’re missing that hue, you can express it on your nails. Deep emerald polishes have a regal look, but softer sages can be so calming, too.

For those of you who think neons are more of a summer choice, hear us out. The colder temps in the wintry season can make it feel a little glum, so bring a little bit of happiness to your fingertips with some bold neon hues. The bright colors will definitely make a statement and might even lift your spirits.

On the flip side, reliable, goes-with-anything gray works all year round, but especially this time of year. A dark gunmetal gray can have the same strong effect as an inky black or a deep navy polish. And a dove gray can add some lightness if you’re looking for that type of mood.

And of course, you can also reach for the nudes and neutrals for a subtle manicure. It’s always a timeless look. Plus, if you’re not used to having color on your nails, it’s a good place to start.

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This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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L.A. Girls, Put Down the Puffers—Here Are 32 Jackets That Actually Make Sense

The L.A.-girl urge to load up on puffer jackets every winter is strong. This may be because winter fashion is heavily inclined toward heavy coats and jackets meant for subzero temperatures, and they just look so cozy. Can you blame us for wanting in?

However, after several years of living between New York and L.A., I noticed I only actually wear a handful of jackets when I’m on the West Coast. There’s no need to force a fur-coat moment when a beach day is also a viable option. Save the puffers for skiing or your trips east, and stick to the below 32 lightweight jackets to keep you more than toasty through the mild winters in L.A., Miami, and the like.

Between bombers, denim, moto jackets, and very fashion cropped numbers, there are so many good options that you won’t envy your East Coast friends and their puffers again. I promise.

Every L.A. girl needs a few different blazers in her wardrobe. This season, I’m eyeing boxy and oversize versions inspired by menswear designs and retro blazers like this one with three buttons rather than two. Layer your blazers over everything from miniskirts to jeans for an effortless night on the town.

Easy, breezy.

The slightly flared cuff is sending me.

Skip the leather pants everyone has and invest in a leather blazer instead.

The pleats on the front and back of this blazer create the perfect fit.

If I could describe my ideal L.A. winter wardrobe, it would definitely include something between a shirt and a jacket, so I’m convinced whoever came up with this category is from the Golden State. The shacket solves so many problems in one because it can be worn as a top layer or a base layer, thus fulfilling whatever need you’re looking for. It’s a perfect piece of clothing that you’ll wear all year.

Layer this one with all the nudes and browns in your closet.

I’ve noticed Western-inspired jackets are gaining more steam lately. I’m loving this understated fringe number.

This color palette, though.

The added belt is a nice touch.

The streetwear fan in me will always hold the bomber jacket in high esteem. This season, the varsity bombers of yore have graduated to university and are popping up in luxe fabrics and tailored shapes. I must say, the grown-up bomber jacket is my favorite trend of them all.

It’s perfect.

Bear hug.

So fresh and so clean.

This khaki bomber will always be in.

California’s fashion heritage is grounded in denim, and that’s no coincidence. This lightweight but warm layer looks best when layered, so size up to ensure enough space for knits and sweaters underneath.

I’m only interested in dark denim lately.

It’s 50% off!

These get better with time.

The corduroy collar sets it off.

I’ve been on the fence about moto jackets for a while now, but Emilia’s outfit has changed my entire perspective. The Von Dutch of it all is appealing to all my senses and is making me see the style anew. When styling, get experimental to avoid looking basic. Grab patterned pants, a pop-of-color top, or baggy denim to bring this trend into 2022. 

Aged like a fine wine.

Zara never misses in this category.

White is an unexpectedly fresh color for a moto jacket.

An AllSaints leather jacket makes you feel like a rock star.

A cropped jacket is the perfect solution for going out when you’d like to keep your jacket on as part of the outfit. You either get it, or you don’t. Because this category is a bit less practical and is more for fashion’s sake, go big or go home.

The irony makes it even more brilliant.

We’re living amid a renaissance, after all. 

This one is light enough to wear even when it’s sunny.

I had to.

It was formerly known as the finance-bro jacket, but we are reclaiming the fleece in 2022. The designs, however, are very far from Wall Street and more streetwear inclined. As it’s one of the most practical jackets of the bunch, wear this one for all your daytime errands and early morning hikes.

