Scarlett Johansson slams deepfakes, says she can’t stop the internet from pasting her face on porn

Scarlett Johansson, the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, knows a thing or two about unwanted nudes making their way onto the internet. In 2012, a hacker was sentenced to 10 years in prison after leaking nude photos of her and other celebrities, setting an example to warn future thieves.

But there may be nobody to arrest, nobody even to sue, when it comes to deepfakes: AI-generated videos that seamlessly stitch Johansson and other celebs’ faces onto the bodies of porn stars having sex.

Now, Johansson has spoken out against deepfakes in an interview with The Washington Post, They’ve published her comments verbatim, so I’d suggest clicking to read the whole thing — you can practically hear her throw up her arms in exasperation.


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Taylor Swift Just Closed out the Year in This Controversial Skinny-Jean Trend

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn aren’t often spotted strolling around New York City (or any city, for that matter), but yesterday was an exception. The couple trekked through downtown NYC arm in arm, and Swift wore a particularly trendy outfit for the occasion. Her look consisted of a fuzzy wool coat and skinny jeans, complemented by a plaid scarf, newsboy cap, Saint Laurent belt bag, and combat boots. And speaking of skinny jeans, Swift’s weren’t your average blue or black denim jeans. She instead opted for colored skinny jeans in a rich burgundy, which made for a pretty winter color palette when paired with her rust-colored coat. 

There have been murmurings of colored denim making a comeback this year, and Swift’s pair may have just solidified the trend. That said, it isn’t a denim trend that’s particularly easy to embrace for many people. We’ll be the first to admit that colored skinny jeans can be tricky to pull off and it’s wise to be careful in selecting what you wear with them, but Swift seems to know what she’s doing. If you’re brave enough for the colored skinny-jean trend, follow her lead and pair them with sleek black accessories and pieces that are in the same color family (or neutrals, if you want to keep it safe). 

See Swift’s look below and shop it for yourself, along with some of our favorite pairs of colored skinny jeans on the market.

On Taylor Swift: Brixton Fiddler Cap ($42); Soia & Kyo Rubina Wool Coat ($695); Free People gloves; Saint Laurent Kate Leather Belt Bag ($1100); Prada Lace-Up Leather Ankle Boots ($895)

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Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Watches of 2018, Ranked

In 2018 Christie’s auction house marked 25 years in a row as the biggest mover in high end jewelry sales. Its top-selling watches for the year are testament to why Christie’s has stayed on top. 

Ranging from $566,000 to $3.2 million, these 10 stunning examples of the watchmaker’s art are dominated by luxury Swiss designer Patek Philippe, but the more well-known Rolex appears as well. Some watches—such as a rare stainless steel Rolex dating from the 40s—clearly had huge historical value. 

Others, such as the platinum Patek Philippe, were premium timepieces when they left the watchmaker’s studio and have only grown in value over time. 

Christie’s made nearly a half-billion dollars in jewelry sales alone in 2018 and set a record for scotch sales with a $1.5 million bottle of Macallan 60. 

With some excellent quotes from Business Insider, we’ve listed Christie’s 10 biggest sellers in 2018, in reverse order.  

10. Richard Mille, $566,014

Designed and signed by Richard Mille, this rare platinum and baguette-cut, diamond-set tourbillon wristwatch sold for a cool $566,014.

9. Patek Philippe, $614,766

A unique Patek Philippe chronograph wristwatch, 18k white gold and diamond-set with a degradé black dial, brought in $614,766.

8. Patek Philippe, $668,862

This Patek Philippe 18K gold perpetual calendar chronograph watch with moon phases and a tachymeter scale sold for $668,862.

7. Patek Philippe, $708,500 

Made in 1930, this 18K gold cushion-shaped Patek Philippe wristwatch sold for $708,500.

6. Rolex, $732,500

A truly timeless design, this 1969 stainless steel chronograph Rolex wristwatch with a Paul Newman mark went for $732,500.

5. Patek Philippe, $753,277

Stacked with impressive features like a minute-repeating instantaneous perpetual calendar, leap year indication, day and night display modes, and moon phases, it’s no wonder this platinum Patek Philippe auctioned for $753,277.

4. Patek Philippe, $912,500

A fine, 18K gold Patek Philippe perpetual chronograph wristwatch from 1944 auctioned for $912,500.

3. Rolex, $1,068,500

This rare early stainless steel Rolex wristwatch, with a gilt explorer dial, automatic time, and center seconds, sold for $1,068,500.

2. Rolex, $1,572,500

An officially certified chronometer, 18K gold Rolex with a triple calendar, star dial, and moon phases, this watch proved to be a big ticket item when it brought in $1,572,500.

1. Patek Philippe, $3,234,905

The year’s most expensive watch sale at Christie’s, an 18K gold Patek Philippe chronograph watch, signed by Philippe and featuring a perpetual calendar and moon phases, went for a whopping $3,234,905.