I’m Telling All My Friends About These SkinCeuticals Bundles—I Want Them All

I live and breathe all things beauty and skincare, so it probably comes as no surprise that I’m always chatting about my ride-or-die products with my friends and co-workers. One product that always comes up (both with my friends and here at Who What Wear) is the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. One of the hero ingredients in this beloved serum is Vitamin C, which has powerful brightening and anti-aging benefits. To celebrate this miracle ingredient, SkinCeuticals coined April 4 as Vitamin C Day. And now you can join the party with an exclusive offer from prestige skincare retailer Dermstore.

From March 24 to April 6, you can shop three limited-edition bundles, each starring C E Ferulic. I’m most excited for the Anti-Aging Refine and Smooth bundle, which brightens with C E Ferulic, hydrates with Triple Lipid Restore, and protects with Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen. This is a heaven-sent combo for my sensitive, dry skin.

It gets even better. If you’re a member at Dermstore, you get double the points on SkinCeuticals products, which equates to 10% back on every dollar spent on this high-performance skincare. Achieving glowing skin and getting paid to shop? Yes, please. Keep scrolling to see the bundles and more editor-approved products from SkinCeuticals.

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These 32 “Cool Bride” Finds Look Like Luxury But Don’t Top $500

Whether you’re in the midst of wedding planning or simply have a running mood board on Pinterest for fun, we can all agree that preparing for the special event can come at a high price. I won’t even go into the actual event—but when shoes, dresses, and even accessories are starting at $1k, you can guess that things start to add up. But don’t fret at the numbers just yet, because I’m here to help. Despite already have gotten married a few years back, I find myself browsing through the bridal market often. And through my search, I was able to scour a plethora of cool-bride finds that fell under the $500 price point. And whether you want your look to be opulent, understated, or trend-forward, there’s an option for everyone. After all, everyone deserves to feel luxe on their special day.

Not only did I pick out pieces from fashion favorites like Staud and Cult Gaia, but I also scrolled through pages of affordable retailers like Mango to find options that were both beautiful and very budget-friendly. If you’re looking to have that “wow” effect, look no further than the 32 finds below. Featuring party dresses, veils, shoes, and more, this shopping roundup is made for fashion brides out there. I may be already planning a vow renewal just so I have a chance to wear some of them. 

Leave it to Staud to come out with a bridal line made for the fashion girls. Out of all the items, this custom veil is what truly captured my heart.

Simple yet stunning. (And under $200!)

These lace gloves will take any white dress to the next level. 

These metallic wedge heels may not be the most traditional of heels, but how stunning do they look paired with this silky white number?

Reformation has tons of stunning bridal options, but this is a WWW favorite.

Because why not?

I’m always a big fan of a bridal suiting moment.

No one would ever guess these are under $100. (Even I was shocked.)

Who said you can’t wear a little black on your wedding day?

I wore this exact dress to my Bridgerton bridal shower and could not stop being asked where it was from. 

It’s the ruffle detailing that really does it for me.

The draping on this dress is just divine.

I’m planning on wearing this skirt to Taylor Swift’s tour, but it will also make a spectacular option for a bachelorette. Talk about versatile.

Just take a look at that sculptural wedge.

I can’t help but imagine this top paired with sleek trousers for a casual yet cool courthouse wedding.

For the bride that simply can’t be bothered with heels. 

It’s hard to say no to feathers.

Instead of diamonds, why not opt for a floral choker? 

While I love Reformation’s assortment of gowns, I had to include this dreamy mini pick. 

You’ll want to take this to every wedding you go to moving forward.

Having a bridal brunch? This under-$100 dress is a great and easy option.

Is there such thing as too many pearls?

My jaw is on the floor. 

Bring on the drama!

Perfect for your honeymoon, bridal shower, and beyond.

When it comes to bachelorette and honeymoon dressing, accessories are very important.

Something blue has never looked so cool.

For the quirky bride. 

Now that’s a party dress.

Sometimes simplicity is the best option.

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I Live in Paris—You Won’t Find These 5 Accessories in a French Girl’s Closet

French girls are my best source of information, and I always go to them when I need some fresh insight into the current state of fashion. They just know what’s up. So when my mind started to wander into a state of curiosity about accessories I had to dial-up Laberiane Ponton for a quick chat. I thought to myself, Now, what would the French have to say about the accessories that are really worth investing in right now? and she answered.