I can’t get over the shading of the mountains.


Love the colorway.

Heat map.

Quilted jackets feel so New England to me and, thus, channel winter vibes, no matter the setting. Designers continue to interpret this trend more and more broadly, and I’m loving all the floral and abstract designs currently on the market.

One of a kind.

One word: texture.

Refined and practical.

This pattern is so sweet.

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I Read All the Reviews, and These Are the Best Curvy Petite Jeans

We know by now the never ending struggle that comes with shopping for clothes as a curvy woman. It turns out, particularly when it comes to jeans, the hunt isn’t particularly easy if you’re, say, 5’3″ or shorter, either. Put these two together (read: if you’re both short and curvy), shopping for jeans can easily lean more toward pull-your-hair-out stressful than it does fun.

With a number of denim trends buzzing on the market right now, we know you don’t want to sit this one out, so we’re doing what we do best—making shopping as easy as it can possibly be with a hefty roundup. And because shopping online can oftentimes be finicky, we’re going by what matters most: reviews (we know consumers tell it like it is when it comes to denim).

We looked everywhere from Nordstrom to Levi’s, and according to shoppers just like you, these are the 23 jeans that worked out the best.

“I look great in these jeans. They lifted me up in all the right places.”

“I get compliments whenever I wear these.”

“It’s so hard to get a TRUE pair of quality jeans anymore, but I think I finally found them! These jeans have substance, are a nice weight, and hold you in without making you feel restricted.”

“I love the short flare cut to show off a pair of chunky boots.”

“Love the stretch, and they’re oh-so-soft.”

“I’m 5’4″ and usually jeans are way too long on me, but these were the perfect length.”

“If you are an even slightly curvy gal, get these jeans!!! They are the best ever.”

“For being on the short side, I am happy with the length of these jeans, because they still have the appearance of being cropped.”

“So happy with this purchase. Curvy and in petite sizing? Yes, please!”

“I couldn’t ask for better if I went to a tailor. Now, my problem is that I don’t want to wear all my other jeans, because I know how good I can look in these!”

“I’m always nervous about buying clothes online, especially since I’m 4’11” and quite heavy, but these jeans fit perfectly.”

“I am only five foot, and these jeans fit perfectly. They are extremely comfortable.”

“These jeans are so buttery – They look tiny, but stretch perfectly over every curve. The inseam is perfect.”

“These are my go-to daily! I love that they look like polished jeans, but feel like leggings. They have all the stretch and comfort I need for a busy day bouncing from work life to mom life.”

“I am short, and these don’t fall too long or too short for the flare, which I really like.”


“These jeans are FANTASTIC! So comfy, so cute, and perfect length for me at 5’4″.”

“I wear them with heels and sneakers, and they look great.”

“The cutest plus size jeans for the best deal. These could go with pretty much any top.”

“Finally, finally! Jeans that are stylish AND comfortable.”

“This is the best pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. The denim is thick and durable, and I love how high the waist is!

“In love with these vintage style jeans. Not too baggy, and not too skinny. They’re the perfect in between.”

“I hope they make these forever in every color.”

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I’m Bored, So I Spent All Day Making My Who What Wear Collection Wish List

I’ll admit it: I have been stalking the Who What Wear Collection site since its launch this summer. Nearly every item somehow meets one of my wardrobe needs and feels like a timeless investment piece that I’ll be happy to reach for in five or even 10 years. I am always surprised at the continued fire coming from the collection, and the winter pieces are no exception. In other words, they do not disappoint. The collection truly has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a festive-occasion dress, a super-current, relaxed-fit blazer, a wearable shearling coat, or all the trendy basics you’ll ever need.

Since I had the time today, I scrolled through the entire Who What Wear Collection and picked out the best pieces that will be making it on my wish list, aka all the fashion I hope to manifest this year. Keep scrolling to see what made my list, and check out all the fashion person–approved outfits to give yourself a head start on styling ideas.

