Is IPL Hair Removal Better Than Waxing?

Hair removal has been part of cosmetology for a long time. Whereas some methods of hair removal have been around for a long time, others continue to emerge and develop as technology develops.
IPL (intense pulsed light) is a hair removal method that works by directing light from a laser through the hair pigment. The light converts to heat which in turn damages the hair follicles and the hair bulb.
IPL has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Before that, most people were used to waxing, which is also considered equally effective.
Is IPL better than waxing? Let’s explore the two methods in the discussion that follows.
Hair Removal
Preparation: Grow the hair for a few weeks

IPL hair removal is considered a permanent removal method because one can expect extended periods of no growth between sessions. In preparation for IPL hair removal, a client is expected not to wax or pluck the hair for at least six weeks. IPL works better on hair that has grown for around six weeks. At that height, the hair has well-formed follicles to allow a more efficient procedure. Right before the procedure, hair is trimmed a little, cold gel applied to protect the outer most skin then the laser equipment is set according to the thickness and location of the hair.
Duration: IPL Process is faster

Time taken for the IPL process depends primarily on factors such as equipment being used and the size of the area being treated. Time may range from less than a minute for small areas, whereas large areas such as the legs can take up to one hour. Just like waxing, tools, area and the client response to process determines the time is taken.
This notwithstanding, the most important thing is to carry out a flawless process that leaves the client happy and satisfied. If you pick the right professional for laser hair removal Brisbane region, you will save on much needed time.
IPL Benefit Perks

With IPL, it has its own benefits that can help one enjoy the perks of being hair free and stress-free. It works better with clients seeking permanent hair removal and a patient can achieve long term hair removal, unlike waxing which is temporary and requires regular maintenance. IPL causes no damage to the dermis, so even the most sensitive skin can be treated.
Ever missed a spot when waxing? IPL hair removal is more effective in reaching out to areas left with annoying hairs and unwanted fuzz hence takes the stress and mess out of waxing by booking a more efficient IPL treatment.
IPL treatment will also save you a lot of time because it will leave you with longer-lasting results without having to find time to shave when you have a busy, hectic and demanding lifestyle.

Before undertaking IPL Hair Removal it would be vital to know whether it’s suitable. Some conditions may be made significantly worse and action needs to be taken prior to the start of the treatment. These include skin conditions such as vitiligo, medical conditions such as herpes and epilepsy, recent sun exposure, sunburns, and photosensitizing medication.
It may Cause Some Temporary Discomfort

The most noticeable effects after the IPL Hair removal are skin irritation; temporary discomfort, redness, and swelling, pigment changes; may darken or lighten the affected skin which is usually temporary and the skin feeling sunburned.
These effects are also noticeable with waxing which makes the skin get red after the procedure which is a normal reaction. It is advisable to use cold compresses to relieve the redness which would help reduce the redness.
Body Areas

For both IPL hair removal and waxing can be done on any body area but experts believe IPL is best not applied in the eyebrows to avoid damage to the eyes.
In addition, a client may choose which parts of the body would best give the desired result when the IPL method is used.
Skin Type

Light skin with dark is deemed more suitable for the IPL technique. However, laser treatments are now more advanced meaning a specialist can choose the type of laser light that will be most suitable for your skin color and type. Unlike waxing, where any skin type can benefit from it.

Costs vary depending on factors such as the machine in use, size of the area being treated and time required for treatment, number of treatments required, whether a doctor or someone else is performing the procedure, other attached cosmetology services.
It might also depend on the location where services are being offered.

Unwanted hair growth remains a therapeutic challenge and there is considerable need for an effective and safe treatment approach. Since IPL is now offered widely in many parts of the world, it is advisable that clients seek information before engaging a professional. Ensure that you dig information around all elements of the exercise including costs and possible side effects.

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Author: Ella Maclin

The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gear Gifts for the Adventurous Gal

It is that time of year again: Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away. The countdown turns on the social pressure to find a timely, well-thought gift for your main squeeze. Consider though, if your main squeeze happens to be an adventurous gal; your best bet is not to give some disposable gesture.