No lies were told as she described what the French really think about certain accessories. You’d find many of them in an American’s closet, but the French just get it, so I feel I have to share the report. If you’re still holding onto these items, fear not. I worked with Ponton to come up with chic replacements that will make you never think about the things that you tossed again. Happy shopping!

“They’re simply not practical in the city. I would go with some cute mules.”—Laberiane Ponton

You will live in these all spring and summer.

I have these in one color and now I need them all.

These shoes are everything.

I’m surprised these haven’t sold out yet.

I’m so here for these.

“Never wear those, the best to do is to transition into spring days with bare legs and knee-high boots.”—Ponton

The perfect replacement for tights when the weather is in that middle ground. 

Perfect for April showers.

I’m obsessed.

Pair them with denim shorts for a cool girl look.

All about the buckles.

“Forget about the glitter—if you want to add something fun to your outfit, choose the new trendy mixed pearls necklaces.”—Ponton

I absolutely need this.

How elegant is this?

Ready to party.

These are my favorite earrings right now.

Because layering is key.

“Because less is always more.”—Ponton

I’m taking you everywhere with me.

So good.

Throw on and go.

This designer bag sits high on my vision board.

It’s not a want, it’s a need.

“We don’t like big necklaces, so the best option for your neck is the accumulation of your favorite dainty gold necklaces.”—Ponton

So into this.

This necklace will come in so clutch. 

For the minimalists.

My personal favorite.

Exactly what the French would wear.

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Everything You Should Know Before Buying Zara Jeans

People might disagree with me (especially on TikTok, where edits are constantly made about this topic), but I’m obsessed with Zara‘s product imagery. From the styling to the varying locations and artistic framing, I can’t get enough of it, so much so that I end up buying (and then returning) a great deal of items that I probably wouldn’t have taken an interest in had I gone into a physical store. And of all the pieces I’ve ordered, the ones that most consistently trips me up are jeans. 

I have a love-hate relationship with Zara jeans. On one hand, the price-to-quality ratio is out of this world, specifically in the case of its non-stretch, 100% cotton offerings. On the other, I’ve been burned by its jeans with elastic that lose their color and shape too quickly, the varying lengths of its denim silhouettes, and confusing sizing. Since you can’t read reviews of the denim on its website, there’s no real way to know how a style will fit or look IRL without actually trying them on. Knowing that, I decided to take one for the team and try on a ton of the brand’s coolest jeans right now and give you the 411.  

Scroll down for the truth about Zara’s jeans. 

If I had to share one piece of advice relating to Zara jeans, it’d be this: Stick with 100% cotton denim. Though it can be tempting to buy styles with stretch, they have a tendency to stretch out after a few wears. On the other hand, the brand’s non-stretch denim holds its shape like a $300 pair of jeans would and fits so well. Naturally, they’re going to get slightly looser the more you wear them, but each time they go in the wash they’ll tighten back up to the way they were the day you bought them. 

I’m not big on colorful denim in general, but if I was, I’d want to make sure I was buying pairs that wouldn’t fade with too many washes, and since I’ve experienced the way Zara’s denim can sometimes lose a bit of its color over time, it wouldn’t be my first stop. On the other hand, I’ve had so much success with destroyed or ripped denim at Zara, this pair from TRF included. For non-stretch jeans, they’re so comfortable and soft, and they can easily be dressed up with a nice blouse or top and a pair of point-toe heels. Plus, you don’t have to deal with any hassle from people telling you not to spend loads of money on jeans that are already distressed since the prices at Zara, particularly in the denim section, are so fair. 

Continuing with the stretch vs. non-stretch debate, my advice would be to stick with Zara’s wider-leg denim options as opposed to its flare jeans, which almost always have elastic in them. Even with the ’70s-era style coming back in many ways, I still suggest avoiding any silhouettes with a stretchy fit, which most of the Zara flares have. Buy those elsewhere and focus on wide-leg jeans from Zara, which are consistently high quality and flattering. This pair in particular is almost shockingly soft and would be perfect for a summer trip—perhaps to the Outer Banks, the Berkshires, or Maine. They’re definitely giving Dawson’s Creek vibes in the best way. 