I haven’t seen anything quite like the Venus Dress before. Everything from the luxe plissé fabric to the tiered silhouette makes this dress look super elevated. The amazing part is it’s just as comfortable as it is chic. Pair it with heels (like Chriselle has) for a nice meal or with a blazer for an important meeting.

The tiers are fantastic.

This crushed velvet shirt is ’70s glam in a nutshell. Lean into the retro vibes by styling it with chunky heels and a mini. Unbutton and wear it with a ringer tee if you’re ready to go for it.

Match it with other black pieces for a textured and layered look.

The Ana Shacket and Lotte Midi Skirt are made of a soft and warm wool blend that’s perfect for the chilliest of days. They look amazing worn together as a set, giving the outfit that baggy, cool, je ne sais quoi.

Throw this shacket over everything from sweaters to turtlenecks.

This skirt is simply the chicest. Add a high pair of heeled boots underneath the skirt for an enviable look.

This structured jacket is made from a buttery faux-leather fabric that will go with all the nudes and muted tones in your closet. It includes a belt for when you’d rather wear it as a top.

Did I mention it has pockets galore?

It’s got to be the exaggerated retro collar for me. This one is a no-brainer and will go with the most casual of jeans or tailored trousers. 

Unbutton to your liking.

I present to you the party dress that flatters everyone. This shirred style hugs your curves in all the right places and will maintain its shape while you’re cutting it up on the dance floor.

Push up the sleeves for a fun ’80s moment.

This dress in gold is so stunning IRL. Add a wide-buckle belt and statement earrings because more is more.

For winners only.

The Billy Shearling Jacket is made in a perfectly boxy cut with more than enough room to layer chunky knits underneath. It has the perfect weight-to-warmth ratio, so you can pack it in your suitcase without regret.

The cropped cut looks amazing with longer layers underneath.

Green is fashion’s color of choice, and this shade is spectacular. It’s neutral enough to wear with all your lighter- and darker-toned basics, but it’s also super unique. Plus, this relaxed fit is the only one I’m interested in until further notice. A winner if you ask me.


This knit polo reminds me of the retro polos cabbies wore in the ’60s. Made from a stretchy knit material, it’s the perfect in-between shirt when it’s too warm for a sweater but too cold for a T-shirt. The cap sleeve is also just the cutest.

I love how it’s styled here with tailored trousers and square-toed loafers.

Green strikes again! This time in a cozy person’s favorite outfit: a matching set. The textured fabric elevates this set above sweats, but it’s still just as comfortable. 

The deep V-neck shows the perfect amount of décolletage.

We call this color pine.

I hope you got rid of all your skinny pants because flared and straight-leg cuts are all you should be wearing.

For all the time we spend wearing sweats, it’s about time a fashion brand took the time to design a pair that actually fits us well. The Darin Sweatshirt and Nary Sweatpants are just that. Considered details such as the wide waist-cuff and tailored-fit bottoms make this sweatsuit stand apart.

Plus, they feel like butter.

These automatically fit like your favorite pair of sweats.

The scalloped trim on this turtleneck is so ’90s and so on-trend right now. It’s cropped, so wear it with all your high-waisted pants and skirts.

The white trim is such a cute touch.

Last but not least, this gorgeous royal-blue set is as regal as they come. Both the top and skirt feature a twist detail that makes them look far more expensive than they are. Wear them as separates or together for a full royal-blue look. I think Michele Obama would approve.

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This Pretty (But Basic) Underwear Trend Never Fails to Make Me Feel Fancy

Let’s talk lingerie trends. Currently on deck for 2021 are a few fresh styles I’m personally excited about, such as boy shorts and boxers. But if classic staples are more your speed or you’re just curious about the lingerie items that will stand the test of time, look no further than lace pieces. Lace lingerie, specifically lace underwear, is one of those items I’m convinced will never go “out” no matter how many trend reports may come and go. It’s more of a basic, but a delightful and delicate basic at that.