Somewhere between practical and indulgent lies the perfect gift for those of us more oriented to the outdoors. We dread the thought of those millions of canned-line greeting cards and spent chocolate boxes ending up in the recycling bin—or worse yet, the trash. Rather, we prefer the idea of getting something special that we’ll end up using together and keeping forever—not unlike the love that the holiday is meant to celebrate.

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Author: Katharine Erwin

Ski Resort Sibling Rivalry: Park City Versus Canyons

Vail Resorts acquired Canyons first. The convoluted circumstances in which POWDR Corp sold PCMR to Vail culminated in the creation of the largest resort in the United States. Vail immediately spent $50 million in connecting the two and building a new lodge.

The gondola is quick and convenient. Free Park City buses go almost nonstop from one base area to the other, so why not use the whole hill?

Whether it stems as far back as the ParkWest days or is a more recent phenomenon, when asked “Are you a Canyons or a PCMR skier?” almost everybody picks a side. There does, however, remain some commonality. On the northern sides, both have pine and fir trees. Both south sides have what I call “the little scrubby trees.” These are the most durable shrubberies one could ever get tangled in. They’re not natural and I doubt they even burn.

But the terrain is wildly different. Canyons has the 9990 and 5 chairs as well as the Super Condor. Sticks and Stones, Yard Sale, Funnel Cloud, and Aftershock are frightening to look over with little to no snow—much less to drop in. PCMR sports more groomers of varying pitch, but also is justifiably proud of the Jupiter Bowl which is, at points, a cliff with trees on it. Having a preference for one resort makes sense. It depends what kind of skier you are.

These skiers and their respective spaces are as disparate as the resorts’ snow-capped peaks and the desert to the west of Salt Lake. The fervor seems a little silly, as neither resort lies in the Cottonwoods.

Don’t make me pull over and separate you two. We’ve got more sibling rivalries to come.

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

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Author: John Gaich

5 of the Most Epic Motorbike/Surf Adventures Across the Globe

You might be asking yourself: “What on earth do motorbikes and surfing have to do with each another?” Fair question, but surprisingly more than you’d imagine.

Oddly enough, where you see the two cultures — bike and surf — colliding gracefully is in Canggu, Bali where surf-moto brand, Deus Ex Machina, has its flagship base there called the “Temple of Enthusiasm.”

An idea born from the vintage motorcycle and surf movements happening in Sydney, Australia, you can buy custom surfboards at Deus, custom motorbikes, coffee, art, clothing… even get a haircut.

But back to the initial query: What’s the connection between a café racer and sliding piece of foam and fiberglass? Some say it’s in the line you choose, whether on a wave or on the open road. Some say it’s in the craftsmanship, riding vessels made by human hands and hearts.

Ultimately, the pairing is in the travel. Motorbikes get us from “Point A” to “Wave B,” and if you’re lucky, happily lost along the way. Because some of the best discoveries happen by accident. The following are five routes across the globe that blend the two loves seamlessly.

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Author: Beau Flemister

2020’s Best New Powder Skis

One person’s powder ski could be another’s everyday downhill ski. It is all relative to your objectives. Back in the day, skis of the long and skinny variety were used for laborious turns in deep snow. But as powder hounds’ desire for chasing fresh, untracked snow grew, so did their need for better gear, thus the invention of wider, easier-turning skis that could float in the cold smoke.

If you are fortunate enough to get in a sufficient number powder days each season to constitute getting a pair of fatter sticks, or even if you just like having a pair for those few special snorkel days, these are the best powder performers that money can buy.

—Read Powder’s 2020 Skier’s Choice picks for the Best Powder Skis of the Year, plus more of the best new skiing gear, including: Alpine and Touring Ski Boots, Snow Safety Gear, Gloves for Outdoor Winter Sports, and Ski Jackets.

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Author: Katharine Erwin

The Most Effective Recovery Tools for Every Athlete

Recovery isn’t just about giving yourself a break; it’s when your body adapts to the stress of exercise—and gets stronger. Fortunately there are a plethora of recovery tools that can help you do that faster.

Editors John Lonsdale and Brittany Smith tested the newest offerings aimed at easing muscle soreness and helping your body get back to normal after a tough workout. These are the devices, trackers, and streaming services that’ll help you make gains faster, whether you’re a runner, triathlete, CrossFitter, or anything in between.

