These 6 Makeup Cheat Codes Make You Look 10 Times Better in Photos

Be honest: How many selfies are cluttering up your camera roll right now? If you’re like us, then the number is probably pretty high. No judgement! It’s a weird time right now, and there’s no shame in snapping a selfie or 50 now and then. As participants in an increasingly digital society, there’s really no avoiding being on camera whether it’s to document our loungewear du jour, or to log into a virtual meeting with our teams as some of us settle into a work-from-home arrangement.

While professional photoshoots won’t be happening anytime soon, the amount of on-camera interfacing we’re all partaking in has reached an all-time high. All this face time has us thinking about the daily makeup habits that need to shift right now if we want to look our best in every photographic circumstance. To help, we called in makeup artist and photographer Jordan Liberty, who not only knows exactly what looks best on camera but also how to achieve it.

Ahead, check out Liberty’s expert tips for putting your best face forward in photos—whether in professional pics, iPhone selfies, or when you just want to step it up for your next virtual meeting.

First and foremost, Liberty says it’s all about using the right tools for smooth and flawless makeup. “I love applying skincare, foundation, and tinted moisturizer with a brushes. Fingertips can spread bacteria and oil,” he points out. Lucky for us, Liberty recently collaborated with Sigma to create the 14-piece Sigma x Jordan Liberty Master Artistry Collection, which houses a brush for every single step of your skincare and makeup routine. “The fan brush was created to apply products evenly over the skin, and it’s waterproof, so liquid products won’t damage it over time.”

“It’s often thought that foundation for photography should be applied heavier, but with today’s cameras, every bit of texture is amplified,” Liberty says. “Try to reduce texture as much as possible with lightweight foundation formulas and blurring primers.” When it comes to fluid lightweight foundations, this one by MAC is perfect for delicately evening the skin on your face, or anywhere else on your body.

Pore refinement is our top priority when it comes to primers. This one is super affordable and effective, calling in ingredients like java tea leaf, licorice root and grape seed to minimize the appearance of pores and control oil production.

Liberty even admits that there are only two complexion products he uses get the job done. “For 99% of my clients, I just use concealer and maybe a tinted moisturizer. The tint lightly evens out the overall complexion and the concealer does all the heavy lifting when applied only to darker areas,” he says. This skin tint by Ilia is the consistency of a serum, and glides so smoothly over the skin, leaving it glowy and even. 

For those with fine lines and wrinkles, it’s extra important to use a light hand with the makeup if you want to look your best on camera. “Excess makeup gets caught in fine lines and wrinkles and instantly creases—especially concealer,” Liberty warns. “Applying concealer with a fluffier brush like the Sigma x Jordan Liberty Camouflage Brush will create an airbrushed look without sacrificing coverage. It’s all about smooth application to look youthful and fresh in photos.” This new-ish Hourglass concealer is a favorite among makeup enthusiasts, and buffing it out with a fluffy brush as described by Liberty will only make it look that much more flawless on the skin. The takeaways: Less is more! Prioritize a blurring primer, lightweight foundation, or tinted moisturizer and concealer buffed out with a fluffy brush.

“Contouring can be aging,” Liberty says plainly. “By hollowing out the cheeks, it can enhance the appearance of density loss. Opt for fresher peachy-toned blushes and clever highlighting to lift the face in a more natural way.” 

“I love my Sigma Blush Palette on set,” Liberty says. “It has a range of colors to sculpt and enhance the cheeks without ever appearing too heavy. It’s about wearable, bright colors on camera.” The takeaway: Don’t age yourself with a heavy contour. Lift and sculpt the face with strategic highlighter placement and peachy-tones blush instead.

Of all the pro tips we hear over and over, the most persistent is that skincare is the key to flawless makeup application. “I recently shared one of my signature techniques on YouTube (and then it went viral on TikTok),” Liberty tells us. “Apply your moisturizer and SPF, then a dusting of translucent powder, setting spray, and then apply primer, foundation, and concealer as usual.” If you think this method sounds a little backward, that’s because it is. “It sounds weird, but it works! Setting your makeup before applying keeps it on longer and makes it look smoother without the need to bake your skin, which adds texture and dulls the complexion,” Liberty explains. See the

The takeaway: Before going in with primer, foundation, and concealer, set your skincare with translucent powder and setting spray. It’ll make your makeup apply a lot smoother and last longer.

“Cameras amplify texture, so it’s important to avoid heavy and cakey products, but flash photography can quickly wash out blush and eye shadow,” Liberty explains. “If you’re going to be photographed closeup in front of a bright flash, it’s safe to intensify your colors to compensate.” This comprehensive palette from Natasha Denona houses vibrant hues in both matte and shimmery finishes to help you amp up the drama. The takeaway: Bright lights can wash out color, so feel free to be bold.