Though I’m all for the low-rise jeans trend, if I’m going to wear them again, I need the style to be a perfect fit that really compliments my body, so I probably wouldn’t go to a big retailer like Zara. More universally flattering and comfortable rises, like mid or high, are easier to get right, especially when ordering online. In fact, some of my favorite mid- and high-rise jeans came from Zara and have gotten years of wear. 

I know Prada and Ferragamo are making a case for skinny pants in 2023, but I’m simply not ready to welcome them back into my closet just yet. Instead, I’m embracing a slimmer-fit mom jean like this pair from Zara, which allows you to tuck in boots like you would with a skinny jean without that uncomfortable, super-tight fit. The rise on this par in particular is super high and perfect for pairing with cropped T-shirts or tank tops.

The low prices on Zara’s jeans make the store a perfect place to start when a new denim trend—like this style, known as a barrel or balloon cut—enters the scene. Test it out, get to know it, and figure out if it’s for you by spending just around $50 as opposed to diving head first into the trend with a $300 to $500 pair of jeans that you might not end up even liking. However, if you’re trying to find that one perfect pair of jeans that you’ll wear, well, forever, I’d suggest splurging on a really well-constructed pair from a denim expert like Levi’s, Frame, Khaite, or Agolde. 

Zara jeans are notorious for being shockingly long, which bodes well for someone my height—I’m 5’8″—but makes buying denim tricky when you’re below 5’3″. If that’s you, I suggest opting only for cropped styles like these kick-flare jeans, which hit way above my ankle but would fit great on someone a few inches shorter. 

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I’m Late To The Game, But These 30 Abercrombie Finds Are Surprisingly Chic

We all have seen the recent come back of the classic mall brand Abercombie take over our TikTok feeds with try on hauls and unboxing videos. I must say I see why people are giving the brand a second shot, the products have a completely different feel from the skin tight logo tee shirts and ultra skinny, almost painted on jeans of Abercrombie’s past. This new Abercombie is way more fashionable, minimal and dare I say elevated? After months of watching on the sidelines I decided to take a deep dive into the Abercrombie website and see for myself what new things they have in store for spring and summer. On my deep dive I found so many items that checked all of my boxes. Great linen pieces for summer? Check. Sandals perfect for the beach? Check. Chic day time dresses to wear around New York City? Check. 

Keep scrolling to take a peak at the 30 Abercrombie items that I can’t wait to wear. 

The sweetest linen mini dress.

A pair of straight leg jeans are a must have if you ask me. 

These flat sandals are so good, I need them. 

I’m a sucker for a great baby doll dress. 

I love a good summery bucket bag. 

Summer is almost here and you can bet that I’ll be wearing linen 24/7.

These are simple but just sexy enough to wear them on the weekend. 

Don’t sleep on this high rise relaxed jeans. 

These look so comfortable and easy to wear. 

This slip midi is so versatile. It comes in so many colors and I want them all. 

A classic tailored pant is a must have. 

Did someone say beach day? 

This skort is too cute. You can pair this with a matching corset. 

A basic that your closet needs.

Party shoes. 

The ultimate summer time blazer. 

I’d pair this dress with some sleek mules for a dinner date. 

Immediately adding to my cart.

Your new favorite spring-summer mini skort. 

Tweed but make it summertime. 

I absolutely love this sun hat, I need to order it ASAP. 

What can I say, I love white linen for summer. 

The perfect easy beach sandals. 

Move over skinny jeans. 

This one is great for day or night, week day or weekend. 

So into these mules.

This flutter sleeve adds a certain romance to this dress. 

I could live in jumpsuits like this, I’m actually wearing one 

I love a good toe strap sandal, they just go with everything. 

A good tailored short for when you’re going for a French girl vibe this summer. 

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PSA, the Spring Nordstrom Sale Accessories are So Chic–32 You Don’t Want to Miss

Spring has sprung and so has Nordstrom’s epic Spring Sale. This means up to 60% off (yes, 60) some amazing finds from every season.

Due to the massive nature of this sale, I’ve done the digging to find the most major jewelry, shoes, and bags you don’t want to miss. This includes some of your favorite designers as well as key spring trends–wedges, oversized totes, statement earrings, and more. Below, you’ll find my picks for your guilt-free spring shopping enjoyment. 

These crystal-embellished hoops are the perfect statement earring.