Video shot on location at Performance Lab by The Wright Fit

Sky Ting TV
Courtesy Image

Sky Ting TV

Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernahgan co-founded Sky Ting Yoga in 2015 in Chinatown, launching more airy, cheerful locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan following their first studio’s success. If you don’t live in the area, you can reap the benefits of their classes with the newly launched Sky Ting TV. They have options for a multitude of skill levels, time restraints, and preferences. Choose from restorative flows; mobility sessions to open up your hips and shoulders; quick, energizing mini classes; and hour-long detoxes. This is yoga sans pretension that’s perfect for cross-training days, guys who want to get better at yoga, and anyone looking to boost flexibility and mobility. Trust us when we say you’ll feel like a new human by the end—light, relaxed, and gloriously loose.

[From $20/month;]

Get it

Nike React Infinity Run
Courtesy Image

Nike React Infinity Run

Nike’s hedged the React Infinity Run as an injury-prevention shoe (yes, a lofty statement). Roughy 16,000 miles were logged in the prototype, making it Nike’s most tested running shoe to date. In an independent study, researchers had 226 runners complete a 12-week training program, wearing either the React Infinity Run or the Structure 22. In all, they logged a total of 60,000 miles. The results showed that the React Infinity Run reduced injuries (knee, foot, shin, and calf) by 52 percent compared to the Structure 22. Reserve these for your recovery days (light shakeout runs) and short-mileage training sessions. For all the specs on the shoe, read our full review on the Nike React Infinity Run here.


Get it

TheraGun Liv
Courtesy Image

Theragun Liv

Soft-tissue treatment devices like the Theragun use percussive therapy to speed up recovery by releasing muscle tension, breaking up scar tissue, and increasing blood flow—and man it hurts so good. It used to be that you could only find these in a gym or PT office, but the latest versions are priced for the average gym-goer. This is the lightest, most compact version yet, small enough to fit in your gym bag and still powerful enough to get the job done.


Get it

Hyperice Hypersphere Mini
Courtesy Image

Hyperice Hypersphere Mini

Massage balls target and release tight spots and trigger points (or knots) in your muscles on a deeper level than your average foam roller. This one-pound, travel-friendly version of the existing Hypersphere—which vibrates at three speeds for different levels of penetration—is just three inches in diameter, so you can really zero in on harder to reach problem areas and relieve common workout issues like plantar fasciitis, tight hips, and upper or lower back soreness.


Get it

TriggerPoint Charge
Courtesy Image

TriggerPoint Charge

This tiny, two-pound roller’s got some serious curves. Shaped like two conjoined massage balls with a dip in the middle, it can work like a flat foam roller for areas like your upper back and then really dig into slimmer areas like your biceps and calves. The wide and narrow ridges on the surface work together to stretch and squeeze your muscles, pushing blood and oxygen to stressed-out tissues.


Get it

Momentus ArcFire Grass Fed Whey
Courtesy Image

Momentus ArcFire Grass Fed Whey

The search for “clean” protein powder is often fraught with misleading marketing jargon—and as for the protein powder itself, unnecessary added sugar and fillers. We like Momentus because their whey protein comprises grass-fed whey protein isolate that’s been cold-pressed so as not to diminish the levels of branched-chain amino acids (which help build muscle and relieve muscle soreness). They also have an enzyme blend called ProHydrolase that, combined in a 10:1 ratio with protein, results in fewer GI issues (like bloating and indigestion) and better protein absorption. Their ArcFire Grass Fed Whey also has a 4:3 protein to carb ratio that refuels your body with just enough carbs for recovery—nothing more, nothing less.


Get it

Recoup ColdSleeve w/ BOA
Courtesy Image

Recoup ColdSleeve w/ BOA

Struggling with shin splints, tennis elbow, or runner’s knee? This cold sleeve fits over either arm or leg, providing cold and compression for up to an hour. Just toss it in the freezer for up to two hours to activate. It’s fitted with a Boa Fit System that lets you micro-adjust how snug the sleeve is, so you won’t struggle to keep it on your shin, knee, hamstring, or quad. Make it extra snug to get the benefits of compression to help heal an injury, or keep it more lax for regular post-workout recovery. It’ll alleviate all matter of inflammation, soreness, and pain.