Right now, I’m all about updating those “special basics” throughout my closet. I have my eye on a number of pretty lace pieces that I think will make great additions to my top drawer. The only hitch is that there are a dizzying number of options out there. Search “lace underwear” into any retailer’s search bar, and I guarantee you’ll be flooded with a ton of hits, so I’m streamlining the process and highlighting the prettiest pieces in every underwear type, from thongs to briefs to boy shorts. Scroll down to shop the best lace underwear in every category.

Hanky Panky’s signature thong comes in a ton of color options, but you can’t go wrong with beige.

FYI, each thong is just $3.60 in this multipack. Just saying.

These autumnal colors feel especially right for now.

I’ve always overlooked boy shorts in the past, but these pretty options have my attention.

A classic.

Well, these are pretty.

Yep, you need the matching bralette, too.

These offer two trends in one: lace and mesh.

These look so comfy.

This female-owned brand has the most stunning designs.

With the matching bra, this set is a total vibe.

Hard to believe these are only $35.

There’s lace, and then there’s scalloped lace.

This red is so striking.

Just wow.

Okay, H&M, I see you with these pretty pieces.

For fans of the high-cut style.

A little lace goes a long way.

Obsessed with this color.

See what I mean by pretty but basic?

Gotta have the matching thong.

This is just one of the many stylish sets to be found on ASOS.

PSA: Zara has some of the prettiest lace sets right now. Shop the matching Lace Thong ($36).

See what I mean? Shop the matching Lace Panties ($40).

Next up, shop the best lingerie brands, period.

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My Hands Have Been Extra Dry This Winter, so I Asked a Derm for Tips

I don’t know about y’all, but my skin has been drier than usual this year—especially my hands. No matter how much hand cream I slather on, it never seems to be enough, and my cuticles and nails are suffering the consequences. (Yes, my nail beds suck.) And even though this happens to some degree every winter, it seems to be worse than ever this year. 

“Hands become more prone to dryness in the winter due to the lack of moisture in the air,” explains Dendy Engelman, MD, FACMS, FAAD, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs surgeon at the Shafer Clinic in New York City. “When the temperature begins to drop, the air becomes drier and harsher, which in turn weakens the skin barrier and pulls moisture from vulnerable skin. This often leads to dry, flaking, cracked hands.” And thanks to all of the additional safety measures we’re taking during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our hands are losing even more moisture than usual. From washing our hands more often to all that sanitizer, they need more TLC than ever.

Below, Engelman shares her tips to help combat all these factors for soft, hydrated hands 365 days a year.

First and foremost, actually use all those hand creams you stocked up on. “Applying moisturizer to your hands throughout the day, especially after washing, will not only help soothe dryness but also prevent it from occurring in the first place,” explains Engelman.

If you need something for intense dryness, Engelman calls this “the perfect moisturizer” for dry hands. “This salve is formulated with lanolin, Manuka honey and antioxidants that penetrate skin, leaving it nourished and hydrated,” says the derm. “This particular formula is proven to last for over 48 hours and is free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances.”

With some of the best emollients in the game (shea butter, avocado oil, olive oil, etc.), this formula is in the hand cream Hall of Fame. Plus, at a hefty five ounces, the tube lasts forever.

This drugstore buy has soothing ingredients like green tea extract and watermelon oil to leave skin soft and hydrated.

This super-rich cult-favorite cream is made with a whopping 20% shea butter, plus nourishing coconut oil, honey, and almond extract.

Heavy-duty dryness and eczema calls for this specially formulated cream made with colloidal oatmeal and allantoin, a powerful humectant.

It also helps to have a hand soap that adds moisture, rather than taking it away. Plus, this formula has the brand’s unmistakable cherry-vanilla scent. 

Finding a hydrating hand sanitizer is tough—after all, they are generally made with at least 60% alcohol—but this one from Dove leaves hands shockingly soft and moisturized while still maintaining the CDC’s strict safety standards.

If hand cream just isn’t cutting it, consider a mask. “Overnight hand masks are a great way to treat dry hands,” says the derm. “You can do this at home by applying rich, more occlusive creams or ointments (look for ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid and ceramides) then covering them with gloves or socks while you sleep.” 

These gloves have a gel lining infused with jojoba oil, olive oil, and vitamin E—put them on over hand cream or Vaseline for an intensive moisturizing treatment. And yes: They work with your smartphone!