This simple mule is very versatile.

Upgrade your earscape.

For any spring or summer wedding.

Elevate your gold hoops with an organic shape.

Pretty teardrop earrings for your upcoming occasions.

The mid-heel boot is a dependable go-to.

This collar necklace has a luxe vintage vibe.

Everyday hoops with added embellishment.

An elevated everyday bag.

These loafers look very expensive.

The ideal layering necklace or personal piece.

You can’t go wrong with a black crossbody bag.

Tennis necklaces are always a chic, classic piece.

Silver hoops are a cool-girl statement.

Brighten up your footwear with these citrus green heels.

The details on this purse are dreamy.

The chicest.

The best of both worlds with this split-design necklace.

The oversized tote bag had a major runway moment.

Platform flip flops are a fun summer shoe.

Pretty pastels adorn this band ring.

An opulent leather shoulder bag with playful fringe.

Wedges are here to stay.

Cerulean blue is the best summer hue.

A flashy chain necklace you’ll wear all the time.

The ultimate ’90s minimalism shoe.

A very functional black leather bag.

Rosettes are in their moment right now.

This pillow bag is a fresh color for your bag stash.

Texture elevates this affordable ring.

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According To a Lingerie Expert, You Only Need To Own These 6 Types of Underwear

As someone who almost exclusively wears thongs, I have long been convinced I don’t need to update my lingerie drawers. That was until a recent conversation I had with the CEO of Journelle, Sapna Palep. She told me, “Just like you have a bra wardrobe, that has different types of bras that work for different activities and different occasions, you need a bottoms wardrobe too. It is okay to be a superfan of one style and have many of that style, but you should still have a few other styles as options. ” And she’s right.

In order to look as polished and elevated as humanly possible, you need to have a good undergarment collection to match. Underwear is often overlooked and saved for last-minute Christmas gifts but it’s a must-have investment for anyone looking to scale up their wardrobe.

Go on to see which types of underwear Journelle’s CEO thinks we should all own.

“Designed with wide sides, this style gives you a comfortable fit with no digging in on the sides. This is a flirty/girly style, wearable underneath most anything.” —Palep

“Designed to give more coverage than a thong in the rear, but not as full coverage as a bikini or boyshorts, they give a peek of the cheeks. Cheeky styles are great to enhance the appearance of your rear by creating an illusion of curves. Add a print or lace in this shape to give you a fuller, less flat-looking bottom.” —Palep

“Designed with average width sides and full coverage front and rear. Bikinis are great for daily wear under jeans, and skirts and are comfortable to sleep in. (Full coverage bottoms bikinis may also be easier to work with during that time of the month, as the full coverage style can fit sanitary pads better).” —Palep

“Designed to avoid a Visible Panty Line, (VPL) thongs give minimal rear coverage so the lines of your underwear does not show. Thongs are perfect under tight pants, fitted pants, leggings, workout pants, shorts, and everyday wear.” —Palep

“Designed to be more full coverage everywhere – with even wider sides than a bikini or hipster, (similar to a short) and more coverage in the rear. This is a great style for daily wear under jeans, maxi skirts, and sleeping.” —Palep

“Designed to hit at or slightly above the belly button, high-waisted styles are great to sort of “hold in” and camouflage a tummy, and high-waisted styles are also very comfortable.  Also, if you have a very full bottom, high-waisted styles ensure you are fully covered. Pair with high-waist style jeans, pants, or dresses, you definitely do not want your panties peeking out of your jeans or pants.” —Palep

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Fashion Editors Find the Best Wardrobe Staples at Nordstrom—These 29 Are So Good

Fashion people, including the editors at Who What Wear, routinely gravitate toward Nordstrom for its top-notch assortment of merchandise. The offering of elevated basics is particularly noteworthy with a range of options to suit a variety of styles and budgets. On that note, I asked some of my fellow team members about the items they recently added to their wardrobes. And yes, new wardrobe staples like Levi’s jeans, Open Edit separates, and Topshop pieces from Nordstrom topped the list. 

With this in mind, I thought I’d pull together an edit of Nordstrom pieces that I think are fantastic in case you’re looking for a bit of shopping inspiration. The items coming your way could have the power to become new wardrobe staples for you because of their fashionable and highly versatile nature. Keep scrolling for more. 