Get it

Thr33 CBD Infused Muscle Relief Cream
Courtesy Image

Thr33 CBD Infused Muscle Relief Cream

Thr33‘s a community of hustling athletes hoping to eke out as much of their potential as the clients they train. Their first launch is a pain-relieving cream. Lab-tested CBD and ingredients like lanolin and menthol work to tamp down inflammation and cool on contact. Massage into tight areas post-workout or before bed so it can help soothe aggravation and get you back on your feet; or, use it before a session if you’re particularly sore.


Get it

Whoop 3.0 Strap
Courtesy Image

Whoop 3.0 Strap

Forget activity tracking; the third-generation Whoop (the first wrist-worn tracker allowed on MLB fields) measures how hard you work out and how well you recover from that workout using biometric data like heart rate, heart rate variability, ambient temperature, and motion. Enhanced features include Strain Coach, which recommends how hard you should (or shouldn’t) push yourself at the gym, and HR Broadcast, which lets you connect to Peloton devices, Wahoo computers, Concept2 ergometers, Strava, and TrainerRoad.

[$160 for 6 months;]

Get it

Roll Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Roller
Courtesy Image

Roll Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Roller

Typically, foam rollers rely on your own bodyweight to put pressure on your muscles (that’s why you drape yourself on top of them). The spring-loaded R8, which self-adjusts for different body sizes, takes the work of foam rolling by clamping around your muscles with a vise-like grip; you use the handles to push and pull. Customize the device further with SuperPlush and SuperDeep inserts, which decrease or increase the amount of pressure.


Get it

Normatec PULSE 2.0 Series Leg Recovery System
Courtesy Image

NormaTec Leg Recovery System 2.0

LeBron James, both Super Bowl LIII teams, and Drake all use these compression boots, which use air as a massage tool. That on-and-off pressure helps flush inflammation and post-workout waste products (like lactic acid) from your blood and shorten the muscle repair process so your legs feel fresh faster. Sync ‘em right to apps like Strava and TrainingPeaks via Bluetooth to plan and track recovery sessions within the context of your entire training regimen.


Get it

Hammer Nutrition Recoverite
Courtesy Image

Hammer Nutrition Recoverite

Endurance athletes require a different kind of fuel post-workout than those who train in the gym—something with a higher amount of carbs. Recoverite’s formula has a 3:1 ratio of complex carbs to protein (either whey protein isolate or organic pea protein if you opt for the vegan protein), as well as 3 g of L-glutamine to repair muscle tissue and support immune health, and a full spectrum of electrolytes.

[from $3.50;]

Get it

YogaToes for Men
Courtesy Image


If you’re a big runner, your feet take a beating. YogaToes helps give your toes the space they need to come back to their optimal alignment. The soft medical gel is nice and malleable, but you’ve gotta work to get them on your feet. Start with just 10-15 minutes at first since it can be intense. They’re said to ease pain related to plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and hammer toes.


Get it

PowerDot 2.0
Courtesy Image

PowerDot 2.0

It used to be that you had to go to physical therapy to reap the benefits of stim. Now you can prime your body for a workout, hasten recovery, and help heal injuries with a portable device at home or in the gym. The PowerDot 2.0 uses small electrical currents to cause muscle fibers to contract, boosting blood flow and relieving tension. The device magnetically connects to the electrode pads, making it much easier to attach to hard-to-reach spots. The app is very user-friendly to boot, illustrating proper electrode placement and offering a variety of programs. Opt from muscle recovery, training & performance, pain relief, and injury prevention.


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Author: Brittany Smith and Ashley Mateo

Friday Faves

Hi friends! Happy Friday! What’s going on this weekend? We’re celebrating Kyle and Everly’s birthday with the fam, going to the opera (!), and having everyone over for Superbowl Sunday. I also have a huge book deadline Monday morning so in between the activities, I’ll have my computer out, and blue light-blocking glasses on, nerding it up. 🙂 I’d love to hear what you have going on!

