19 Travel Accessories I Acquired This Year and Don’t Know How I Lived Without

Like most people, I love getting out and seeing the world, but I don’t always love the process of getting there, which is why I do things like sign up for TSA PreCheck, pay for early boarding or upgraded seats, and, yes, seek out the most useful travel accessories. I’m always on the hunt for new travel accessories (often on Amazon) that will make my life easier, and I’ve really found some gems this year. 

Between these tech, fashion, beauty, and packing items, I actually kind of look forward to heading to the airport (hey, any excuse to wear that cashmere travel wrap and take my new Away Expandable suitcase out for a spin). There was a time in my life when my travel accessory collection was basically nonexistent, but I’ve luckily learned that organization is the key to travel happiness. Scroll to shop the 19 items that just might help you achieve travel happiness too.  

Given that I’m a serial overpacker, hard-shell suitcases pose a bit of a challenge for me on lengthy trips. Away clearly gets me, as it just released a collection of expandable nylon suitcases that are just as chic as the rest of its luggage. It’s a game changer.

In the past, I’ve tried to just not think about what’s on hotel room floors (unsuccessfully), but since I finally started packing my own lightweight slippers, it’s been quite enjoyable putting them on after a long day.

I don’t know why it took me so long to buy a hairbrush that didn’t take up a ton of room or snag my clothes, but that’s changed. People praise this one for its detangling powers, and it simply folds up when not in use.

These are so effective at reducing the dreaded leg-and-feet swelling when flying. Pus, they’re far more stylish than most compression socks. I work from home and sit a lot, so these have been a lifesaver in many ways.

This doubles as a cozy blanket, so it’s a must, especially when I’m taking a red-eye or flying internationally. Plus, it comes in tons of colors. It’s worth the splurge.

I’ll never be brave enough to apply a face mask on a plane, but this hydrating, refreshing mist is even better, in my opinion. The name says it all.

If you’re one of those people who pack more jewelry than they probably should when traveling, this Tumi Jewelry Roll is a beautiful way to keep it protected and organized.

A passport holder is obviously not a necessity, but I don’t love the look of a worn-out passport, so I protect mine with a monogrammed one from The Daily Edited.

I’ve been traveling with a steamer for quite some time now, but this Scandinavian one I just discovered would be a serious upgrade. It’s chic, compact, and gets the job done.

Little things like this can be hard to remember when packing, but it’s so nice to be able to wash your face and apply products without sacrificing your hairstyle when traveling.

The reviews for this little mirror are so good, so it’s easy to see why I was intrigued. I love that one side is magnifying and it’s incredibly slim.

These pajamas have a lot going for them. Besides the fact that they’re chic, they’re so soft and take up hardly any room in a suitcase.

If you see me at an airport anytime soon, I’ll probably have my hair in a silky scrunchie. I prefer to have my hair back when I travel, and these don’t leave any creases.

I finally joined the packing-cube train last year and loved them so much that I decided I needed to buy this set too. The more packing cubes the merrier.

Digging in my carry-on duffle for my sunglasses all the time can get old, so I’ve been traveling with this Donni chain. Grandma-chic, don’t you think?

As you know, some hotel room walls are thinner than others. You could also be stuck with a room right by the elevator, so it’s always wise to pack some earplugs. 

I don’t usually have time to hit the gym when I travel, but a jump rope is a perfect alternative. Even if I don’t end up using it, it takes up minimal room in my suitcase, so no regrets.

I usually pack relatively small handbags when I travel, so I’ve been using a compact card case instead of a wallet. This one is the perfect size.

Last but not least, these aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but I never forget to pack them. I hope to never cross paths with an earbud cord again.

Next up, find out how to create an affordable fall travel capsule wardrobe.