Liberty also points out that enhancing the lips is key in photos. “Use color to enhance thinner lips. Nude tones can make thin lips disappear and intense opaque colors can make them appear even thinner.” Nyx’s Butter Gloss range is perfect for achieving vibrant, high-sheen lips.

“Opt for a sheer lipgloss in a bright color. The pop of sheer color will enhance the lips more naturally than a heavily drawn liner,” Liberty adds. The takeaway: Avoid opaque nude colors, especially if you have thinner lips. Instead, use color and glossy finishes to enhance them.

“It’s all about the details,” Liberty calls out. “Clumpy mascara and stenciled brows are amplified when photographed up close. Opt for more naturally defined brows and lashes to avoid the need for heavy retouching.” We love the precision of a brown pen (like this one from Lime Crime) to create tiny, natural, hair-like strokes.

This multitasking brow gel coaxes unruly brows into formation while also adding a subtle wash of color to help create more fullness without edging into unnatural territory.

For those who love a good makeup hack, listen up. “I use the Sigma x Jordan Liberty Precision Fan Brush to literally paint the lower lashes with mascara to avoid clumps,” Liberty says. That might not be feasible for your everyday makeup routine, but for those days when selfies abound and you want your lashes to look thick and clump-free, this tip is a game-changer.

If you’re not down to get super “extra” with your mascara application, a separating mascara like Glossier’s Lash Slick will do the trick, too. No clumps here. The takeaway: Boxy brows and clumpy lashes should be avoided at all costs. Take a more natural approach in these areas.

Even if you don’t find yourself reaching for blue makeup regularly, you’re going to want to hear this incredible pro tip Liberty dropped on us. “An old-school set trick to brighten eyes is to apply navy eyeliner or mascara. Sometimes, I’ll even mix navy with black to make the effect extremely subtle.” 

Yes, you read that correctly! Blue mascara and eyeliner can be used to make your eyes pop in photos. “Bluish tones create the illusion of brighter eyes instantly by making the whites of the eyes appear whiter,” Liberty continues.

“Another way to make your eyes pop is to apply a touch of bright teal eyeliner just over the center of the upper lash line, over your favorite color of eyeliner. That little accent of teal enhances all eye colors and subtly draws attention to the eyes by creating visual interest. And again, bluish colors make the whites of the eyes appear brighter,” Liberty adds. The takeaway: Use blue mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Blue tones enhance your eye color and make the whites of your eyes appear brighter. Next: Saweetie Told Us Her 4-Step Icy-Eye Routine to Stay “Quarantine Cute”

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String Bikinis Are Back, But They Aren’t What You’re Thinking

When it comes to swimwear, we’ve shared everything from the trends celebrities are all over this year to the brands I recommend to all my friends and where to buy the most photogenic suits. While testing out some of the season’s newest styles and silhouettes, I noticed a solid number of swimwear lines are pushing string bikini bottoms. Now, we know what you’re picturing: side-tie bottoms that were popular in early 2000s and typically made with a low-rise fit. But that’s not what I’m referring to. The new wave of string bikinis is way chicer (IMO) and designed without double side ties. Aussie-based swimwear labels like Asara and Bāmba are leading the pack on the updated silhouette.

Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver are already supporting this fresh version of super-thin swimsuit bottoms as well. To really embrace this year’s version of the string bikini, we suggest taking note from Skriver and wearing the bottoms hiked up super high. This will not only elongate your legs but also lend a very “Bond-girls look,” as Skriver told us in an interview. Whether you’re simply curious about the style or ready to add the latest bikini trend to your swimsuit collection, we shopped out the coolest string bikini bottoms online right now. See them all below.

Available in sizes 6 to 14. 

Next up, the seven biggest swim trends to know for 2020.

This story was published at an earlier date and has since bene updated.

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A French Girl “Doesn’t Understand” These Spring Trends (But Loves These 5)

Simply put, French-girl style is where it’s at. For many (myself included), that “je ne sais quoi” approach to dressing is just so highly covetable. As a result, I highlight Parisian fashion on the regular to inspire those similar sartorial sensibilities. In fact, I recently covered the styling tricks that makes one of the coolest French girls I follow, Aïda Sané (the mastermind behind @basicstouch), look even more French. This time, though, I wanted to tap her to dive into the spring trends she’s loving and also not loving as much.