Two exciting things happened this week:

– Regular fitness classes back on the schedule. I’m going to be teaching a bootcamp class and a spin class each week, and it feels so good to be back into teaching. I’ve been subbing since we moved back to Tucson, mostly because the Pilot has been gone 80-90% of the time and childcare can be tricky, but now that his schedule is more predictable, I could start teaching regularly again. I taught bootcamp this week – we did a mix of TRX, battle ropes, BOSU, and Tabata rounds- and it was I felt a little piece of my soul come back to life!

– Speaking of my soul coming back to life, something else happened: I got a spot singing with a local choir. I chatted about it in this post, but the nutshell version is that I auditioned over the fall and was choir roadkill. Since then, I’ve been working with a vocal coach and practicing like crazy, and got the chance to audition again last night.

I figured I was going to celebrate either way. Even if I didn’t get a spot, I was going to celebrate the fact that I really gave it my best shot after months of lessons and consistent practice. I’d throw my aria in the trash can and have a glass of wine. BUT, I got a spot! I was really happy to be able to tell Liv and P that I didn’t quit and the hard work paid off.

I’m SO pumped and we have three big concerts each year. (I’ll share the word when get closer if any Tucson friends want to come out!) YAY.

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party. This is where I share some of my favorite finds from the week and around the web. I always love to hear about your faves, too, so please shout out something you’re loving in the comments section below.

Fashion + beauty:

– Scoping out spring and summery clothes. I’m sooooo over bundling and the revolving door of colds in our house. Bring on the sunshine! I ordered this cute leopard bikini top for our cruise and this coverup. Also loving this dress, this bodysuit, and these cute strappy sandals.

Amazing to see that Beautycounter is diving into the mica industry – mica is in EVERYTHING. It’s what makes makeup shimmer and is very safe – to make sure it’s sourced responsibly.

Read, watch, listen:

Watch Jerry give “mat talk” to these lucky folks arriving to work.

Dinner etiquette.

Why exercise is good for your brain.

This BLEW MY MIND. People don’t have an inner monologue? Can we talk about this? My entire day is constant thoughts in my own voice in my head. I can’t imagine it being peaceful in my brain lol. If this is you, please tell me what this is like!

Good eats + misc. finds:

Equilibria! I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but this has helped dramatically with my anxiety. Before my choir audition, I was sitting in my car, shaking from nervousness. I put 5 drops of Equilibria CBD under my tongue and within two minutes, I felt remarkably better. While I was absolutely still nervous, it took the shaking “what the heck am I doing?” feeling away. I could actually breathe and focus. It’s a game changer for me. (If you want to give it a whirl, my link gets you 15% off. They’re also going a special promo through tonight at midnight. Use the code fitnessistadaily20 to get 20% off the first three months of any new subscription.)

– The Art of Plating event. We got to watch Kyle do his thang and compete against local chefs in a plating competition. Kyle is truly an artist and always amazes me with his creations.

This is a wagyu beef sandwich with beef fat mayo.

The crazy thing is that his meals taste even better than they look. I’m totally biased, but his recipe was absolutely my favorite compared to the other dishes. There were a lot of beautiful creations and I had a great time wandering around with Meg and madre, tasting all of the different entries.

(Dress is here and shoes are here)

For now, P and I are off to the library and I’m going to catch a Peloton class this afternoon.

Have a happy Friday and I’ll see ya soon!



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Author: Fitnessista

049: Running Tips from Amanda at Run to the Finish

Hi friends! Today, I’m chatting with my friend Amanda Brooks from Run to the Finish about all things running.

Download a full transcript here. 

Here’s what we talk about:

– How to start a running program

– What makes a “real runner?”

– How to prevent knee pain and injuries

– Race day mentality and race day fueling

– Proper running form

– Her new book (you can order it here!)

– Tips for getting faster

and so.much.more.

Here’s a little bit about Amanda:

Amanda Brooks is a running author who helps others get out of their own way to achieve major goals in running, while remembering to love the journey! She’s been recognized by Greatist, Women’s Health and others as a top fitness blogger in her over 12 years of writing.