6 Celebrities Show Us How to Make Our Boring Fall Staples Look Spectacular

If you read Who What Wear regularly, you’ll know we love to talk about our trusty basics on the regular—from seasonal staples to the basics fashion girls love. And there’s good reason! They’re the building blocks of our wardrobes, they’re striking in their simplicity when worn alone, they serve as a versatile backdrop to statement pieces, and they get us out of every fashion pickle in a pinch.

So now that you’re armed with your fall staples, how do you keep them looking interesting and fresh all season long? We turned to some of our favorite stylish celebrities for plenty of inspiration. From colorful overcoats that’ll add some oomph to your jeans and tee, to trendy snake-print boots that will add wow factor to your simple cardigan, scroll below as we share some of the coolest celebrity fall looks that we fully intend on copying this season.

On Katie Holmes: Mango Lapels Wool Coat ($200); Acne Studios Leather Mules ($480); Louis Vuitton Rose des Vents PM Bag ($4000); Prada Sunglasses ($350). Katie Holmes takes her basic white tee from zero to 100 with the addition of a statement wool blazer in an autumnal burnt orange hue. Keep the rest of your outfit crisp and clean in neutral hues.

On Jennifer Lopez: Max Mara coat; Timberland Waterproof Boots ($170); Valentino Medium Rockstud Matelassé Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag ($2895); Prive Revaus Jagger Sunglasses. No one makes their basics look spectacular quite like Jennifer Lopez. She paired her staple straight-leg jeans with a striking pastel blue coat, boots, sweater, and accessories to elevate her casual fall look. 

On Rihanna: Bottega Veneta Pouchin Intrecciato Nappa ($3100). Take a leaf out of Rihanna’s book, and pair your basic white sneakers with a monochromatic ensemble to exude a laid-back yet elegant look this fall. Don’t forget to play with tones and textures (shearling, cashmere, leather, and cotton) to keep your look interesting.

On Chrissy Teigen: Magda Butrym Rochester Wool Cashmere Cardigan ($557); Schutz Maryana Tall Boots ($290). Give your simple grandpa cardigan the fashion-girl treatment and pair it with trending knee-high snake print boots for a look with guaranteed wow factor. For those of us not quite as daring as Chrissy, you can pair it with a black miniskirt and tights as the temps get cooler.

On Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham Satin Pumps ($590); Plaid Wool-Blend Blazer ($1960). By now, most of us probably own a staple check or plaid blazer which lends itself beautifully to the Autumn season. But how do we keep it interesting throughout the months ahead? Emulate Victoria Beckham’s chic style and pair a few vibrant pieces such as bright yellow pumps and a sky blue crew-neck sweater. A desk-to-drinks look we’ll be copying ASAP.

On Irina Shayk: Falconeri sweatshirt and sweatpants; Dr. Martens 1460 Boots ($140); Hermès bag. Give your all-black sweatsuit an upgrade and instead of sporting them with your usual sneakers, opt for a pair of trendy heavy-duty combat boots instead. Give your whole ensemble a polished touch by finishing with a ladylike top-handle handbag.

Shop matching Signaturesoft Plus Upstate Sweatshirt ($70). 

Up next, 10 fall outfit trends it would be a crime not to know about.

6 Colors That Are as Easy to Wear as Black

If you read my stories regularly, then you may already have been able to tell that I don’t really wear a lot of color. Not that I don’t like the look or anything, but I think my tendency towards neutrals stems partly from the fact that I prefer buying clothes and accessories in black or white because I know that that’s how I’ll be able to get the most use out of them. Plus, I have pretty simple style overall, which doesn’t help my case much either.

Nonetheless, even though it doesn’t happen often, every once in a while, I do switch it up and actually buy and wear clothes and accessories that aren’t black, white, or denim. And, when it does happen, I’ve found there are certain hues that are more approachable than others. Just what are they? Keep scrolling to see, read about, and shop the six versatile colors I think are as easy to wear as black.