A beautiful white shirt.

A lovely silhouette.

A true staple.

These flats look very expensive.

A+ sweater tank.

Slouchy trousers, anyone?


Chic with the white trim.

Oversize bomber jacket for the win.

Elevated faux-leather trousers.


Denim maxi skirts are trending hard right now.


No-fail sneakers.

For that perfectly-tucked-in look.

A favorite tee for so many.

Slide these on and go.

The seaming is cool.

Into the color.

A go-to LBD.

A trench is an essential.


Great cut.

Another standout pair of flats.

Love the neckline.

Wear everything from a tee to a blouse with this skirt.

The linen fabric is wonderful for the season.


The balloon cut is spot on.

Next, check out the best shoes to buy at Nordstrom.

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Wedding Season Is Approaching! 30 Black Tie Dresses On My Shortlist

With some upcoming weddings on my calendar this summer, I’ve already been thinking about the looks I’ll be wearing. One of the weddings I’ll be attending has a black tie dress code, which is a welcome excuse to bring out all of the stops and wear a dressed-up look that goes outside of my regular outfits. Less formal than white tie, black tie attire for women is the most common formal dress code for events, which typically translates to floor-length evening gowns, but can also include formal cocktail dresses and elegant suiting.

I’ve been scouring the latest drops from designers to figure out the piece I’ll be wearing and have some front-runners ranging from a sculptural maxi from Christopher Esber to a strapless dupioni dress from Toteme to an open-back design from Proenza Schouler. There are many more contenders, though. Ahead, see the black tie wedding guest dresses that are currently on my shortlist.

Christopher Esber is the ultimate “cool girl” choice.

So beautiful.

Toteme does it again.

Such a showstopper.

Such elegant lines.

Loewe has delivered the dress of the season.

Add this to your cart before it sells out.

The perfect silhouette.

All things Khaite, please and thank you.

Can’t get enough of sleek sequins right now.

Bernadette has perfected rosette dresses.

Yes to this Zara find.

Perfect for a beach wedding.

Finished with Bottega Veneta’s signature metal knot detail.

This silhouette is so elegant.

The bow detail, though.

How to wear rosettes for black tie.

Rosettes, continued.

This style is selling out quickly.

Fashion insiders turn to designs from Christopher John Rogers.

Nili Lotan has perfected the sophisticated slip dress.

It’s the open back for me.

Emilia Wickstead never misses.

This black dress is definitely not boring.

Wait until you see the back.

Mango has such a great collection of party dresses this season.

Draped to perfection.

Finished in a rich velvet.

So elegant.

Dream dress.

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28 Exceptionally Expensive-Looking Nordstrom Pieces That Are On Major Sale

Nordstrom is having a massive spring sale and we have never been more ready to shop in our entire lives. Navigating such sales can be quite overwhelming but we are here to make it so easy. If we know you like we think we know you, you’re on the hunt for pieces that are current, versatile, and affordable but look anything but. Well, you’re in luck because we just sourced 28 items from this glorious sale that are exactly that. 

Featuring trench coats, ’90s-inspired shoes, and the denim brands all fashion girls are obsessed with, the following items look so luxe, no one will ever guess you bought them on sale. Happy shopping. 

How iconic is this top? 

No notes from me.

When Agolde is on sale, you buy it. 

This is the ultimate white tank top. 

How luxe does this look?

Very ’90s. 

The perfect pant for spring. 

Low-key luxe girls are all wearing classic watches right now. 

This cardigan is so sleek.

This bag is an icon.

Sleeveless turtlenecks are so timeless. 

This is the definition of the perfect trench.

These look designer, period. 

If you’re wanting to wear fishnets under your pants, try these instead. 

Yes, white tees can look expensive and this one does. 

The cool way to wear pastels. 

Wear these with red socks, jeans, and a white tank. 

The contrast stitch makes these look so expensive. 

We love the look of a classic ’90s tube top. 

Like a blazer, but it’s a top.

Silky tops will never go out of style. 

Sheer knits are all we can think about right now. 

This is on major sale so act fast. 

These look great with all your spring dresses and maxi skirts. 

When I tell you I am beyond obsessed with this coat…

Another denim brand you need to buy whenever it’s on sale. 

Going to a party? Surely, now you want to. 

An idyllic transitional leather jacket. 

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