Connect with Amanda on her blog or on Instagram.

She offers online group training here.

Her new book will be out in March, but you can pre-order it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

Don’t forget to sign up for your free 21 days of Les Mills On Demand! This is one of my all-time favorite workout platforms. The instructors are knowledgeable and motivating, plus the music is incredible. There are so many different formats, you’ll definitely find something you love. Get your free workouts here.

I’m a huge fan of Daily Harvest for quick and healthy meals. Their smoothies are an almost-daily staple (such an easy way to get in a ton of nutrients) and I also love their overnight oats, soups, and bowls. Get $25 off your first order using the code FITNESSISTA. Check it out here. 

Thank you so much for listening and for all of your support with the podcast! Please leave a rating or review if you enjoyed this episode. If you leave a rating, head to this page and you’ll get a little “thank you” gift from me to you. 

You can listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunesStitcher, and Google Play.

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Author: Fitnessista

5 Wellness Solutions Your Body Needs To Stay Healthy

One of the most popular trends in America is the health and wellness industry. So many people romanticize how they would look and feel if they were only healthier. While this is a great idea, not many people are up to the challenge of change and the demanding consistency that this lifestyle brings to them. However, the dream still exists and many people venture into the unknown world of health and wellness without a clue as to what they’re required to do.
If you are someone who has been learning more about wellness solutions that your body requires to stay healthy, you have probably read articles and listened to podcasts and, in general, done everything in your power to educate yourself on these ideas. The thought of health and wellness is an easy one, however, to most people, the action eludes them. Our experts have compiled a list of five wellness solutions your body always needs to stay healthy. Use these tips to keep your body on track as you learn more about the intricacies of wellness.
Stay Healthy
#1 – The Solution of Water

One of the reasons so many people fail at the idea of health and wellness is they concentrate more on the health and leave the wellness aspect out of it. However, these two ideas go hand in hand. Your body can be healthy and not well. When you think of wellness, you must think of wholeness and the idea that your body needs nothing mentally or physically, it just “is”. When your body is well that means you are well physically, you are well mentally, and you are balanced.
Water is one of the primary sources for both health and wellness because it brings that sense of balance to the body. It is a resource that the body needs to continue on the path of wellness. Sadly, most Americans don’t even think about their water intake during the day, much less get their minimum of eight glasses of water every day. Water is what brings oxygen to the major resources of the body and without it, your body could perish. Make sure you are including a daily regimen of water every day. No matter what is going on that day, always include H20 as a substitute for any other drink you may want at that time. The health and wellness individuals who include water are more balanced, have less chance at heart attacks, and are well in every area of life.
#2 – The Solution of Exercise

Many people begin ramping up their New Year’s Resolutions around November. They promise themselves they will change in the coming year by going to the gym. Many already understand that your body requires a regimen of daily exercise in order to include the wellness and health factor. However, these people fail because they set tremendously high goals for their bodies. A novice wellness individual should always consider the opportunities in front of them. If your plan is to attend the gym, then set a goal of going to the gym two days a week in the beginning. Small gains are important to achieve higher results later down the road.
The solution to exercise in anyone’s life is a crucial strategy to bring more balance to your life. You are allowing your muscles to build and you are creating an overall sense of wellness by doing so. However, if you believe you will lose thirty pounds in the first week and maximize your gains by 20% then you are setting yourself up to fail. On the other side of this coin, many will promise to exercise and then forget or not feel like going to the gym. The gym is anywhere you want it to be. If you can take a brisk walk around your neighborhood thirty minutes a day, then you have accomplished your exercise. Remember, start small and work your body into a grueling regimen of exercise that will yield higher results later.
#3 – The Solution of CBD

One of the fastest-growing industries in America today is the CBD industry. CBD is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and has been known to build a life of health and wellness when taken regularly. When the hemp plant is cultivated, harvested, has a controlled farming process for pure products, and finally distilled, the end result is a long list of benefits the consumer can receive through the use of a variation of products like oils, salves, and powders. This farming concept helps the hemp plant yield a highly potent product that can bring many solutions to the user.
The reason CBD is so popular to date is how this cannabinoid (and others) interact with the human body. The body has an endocannabinoid system that, when activated by CBD, has been known to help alleviate pain, improve cognitive function, restore bliss and joy, aid in PTSD, and a wealth of other benefits. CBD is still fairly new to consumers and many people are learning as they go, however, scientists agree that CBD is one of nature’s most promising benefits to the human body.
#4 – The Solution of Detoxing