Ever since I took a risk and bought a hunter green handbag years ago, I’ve come to realize that the color is extremely versatile and easy to wear. Not only does it pair well with my typical neutral outfits, but every once in a while when I want to switch it up with colors, the bag complements other shades well, too. Below, you can see how Monikh Dale’s all-green outfit pairs her printed bag and brown heels.

It took me a while to come around to beige, but now that I have, I’m so into it. First of all, it’s obviously a baby step into the world of wearing color, but the small risk comes with a big reward. It’s also a classic color so you’ll never regret buying it and, as you can see above, even if you wear it with just black and white, beige pieces elevate any outfit and make a neural look a lot more dynamic.

Guess who! Spoiler alert—it’s me in the below photo showing off my favorite sweater of the season (and one of my few favorite colors). Aside from the fact that it’s literally the only shade of nail polish I’ll wear, I also enjoy wearing burgundy clothes from time to time. While the color red intimates me a lot, it’s cousin burgundy is an approachable and easy-to-style hue that lets you wear color without feeling like you’ve overdone it.

While a couple years ago, it was unclear whether lilac was going to be a short-lived trend or a medium-lived trend, the fashion gods ended up tricking us all because it’s practically become a neutral at this point. Whether it’s tops, sweaters, outerwear, or anything else, it seems like everything looks better in lilac and thankfully, lilac looks good with everything.

First things first: Whoever told you that you can’t wear navy and black together was wrong. Second of all, while navy does look great with black as well as other neutrals (as seen below), it also looks good with a lot of other colors. My suggestion? Try buying one item in navy that you’d usually buy in black, such as a pair of trousers or a coat, and see how much more interesting it makes your day-to-day outfits going forward.

Closing it out with another classic color, camel is one of those hues that (aside from pairing well with pretty much everything) makes any item and outfit look expensive—whether or not it actually was. Perfect for fall-ready pieces such as coats and sweaters, the shade is a no-brainer if you’re looking to take lighten up your all-black outfits.

Up next: 8 fall outfits I’m copying from NYC girls.

We Have Celeb Facialists on Speed Dial—These Are the Retinol Serums They Love

Confession time: As a beauty editor who chats with industry-leading derms and celebrity estheticians more often than I talk to my parents (sorry, Mom and Dad!), I’m still confused about retinol. How does retinol differ from Retin-A? How and when it should be applied? Who should or shouldn’t use it? Is this how Nancy Wheeler felt when she she stepped into the Upside Down for the first time? (I mean, we’ve all heard retinoid-related horror stories involving irritation, peeling, and the like.)

That said, at 26, I’m the exact age experts say to start using retinol, and considering my complexion is often bogged down with annoying congestion and dullness, adding the ingredient into my nightly lineup has been on my to-do list for a while now. There are tons of amazing formulas out there, and some of the best come in the form of easy-to-use serums. And since I’m lucky enough to have some of the best skin experts in the industry on speed dial, it only made sense to reach out for guidance.

From the basics on retinol to the exact serums the pros use on themselves, we have you covered. Keep scrolling for everything you ever wanted to know about retinol serums, plus the most important shopping picks to get you started.

According to celebrity esthetician Vanessa Hernandez, who has her own skincare practice in Brentwood, California, retinol is a derivative of vitamin A, and is a softer, more gentle version of Retin-A. As for its *many* benefits, it naturally exfoliates the top layer of skin, which in turn exposes a clear, glowing, more youthful complexion.

Oh, and we’re not done: She tells us the buzzy ingredient can also help minimize the appearance of pores, soften fine lines, kill acne-causing bacteria, and promote cell turnover, plus it has been clinically proven to be one of the most effective products in the role of anti-aging.

As for how retinol serums are different than other retinoid-containing formulas, they don’t require a prescription and are typically more gentle since they’re paired with other ingredients to soothe and nourish the skin. They’re also approved for daily use since they’re less intense.