The brand behind some of the best sheet masks for your face also makes an amazing hand mask formulated with strengthening ceramides and coconut milk.

Made with vitamin E, macadamia-nut oil, and shea butter, this mask both nourishes skin and strengthens nails.

This moisturizing mask smells like dessert and has an Instagram-worthy macaron print.

The dermatologist also recommends using a humidifier to control the moisture levels in your air. “During the winter months, the air is very dry both outside and inside your living spaces,” says Engelman. “Running a clean humidifier like the Canopy Humidifier improves the quality of your skin and makes your home a more comfortable place to be by adding moisture into the air and keeping your space at an optimal humidity level (40% to 60%).”

“A humidifier is a great way to prevent dry skin—not just on your hands but on your whole body too,” advises the derm. “The Canopy Humidifier is special because it uses evaporative (no-mist) technology to release pure, hydrated air, meaning that you don’t have to worry about mold growing or breathing in contaminants. It’s also dishwasher-safe and very easy to clean.”

A mini wireless humidifier is also a great option to have on hand for travel or for hours spent at a desk. 

Depending on how cold it is where you live, you might not need a reminder, but just in case: “Because we are always using our hands, the skin of our hands is some of the most exposed on our whole bodies and, as a result, tends to suffer the most in winter,” says Engelman. “Washing your hands frequently can also strip your hands of their natural oils, worsening dryness. Gloves are a great way to mitigate damage.”

“Wearing warm, protective gloves whenever you go outside in the winter prevents moisture from being pulled from the skin and helps keep your skin barrier healthy and hydrated,” says Engelman. We love this soft pair from J.Crew, which you can use with a touch screen. 

And don’t forget about the protection your hands might need indoors as well. “Wearing rubber gloves whenever your hands are submerged in water—for example, doing the dishes—can also protect your skin barrier from weakening,” says the derm. “I recommend applying lotion before putting on gloves to trap in hydration and further heal and soothe dry hands.”

Like the skin on the rest of our bodies, our hands benefit from gentle exfoliation. Just be careful not to overdo it: If you get regular manicures, you might already be getting scrubbed down enough—so listen to your skin, and only exfoliate when you need to

This luxe cleanser has micro-particles of pumice, so it gently exfoliates hands every time you wash your hands without being too harsh.

Keep this tropical scrub in the shower for use head-to-toe, and just don’t forget to give your hands a good scrub too.

Made with vitamin C and jojoba oil, this hand polish is like a spa experience for your hands. 

Bonus: Give those cuticles extra attention with everyone’s favorite affordable oil.

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Mock-Neck Sweaters Are My New Favorite Thing—Here Are 30 to Shop Right Now

Everyone who knows me knows that I am somewhat of a knitwear hoarder. I’ve been known to wear nothing else between the months of October and April, so I’m definitely a bit of an expert at discovering the coolest knits each season. My most recent obsession? Mock-neck sweaters—and for good reason.

I actually can’t think of a time when wearing a mock-neck sweater wouldn’t be a good idea. They always work beautifully as a base layer under my selection of warm puffer coats thanks to the fact that their collars have a bit of a lower rise when compared to a traditional turtleneck. They also look great worn over a thin ribbed turtleneck for added warmth when it gets really cold.

If you’re ready to bundle up in a few of the coziest sweaters imaginable, keep scrolling for 30 of the best mock-neck sweaters out there.

Obsessed with this forest-green hue. 

Brown is my favorite color this season, hands down. 

This simple-looking red sweater actually has a massive cut-out on the back. 

A solid chunky knit for the coldest days. 

These stripes feel so French. 

I love a two-tone moment. 

The frilly sleeves make this sweater feel formal. 

This color! 

So versatile. 

Cable-knit sweaters never go out of style. 

The definition of a wardrobe staple. 

So fuzzy! 

The ideal wine-stained hue. 

This lightweight pick is great for layering. 

Go ahead, add some color into your winter rotation. 

How stunning is this burnt-orange hue? 

This slightly cropped sweater would look great with high-waisted trousers. 