Given that she has a chic minimalist style, I was particularly curious about the simple yet chic looks she’s loving. And given her adoration for more pared-back silhouettes, there were some more out-there trend counterparts that she “doesn’t understand” as much for her personal style. (Keep in mind, however, that this is all based on individual preference and you should always wear what you personally love.)

To showcase all of this further, keep scrolling to check out the five trends Sané will and probably won’t wear this season (for now, at least)—complete with outfit ideas that could be worth saving for later. And if you’re shopping at the moment, you’ll also find inspired picks below as well. 

“I don’t think I would ever understand the neon trend, although this can be fun and a good way to be seen from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Instead, I’m really excited about the Canadian-tuxedo trend, which, to be honest, was a statement in my wardrobe for years. I just add it with a trench for a casual chic look with low heels or a pair of white sneakers.”

“This 2020 spring season came with the business-casual trends, which I love, but I’m not as into the Bermuda-shorts trend, which I don’t think would look best on me. I will stay loyal to my straight-leg jeans—pairing them with a slightly oversize blazer, and again, low heels to be able to walk comfortably with just the right amount of highness. This is clearly going to be one of my spring uniforms, as this can be so versatile and effortlessly chic.”

“I may not be a disco girl yet with this disco-collar trend, but I have my balloon sleeves instead. A balloon-sleeve shirt in general is a chic piece where I can feel very comfortable without looking too overdressed. This top along with a pair of jeans or tailored pants gives you a very easy, cool, and smart look.”

“I don’t know if I will ever jump on that bra-top trend, but what I know is that I’m very excited about the tube top trend coming back. In fact, the look literally saved my life during last summer’s heat wave. I love that it is also very versatile, as you can wear it with everything from high-waisted trousers to a silk midi skirt with a blazer.”

“Obviously, the trench is still on-trend and I will forever wear it, however, this year, they made an updated version with patterns and colors, but I’m not into that as much, as I get bored very easily with it. This is the reason why I don’t wear flashy colors or prints. My alternatives will be playing with other neutrals colors like gray, navy, khaki, or brown to look effortless.”

Next, check out the anti-jean outfits French girls are wearing this spring.

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Yep, Jennifer Lopez Just Made Ugg Slippers Look Cool

Jennifer Lopez is not one to shy away from trends. Recently, she test-drove the baggy-jeans look (to great effect, we might add), experimented with a range of red carpet trends during award season, and caused a lot of envy with her shoe collection. But her off-duty outfits are just as cool and have the bonus of being extra comfortable. 

J.Lo was photographed looking laid-back with Alex Rodriguez in Miami wearing Ugg Genuine Shearling Slippers ($120). So how did she make the indoor staple look cool outside? One word: monochrome. She wore the same color from head to toe, which is a trend that Parisian women are also loving (except they’re particularly fond of head-to-toe brown right now). Her all-red outfit looks effortless and cool at the same time, which is the perfect combination if you ask us. Scroll down to see how Jennifer Lopez wore Ugg slippers, and shop them for yourself. 

On Jennifer Lopez: Ugg Genuine Shearling Slippers ($120)

Next, the six classic sneakers celebs always wear with jeans

Opening Image: Splash News

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All the Affordable Secret Gems in My Cart Right Now

Welcome to the worst-kept secret: my Amazon fashion wishlist. Sorry, no baking essentials or household cleaning products today, but perhaps another time? Those things are equally important, but for now, I’m focusing on the wearable finds that have my heart and cart overflowing, and, as always, there’s quite a lot to digest. Not sure how it happened, but once I get started scanning the ‘Zon, things have a tendency to get out of control!

From new (and kind of random) trends to basic-but-important essentials to affordable swimwear gems and everything in between, below you’ll find 26 highly reviewed and highly stylish summer must-haves. All—I actually just realized—are conveniently under $100 and, oftentimes, well under. To get started scoping out my picks and building a covetable-and-affordable summer wardrobe, just keep scrolling friends.

I’m not the best at DIYs, so I’ll be buying my tie-dye this season.

Bike shorts are one of my favorite bottoms to wear around the house right now.

All the cool girls are wearing them.

Have you heard anklets are back?

Summer and ribbed tanks go hand in hand.

You can never go wrong with Hanes.

My only question is whether I should get them in white or black…

I have a thing for pajama sets, and this one looks perfect. Plus, it has amazing reviews.

The more the merrier.

I already own these but love them so much, I’m compelled to buy another three-pack.

Yes, you’ll want to wear these.

I plan to wear tube tops with sweatpants and jeans this season, and this $6 style will do the trick.

These under-$100 jeans look better than most designer pairs.