“Retinol serums are a great option if you are prone to congestion and breakouts since they won’t have oils and will likely feel lighter on the skin in comparison to a retinol-containing cream,” says Vanessa Lee, RN, founder of L.A. beauty concept bar The Things We Do.

“If you’re dry and want something that feels richer on the skin and contains some kind of moisturizing ingredient, a retinol cream (versus a serum) may be a better choice for you,” Lee adds. “They both aim for the same result, but the two different carriers of the retinol are suitable for different skin types. It’s great to have choices!”

“Retinol serums should be used at night after you cleanse and before you moisturize,” confirms celebrity esthetician Shani Darden. Since our skin is in repair mode overnight, that’s the most beneficial time to use a retinol serum. Plus, retinol can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so it’s best to leave it for nighttime only and make sure you’re wearing sunscreen during the day.

If you have extra-sensitive skin, however, heed Lee’s advice and apply your retinol OVER your moisturer of choice. “I usually educate patients on putting on treatment serums directly after washing the face, but vitamin A is a strong ingredient, and it can actually penetrate through your moisturizer,” she tells us. “If you’re extra sensitive, you can also use your favorite facial oil a few minutes after you place your retinol on.”

That said, Lee also points out that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to skip retinol, since what we put on our skin can enter our bloodstream and, in turn, baby’s. But for the most part (and as long as you tread carefully with high-quality formulas!), anyone can use retinol serums.

“Even clients with sensitive skin can benefit from retinol if used less frequently and in lower doses,” she explains. “You have the control, so it’s all about getting started slowly, and graduating in frequency and/or strength as you continue. I recommend my patients to start using a gentle retinol serum once to twice a week for a few weeks, and using it up to three to four times a week as tolerated.”

For best results, it’s also imperative to keep an eye on your skin and how it’s reacting to your retinol application. They’re designed to be exfoliating (that’s where the glowy magic comes from!), so if you get slightly dry or irritated while the dead skin cells are being shed from the retinol use, make sure to use a soothing serum or moisturizer, or even hydrocortisone 1% as a spot treatment.

Lee assures us that this is all par for the course when using retinol—with the right T.L.C., you’ll still be able to reap all the amazing benefits. Oh, and make sure to wear a good sunscreen every single day! That’s non-negotiable.

“I always look to see if retinol is within the first five to seven ingredients listed, which will ensure that retinol’s a priority ingredient for the product,” Lee advises. “However, because retinol can go by so many names (retinyl acetate, propionic acid, retinol, etc.), and percentage or retinol disclosure isn’t required for OTC products by the FDA, it can be a bit confusing on what to look out for in the ingredients.”

Lee recommends choosing a retinol serum from a company you already love and trust, and have experience with as far as products go. Since most trustworthy skincare brands have some kind of retinol formula, she recommends starting your research there, and also discussing your options with a dermatologist or esthetician.

Below, Lee, Hernandez, and Darden share the best retinol serums they use or recommend to their clients. Keep scrolling!

“This is a botanical retinol serum suitable for all skin tones, and it’s 98% natural,” Lee shares. “Women of color are more prone to PIH, and most efficacious retinol formulas cause a bit of dryness and irritation before the pretty results of regular use set in. This retinol is strong enough to guarantee results, but is strategically paired with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, organic jojoba, vitamin E, and gotu kola for gentle delivery and lowered risk of PIH.”

“This is a great retinol that combines with fan-favorite, lactic acid, for major brightening and is stabilized at a low PH for even deeper exfoliation,” Lee says. “Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that helps with brightening the skin as well as preventing acne, so pairing this with retinol is a winning combo.” “Retinol Reform was the first product I ever released,” Darden notes. “I created Retinol Reform to provide all of the benefits of a prescription retinol without any of the drawbacks. It features lactic acid to provide immediate brightening benefits and retinol for more long-term results.”

“This is retinol serum has a combination of CoQ10, which helps UV exposed skin, and Hawaiian white honey, which is rich in phytonutrients to help protect the skin while exfoliating,” Lee tells us.

