Report: MLBPA Makes Proposal to MLB, Asks for 114-Game Season

In its proposal to the league, the MLB Players Association requests for a 114-game season and the opportunity for players to opt-out if they don’t want to play.

The MLB Players Association submitted its proposal to the league on Sunday, according to Jeff Passan

In its plan, the union proposes a 114-game season that would commence June 30 and end on Oct. 31. Per Passan, players want three weeks to train, allow time for travel — domestically and internationally — and for coronavirus testing. It also requests that all players have the option to opt-out if they don’t want to play. Players considered “high risk” that opt out of playing would receive their salaries, while others opting out would just receive service time.

As Passan notes, the deal would need to be completed this week.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the players were seeking access to the league’s financial documents that would paint a clearer picture of MLB’s economic distress. The league had sent its proposal to the players on Tuesday, in which it proposed a plan to have higher-paid players take steeper pay cuts.

Also included in the MLBPA’s proposal is a potential $100 million in deferred salaries during the new spring training, per Passan. The union also proposed two years of playoff expansion.

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Author: Nick Selbe

Apple, Amazon among companies adjusting operations amid demonstrations

POLITICS-RACISM-JUSTICE-US-demonstration-police-minoritiesPhoto by Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

Amazon, Target, and Apple all made modifications to their business operations over the weekend in light of demonstrations in cities across the US, Bloomberg reported.

Apple kept many of its retail stores closed on Sunday, including some that had just reopened after weeks of being shuttered due to the pandemic. Target closed 32 of its stores in the Minneapolis area and said Sunday it would temporarily close several more across the country.

Amazon told Bloomberg that it had scaled back and adjusted routes “in a handful of cities” to ensure workers’ safety. Drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles received messages Saturday instructing them to stop delivering packages and return home, according to Bloomberg.

Minneapolis has been the site of…

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Author: Kim Lyons

A restaurant in the Netherlands is using creepy robot waiters for social distancing

Royal Palace Renesse/Instagram

A restaurant in the Netherlands has introduced new robot waiters as a way to reduce human-to-human contact in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The red-and-white robots (which are giving me serious Rosey the robot vibes) will greet customers, serve food and pick up used dishes from diners’ tables at the Royal Palace restaurant in the town of Renesse, according to the Associated Press.

The as-yet-unnamed robots say “hello and welcome,” in and they wear little scarves (to seem less creepy? idk).

“They help us with the work we do,” says Leah Hu, whose family owns the Royal Palace. “We are often busy and cleaning tables and the robots give us an extra hand. We are not disappearing. We are still here. They will always need people in…

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Author: Kim Lyons