I’ll be living in these come summer.

Trendy but not too trendy.

I love a good pareu, and a mini style is always my first choice.

Next up, the matching pants, of course!

Now you’re set.

The perfect color for summer.

A white hoodie has an unexpected polished quality.

Another fashion-girl favorite right now.

These look like a dream.

Basically an essential.

For days when it’s too hot for pants.

I love this neckline so much—I had to include both colors.

More of my thoughts on this leggings trend here.

Next: Everything I’d buy from Zara for spring.

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21 Unexpected Beauty Products That Can Multitask for a Head-to-Toe Glow

Worth the splurge.

Now more than ever, I’ve found myself trying to get the absolute most out of my current collection of products. I’m THAT person who scrapes every last iota of peanut butter from the jar and will store my precious bottles of serums and oils upside down for weeks on end to ensure the tiniest drop doesn’t succumb to premature recycling. I also have this habit of trying to apply my favorite beauty products over every inch of my body—legs, hair, face, cuticles, boobs. If I find a use for it, it shall be used! As a result, a product’s multitasking potential is something I keep top of mind while shopping for new beauty staples as well—especially if they have sting-inducing price tags. Turns out I’m definitely not the only person who exhibits this type of behavior. To gather some additional data, I took to Who What Wear’s beauty Slack channel and asked all of my fellow product-loving co-workers to share the beauty finds they use wherever and whenever they feel like it to boost their glow. Keep scrolling for the big reveal!

Best for: lips, elbows, face. Balm Dotcom is one of Glossier’s most beloved best sellers. It’s formulated to be multipurpose, but our managing editor of branded content, Caitie Schlisserman, says it’s the best elixir for chapped lips and elbows alike. (I totally agree, and I’ve even used the sparkly Birthday flavor as a face highlighter in a pinch!)

Best for: face and hair. Rose water is known for its utility, especially among makeup artists and our fave celebs. But it’s not just a savior for your makeup and skincare routine. Caitie swears shes sprays it on her face and her hair for a midday pick-me-up. 

Best for: under-eyes, lips, smile lines, cuticles. Fact: This is a very expensive eye treatment. Thanks to the slippery, fast-absorbing formula, it’s the most delicious and healing thing to apply under your eyes, yes, but also atop dry lips, stubborn smile lines (it has a lifting effect) and ripped cuticles. I’m obsessed. 

Best for: scalp and body. Drunk Elephant just released four exciting hair products, but after careful review, beauty editor Courtney Higgs, Editor in Chief Kat Collings, and I dubbed this multitasking scrub our favorite. It exfoliates your scalp to remove pent-up itch and built-up debris, but it’s also designed to work all the same magic on your body to reveal baby-soft skin to boot. 

Best for: hair and body. I would buy this three-in-one oil from France due to the intoxicating scent alone, but it’s also a dreamy solution for parched, um, anything? I use it to rehydrate my split-prone ends and scale-prone legs the most! It’s delicate and filled with organic ingredients for extra anti-aging perks. 

Best for: face and body. You’ve probably heard about the micro-needling tools for your face (and all of the amazing healing and plumping benefits the treatment offers), so why stop there? If you already own BeautyBio’s best-of-the-best micro-needling tool, make sure you add the brand’s GloPro Body Microtip Attachment Head ($45) to your arsenal as well to extend the treatment to your arms, legs, torso, and bum. Just make sure you switch back to the face attachment before switching to your complexion!

Best for: face, elbows, hands, shins. As someone who is congestion- and acne-prone, I can’t actually use this decadent face cream from Sunday Riley for my face. (But if you’re on the dry side, slather away!) That said, I’ve already gone through multiple jars of this stuff because it’s one of the only things that transform my hands, elbows, and extremities from scaly alligator status. 

Best for: face, hands, stretch marks. Before you balk at the price tag, hear us out. According to Who What Wear’s very own co-founder and CCO, Hillary Kerr, this cult-loved serum is pretty much her very own multitasking unicorn product. She admits that while it is expensive, the tiniest bit goes a LONG way. “I use this on my face, on my overly washed hands, AND it was the only thing that helped my insanely itchy stretch marks after I had my daughter, Wilder.” 

 Best for: face, foundation, lips. The beauty of this hyaluronic acid booster from Versed truly is its one-two punch of efficacy and versatility. You can use it on its own, on your hands, lips, or mixed into your other serums, creams, primers, or foundations for the ultimate cocktail of nourishment. Even one little drop goes a long way. 