“This retinol serum is a luxe option that combines pure retinol with magnolia bark, vitamin C, and coffee for extra firming and brightening,” says Lee. “Chantecaille is known for its pure, botanical-based ingredients in skincare and makeup, and this retinol is not to be skipped.”

“This serum is an option for a gentle retinol that yields the power of argan plant stem cells to aid repair in the skin while retinol is hard at work at increasing cell turnover,” Lee notes. “This retinol is encapsulated and is suitable for sensitive skintypes.”

“I created Texture Reform for those with more sensitive skin,” says Darden. “It features retinyl palmitate to boost cellular turnover, which will improve skin texture, and it works gradually, making it safe for sensitive skin. It also has lactic acid to gently exfoliate, aloe to soothe the skin, and niacinamide to improve skin tone.”

“This eye gel has retinyl palmitate along with vitamins C and E to minimize the appearance of fine lines and boost hydration,” Darden explains.

“MY FAV BY FAR,” Hernandez raves. “This retinol is encapsulated in spheres of hyaluronic acid, making it gentle yet hydrating. It’s formulated to time-release over eight hours, meaning it’s penetrating more evenly into the skin, thus giving better results.”

“This retinol is the next step up for someone who’s been using a gentle retinol .25 or less and is ready to up their anti-aging game,” says Hernandez.

“Dr. Jones developed this serum, and it’s referred to as magic in a bottle,” Hernandez shares. “It contains retinoic acid, vitamins, antioxidants—it’s an essential all-in-one.”

“This clean nourishing face oil has 18 highly concentrated performance botanicals, vitamins, and minerals,” Hernandez tells us. “It’s gentle and restorative.”

“I love this retinol serum because it’s extremely gentle and packed with antioxidants and vitamin C,” Hernandez says. Next: Retinol Is Truly a Multipurpose Ingredient—Here’s How to Use It

I’m a Beauty Editor—Here Are 22 Products I Want to Buy Immediately This Week

As a beauty editor, I come in contact with hundreds of products each week in every single category of beauty. (This is not an exaggeration.) From fragrance to lipsticks to body washes to foundation to nipple butter (yep, really), my desk, car, bathroom vanity, and every crevice in between are stuffed to the gills with all things new and exciting in beauty. And yet, so too is my shopping cart.

You see, one would think that after writing and reading about beauty every day, I’d have overstimulation syndrome and want absolutely nothing to do with the stuff after hours. But that actually couldn’t be further from the truth! Yes, I have formed a jaded and ever-skeptical eye when it comes to sleuthing and vetting products, but considering there are so many amazing brands and formulas out there—all of which debut on a rapid-fire basis—I’m constantly adding things to my need-to-try-or-buy list. Many things do come across my desk, but if they don’t, or if there’s something I love (or miss!) so much I know I’ll need a restock, I pull out my wallet with a beauty-thirsty vengeance.

Each week, we’ll be sharing the special products that caught our eye and gained the most swipes from our credit cards. Ahead, the best beauty products to buy right now from all of our favorite retailers such as Sephora, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and more. Keep scrolling and happy shopping! 

Even though I’ve been sucking down water like my life depends on it, my lips have been insatiably chapped the past few weeks thanks to the slight drop in temperatures and super-dry conditions in L.A., which is why I have to have this non-scrub gel exfoliant from the lip maestros at Fresh. Simply apply a few drops to dry lips, massage, and you’re left with a smooth, pillowy pout that’s ready for your favorite balm or lip product. I hate lip scrubs, so this is the perfect alternative. 

Dermaplaning is the industry’s best-kept secret for a smooth, immediately sculpted complexion. This one is created by celebrity esthetician Kerry Benjamin and is my all-time favorite. That said, it’s time for me to trade in my old one for a new model, and I’ve got my eyes on this set that comes with her holy-grail hyaluronic acid serum (which is also infused with brightening niacinamide and exfoliating lactic acid).