When an individual begins to learn more about building their own health and wellness, they start to realize that their body currently hosts a plethora of toxins and unwanted materials it doesn’t need. This is due to the concept that over the years the body has been exposed to high sugars, needless fats, and other things the body doesn’t need. Understanding this, it’s important to consider a detox or waste handling program that can rid the body of these harsh items that prohibit you from reaching your goals.
When you can detox your body, you are allowing your entire system to reset and start from scratch all over again. This is a benefit because once you begin eating healthy after detox, you immediately start to benefit from these healthy fuel options.
#5 – The Solution of Sleep

One of the least thought about options for health and wellness is sleep. When you are considering a lifestyle change, one of the first things you think about is the food you eat. While this is certainly a viable option in your goals, you should also consider the amount of sleep your body and mind receive every night. Sleep is the way your body revitalizes and recharges itself and many Americans claim they only get six hours of sleep or less. Eventually, this can lead to serious health problems and should be monitored. Make sure you are getting your required eight hours of rest in order to stay healthy and balanced.
In The End

While considering a lot of strategies and options that can benefit your health, in the end, there are hundreds of benefits and ideas you can implement that can keep your body on track and healthy. The one thing you should always consider is including regimens that you love so you can stay consistent. When you do that, you will start seeing the results in your body and your mind that will not only keep you healthy but well also.

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Author: Ella Maclin

Dollar Shave Club Review

This post is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. Click here and you’ll get their Ultimate Shave Starter set with Prep Scrub, Shave Butter, Post Shave Dew, Executive Razor Handle, and 2-pack cartridge all for just $5. 

Over time, I’ve learned a lot about my personal skincare and hygiene routine and what truly works for me. For example, I used to wash my hair every single day and couldn’t figure out why it was so dried out and dull. Now, I wash it maybe twice a week and it’s so much healthier. I finally have a skincare routine that I love and everything is pretty much on autopilot. I have it pretty much to a science and rotate appointments: I get my nails done every 2-3 weeks, make wax appointments and eyebrow threading appointments (all these things we have to think about, right?) but when it comes to my legs, I have a hard time remembering to replace my razor and often end up borrowing (aka stealing) the Pilot’s.

Thankfully, Dollar Shave Club has me covered but by providing their amazing quality shaving supplies at a great price point.

They recently sent me their Ultimate Shave Starter set, and here’s what’s included:

Prep Scrub: this helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells – so good during winter because my skin has been super dry

Shave Butter: transparent for a precise shave and helps to prevent razor bumps

Post-Shave Dew: for instant hydration

Executive Razor Handle: the handle is weighted and it very high quality. It feels much sturdier than other brands I’ve tried

2-pack cartridge: each cartridge has 6 blades

My very favorite part of the set is the razor and blades. I love that they send two so you have a backup on hand! It’s nice to always have an extra on hand to replace the blades or if I’m traveling. I can detach it and take the extra blades separately.

Dollar Shave Club also sent me their 3oz. Post Shave Cream to keep my skin moisturized and protected from dryness all season long. My skin has been super dry this winter so I was excited to try it out. 

I’ve been using and loving the Ultimate Shave Starter set and so has the Pilot! For his job, he has to shave regularly (no scruff allowed) so I was interested to hear his thoughts on the set. He ended up taking an extra set with him to his crash pad so he has a backup waiting for him.

If you’re like me and want to have all of the essentials on an auto rotation, check out the Ultimate Shave Starter Set. You can get the Prep Scrub, Shave Butter, Post Shave Dew, Executive Razor Handle, and 2-pack cartridge all for just $5. Check it out at

Thank you so much for supporting me and the brands who help to support our family.

What grooming appointments do you have to shuffle around? Any awesome tips for streamlining your routine?

I hope you have a great day and I’ll see ya soon!



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