Best for: brows, lashes, and unpredictable baby hairs. True story: I use Boy Brow on my brows (like every other beauty editor I know), but I’ve also used it on my lashes for no-makeup makeup days and have even relied on my tube of clear to keep my baby hairs along my hairline on good behavior. 

Best for: face, neck, head. Rolling this soothing facial roller along my jaw and cheekbones not only tones, brightens, and lifts my face and skin, but it also smooths out any stubborn and ache-inducing knots I have in my neck, upper back, or the base of my head. It’s heaven, and I’m convinced the circulation boost makes my skin look so much more radiant and healthy.

Best for: literally everything? I mean, is there a more iconic multitasking beauty product on the market? Better yet, is there a more iconic product that’s so dang affordable? Courtney and I put our heads together, and we’ve used this stuff on mosquito bites, lips, sandpaper-level elbows, cracked knuckles, split ends—pretty much any type of skin and beauty woe imaginable. (Sometimes I’ll even mix a little in WITH my body lotion. Bizarre yet highly effective.)

Best for: face, body, décolletage . So many people love this top-selling contour and highlight palette from Charlotte Tilbury. Don’t get me wrong. I love it for chiseling out the hollows of my cheekbones and streamlining the look of my jaw, but it’s also gorgeous for adding some depth and contour anywhere else on your body, I’ll dust it along my collarbones and shoulders to make me look a bit more sunkissed, and highlighting with the powder creates an even more photogenic and prismatic effect. 

Best for: face, body, hair. According to social media editor Candice Aman, this is the absolute best oil to tackle dryness anywhere on your body—she uses it on her face, hair, and body. 

Best for: face, neck, chest, shoulders. This glow-inducing body oil from RéVive Skincare is brand new, but I’ve already forgotten what life was like without it. It’s brimming with skin-improving oils and other luxe ingredients and was designed to serve your radiance goals in a variety of ways. You can apply it over your moisturizer or foundation, you can use it as a highlighter, you can mix into your lotion or primer… The options are honestly endless and so phenomenally flattering.

Best for: hair and body. Leave it to one of our favorite haircare brands, Ouai, to create one of our favorite multitasking beauty products. This rose-scented spray decks strands and skin with a subtle veil of shimmer that’s pretty and glowy but not in an overtly obvious way. You’ll also get a dose of nourishment thanks to diamond powder, amaranth oil, and squalene.

Best for: lids, lips, collarbone, cheekbones. By now you know SPF is one of the most important daily beauty habits to master. And you probably also know that the sun’s harmful rays can get you in the most unexpected places. Enter Supergoop!’s game-changing eye shadows that are not only stunning in their own right but keep your delicate lids shielded and protected. I’ve also used it along my collarbones, across my lips, and on my face for a subtle touch of shimmer. 

Best for: lips and cheeks. “I love using the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick as blush,” gushes Courtney.

Best for: face and body. I love a good contour stick, and I don’t just use this on my face. I’ve used it on my legs, shoulders, chest, the sides of my nose, eyelids (as a shadow), even my abs! With this in hand, the world is truly your oyster as far as your contouring plans go. I like this formula over others because it’s oil-free (so won’t make me break out) and extremely long-wearing. Of course, there are plenty of contour sticks designed for your body, but most of them are far too oily and heavy for my face, and they’ve also caused my skin to get bumpy and congested. 

Best for: face (foundation/concealer), body. I know so many makeup artists who always keep this do-it-all skin perfector in their kits. Technically, it’s a concealer, but it plays double duty as an epically wonderful foundation for your face or your body. Used as a body foundation, it gives your chest or limbs a really even, airbrushed finish (kind of like a filter). It has this lovely rich and thick consistency that ensures hydration but can be easily blended out with whatever formulas you’re using or a sponge doused in some rose water. It’s such a winner, and the tiniest bit goes the longest way. 

Best for: face, under-eyes, neck, chest, and lips. Okay, so this gold conductive gel is specifically meant to work in tandem with your Ziip Beauty Nano Current Device ($495) (which, to be honest, is one of the most worthwhile beauty splurges you can possibly make). That said, I’ve also started incorporating the gel alone into my routine as more of a treatment/masking situation since my results using it along with the device have been so remarkable. After just a few uses, my skin cleared, tightened, de-puffed, and looked so much brighter and dewier. So while I recommend treating yourself to the device if your budget allows, please know this hematite-, snail venom–, and bio-placenta–laden gel is a complexion game changer in its own right. I’ll slather it on my face, neck, chest, under-eyes, or lips whenever I need a pick-me-up. Up next: I Try Hundreds of New Makeup Products, But I Still Use 9 of My College-Era Picks

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