BeautyStat is the most talked-about brand right now within the skincare industry, yet it’s still flying under the radar. Its vitamin C elixir sold out mere minutes after it was released on Violet Grey’s website a few months ago, but for winter, I have my eye on its newest exclusive with Violet Grey—a featherweight moisturizer that’s enriched with bio-fermented skin nutrients and a hefty dose of high-quality hyaluronic acid. 

By now you’ve probably heard of micro-needling or expensive microinfusion treatments you spend big bucks for at the derm’s office. Well, this little package of magic essentially does the same thing and comes in at less than $55. It’s a pain-free device containing 25 teeny-tiny needles that gently stamp into the skin to boost a lackluster or compromised complexion with tons of glow goodies like bioavailable vitamin C, Japanese pearl powder, organic Bulgarian rose water, and French olive oil from the monastery at Île Saint-Honorat. 

I’m obsessed with Beboe Therapies’ super-luxe face serum (it’s spiked with the most beautiful ingredients plus full-spectrum CBD), so I’m literally aching to get my hands on this rich cream. The serum makes my makeup and skin look practically poreless, so I can only imagine what will happen when I add the cream into the mix. 

Ring the alarm because everyone’s favorite French skincare brand (its face cream is an icon) just launched a new formula: a creamy, dreamy facial cleansing milk that is the answer to every winter skin woe. 

Glossier just launched a brand-new product, and if that isn’t reason enough to buy, this oil-serum hybrid basically achieves what Glossier is known for (clear, bright, ridiculously dewy skin) in one fell swoop. I need to try it ASAP, especially since it’s noncomedogenic and thus one of the few oil-packed elixirs that won’t clog my acne-prone skin. 

I’m a mascara fiend and a true connoisseur for achieving the longest, most fluttery lashes humanly possible. Thrive’s formula has already become legendary, and I still have yet to try it. It’s at the top of my wish list because the before-and-afters are legitimately insane (in the best way possible).

FYI: Benefit Cosmetics just relaunched one of its most cult-loved brow products, its amazing brow palette, Brow Zings. It has new formulas and shades and is guaranteed to fly off the shelves. So I’m picking up my a Light-Medium palette stat.

Huda Beauty is known for its seriously gorgeous (and universally flattering) shadow palettes, and the brand just debuted a trio of the prettiest nude options ever. Seriously, they’re so, so beautiful, and I need all three variations—Nude Light, Nude Medium, and Nude Rich. 

This is one of my all-time favorite cream-blush formulas, and Westman Atelier recently added a few new hues to the mix. I’ve favored Poppet for ages, but I think Minette might be my new standby for the holiday season. 

I tried and fell in love with Kosas’s Lip Fuel when it first launched but stuck to the clear formula. I love it, but I really want it in Rush, a bright peppy pink that boosts your lips with the prettiest hint of natural-looking color. 

I know gold falsies might sound insane, but I swear they’re the secret for taking a holiday makeup look from predictable to amazing. Plus, they’re Louboutin, and it simply doesn’t get chicer. These will—without a doubt—sell out right away, so I’m buying my set this weekend. 

Every makeup artist I talk to obsesses over everything from Surratt. Therefore, I need every single product from Surratt. Not only is the packaging almost painfully pretty, but the formulas are also good enough for celebs’ walks down the red carpet. As I said, I have everything on my wish list, but I’m dipping my toe in with this majestic-looking highlighter. 

I recently bleached my hair, and I need to get back into the shower-filter game. it might not be the most exciting of products, but I used to use this one from T3 religiously, and when I moved, it sadly got left behind. It made such a difference in the maintenance of my color and the softness of my hair, so I’m rebuying. 