How cozy do these oversize sleeves look? 

This will make a great transitional piece come spring. 

Love the delicate ruffles on this pick. 

A tried and true thin, ribbed version. 

H&M can do no wrong in the knitwear department. 

Love this artsy pattern. 

A two-tone moment is always too good to pass up. 

An update to your classic black sweater. 

How sweet is this print? 

Wear this pick with cream-colored jeans to master the winter-whites aesthetic. 

Another fabulously fuzzy option to add to your collection. 

Another sweater with amazing detailing on the back! 

This option is worth the splurge, in my opinion. 

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6 Lingerie Trends That Will Never Die

If you read Who What Wear on the reg, you know that lately there has been a seemingly endless string of “complicated” lingerie trend to try out. While I’m all for experimenting with the most out-there trends and generally embrace being “extra,” there’s still one part of my wardrobe that likes to stick to the classics, and that’s my lingerie drawer. No matter which bra and underwear styles I come across while shopping, I always find myself gravitating toward classic lingerie trends over fleeting ones. (Yes, underwear styles go through the same trend cycles as clothes and shoes do.)

To find out which lingerie trends are virtually immortal, I reached out to a person who knows about lingerie probably better than anyone: Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt. Between walking the in VS Fashion Show and modeling for the brand nonstop, she’s seen and tested out her fair share of lingerie trends, and she shared with me which six she thinks will always be in style. From the everlasting prints to the colors and materials to stock up on, keep reading to find out which lingerie trends will really never die, according to Hunt.

“Whether you are showing off your bra straps or pajama dressing, I think showing off your lingerie will never go out of style.”

“They’re so versatile. You can wear them under sheer dresses, jeans, blazers. There are so many different ways you can style a bodysuit. They’ll never go out of style.”

“Whether it is animal print or polka dots, prints in lingerie will always be in style. VS has printed pj pants and panties that I love!”

“It doesn’t matter if it is a lace bodysuit or lace trim on a bra. Lace is so classic to lingerie.”

“Colorful lingerie will never go out of style. It is an easy way to refresh your wardrobe each season.”

“Embellishments on lingerie, such as shine details or studs—these details make your lingerie exciting to wear and show off.”

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The 8 Over-50 Women With Ridiculously Good Style

In the fast-paced fashion industry, it can often feel like there’s a glaring lens always refocusing on what’s youthful and new. But here at Who What Wear, we’re inspired by women of every age, which is why we figured it was high time to give a few of our favorite over-50 trendsetters a little love. These bloggers and Instagram stars have carved their own niches by staying true to their unique senses of style and by mixing trends with styles they’ve kept in their arsenals over time.

While these eight style makers are by no means the only older women who can teach us a thing or two about style (hello, Iris Apfel), following along in their fashion journeys has taught us a thing or two about our own fashion inclinations. Just take one peek at these eight awesome trendsetters, and you’ll see what we mean. Read on for a look at eight inspiring women and then shop pieces for women of every age.

Hailing from Denmark, Sorrig never fails to throw together a ridiculously cool look in true Scandi-girl fashion.

The fashion journalist is a beacon if you’re on the hunt classic style inspiration—take this timeless white button down and midi skirt combo.

A trendy outfit doesn’t have to be complicated, and New Yorker Elaine Davis proves as such. 

Take one look at Grece’s vibrant Instagram feed, and chances are you’re going to want everything. From affordable, trendy pieces to new school staples the tastemaker knows how to style it all.

Fans of whimsical designer pieces should consider adding London-based Renia Jaz to your list of follows (if you haven’t do so yet). The fashion creative has an eye for picking out the IT-pieces of the season, as well as coming up fresh ways to style them.

Janet Gunn is a perennial Who What Wear favorite for her relaxed west coast style. Whether its a mini dress or a t-shirt and jeans, Gunn is your go-to.

Murphy maybe known for her clear, glassy skin, but we also can’t help but notice her casual, cool wardrobe filled with easy staples like skinny jeans, tailored blazers and neutral statement pieces.

A former Nordstrom buyer, Susie Wright knows a thing or two about trends to keep in your rotation.

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