I just featured this amazing duo in a story, but I have yet to try it. The cleanser-plus–scalp sweeper pairing is ingenious, and since I’m anticipating more flakes and scalp grossness with the onset of winter, I’m currently adding this to my Sephora cart. 

R+Co is one of my all-time favorite haircare brands, so when it releases a new product (especially one that promises glass-finish hair), I’m practically salivating. Oh, and it’s already selling out, so get your bottle fast!

Dior just launched its new 2020 Collection, and it’s stunning. That said, it’s these adorable nail polishes that caught my eye first. I’m always a proponent of glitter, but go all out come holiday season. So yes, this is my top pick right now, but there’s also a beautiful red, pink, and purple—pick your poison. 

Okay, okay. I realize a candle isn’t exactly a beauty product, per se, but this one from Boy Smells is cute AF, and the best thing I’ve smelled in maybe ages. I plan on buying it for myself and everyone else I love for the holidays. 

I’m almost always self-tanned. Thus, it’s fair to say I’ve tried almost every single product on the market. Strangely, however, I hadn’t tapped too far into Vita Liberata’s cult-loved offerings aside from the beloved Body Blur. I recently used this invisible foaming formula and was so impressed. It goes on clear (so just take your time and be thorough), but it left me with the most believable, even, and flattering color I plan on wearing all winter long. I’m buying more bottles pronto so that I’ll always be fully stocked. I’ve tried the Medium/Dark but also want to experiment with Super Dark. (Word of advice: Always use a mitt!)

Meet Ouai’s just-released Body Crèm. It smells delicious (like citrus, warm spices, rose, violet, and white musk) and is an immediate antidote to dry fall and winter skin thanks to its expert melding of cupuaçu butter, coconut oil, and squalane. Up next: The 13 Foundations Celebrity Makeup Artists Always Use on Women Over 40

How to Grow Healthy Hair and Lashes, According to an Expert

Full, bouncy hair and lengthy lashes definitely occupy top spots on our beauty wish list. We’re constantly researching the practices and products that influence growth for both, but achieving max hair and lash health is about as mysterious as attaining flawless skin. That’s why we enlisted the help of our friend and one of the best dermatologists in Los Angeles, Nancy Samolitis, MD, co-founder and medical director of Facile, to answer our burning questions about giving our hair and lashes the best chance to thrive.

Spoiler: There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. As with just about anything else in life, there are various factors that make everyone’s hair and lash growth journeys a little different. “The ability to grow hair is just as genetically programmed as hair color and texture,” Samolitis explains. “Not everyone can grow a waist-length mane, unfortunately.”

Though it feels like a bummer to see that put so plainly, Samolitis assures us that between medical evaluation, in-office treatments, and select products, we can improve both hair and lash health to encourage growth. Read on for the Q&A with the industry veteran, and shop our picks for the products that will help get the job done.

“Hair on different parts of the body is genetically programmed to only grow a certain length (thankfully!). Hormone changes are known to stimulate changes in some hair growth patterns, but supplements don’t seem to have this effect. Supplements help to maximize the health of the hair root in general, so it will only make your natural hair a bit better.”

The takeaway: Supplements can be effective, but don’t expect them to inspire hair growth in places you haven’t seen hair before.

“No. Some people are very sensitive and even severely allergic to adhesive, period.”

The takeaway: Depending on your individual concerns, skipping falsies and their sometimes irritating adhesives and using a killer mascara instead might be your best bet.

“There are several ingredients in supplements that I recommend, and these include vitamin A, vitamin D, niacinamide, and adaptogens like ashwagandha that help reduce our body’s extreme response to stress.”

The takeaway: Look for supplements containing ingredients proven to be good for the rest of your body’s stress response, too.

“Because vitamin deficiencies, illness, and stress (both physical and emotional) can take a toll on hair growth, avoiding these by practicing a healthy lifestyle to the best of your ability is my advice. If you have allergies to sulfates, preservatives, or fragrance, you should look for hair products that are free of the specific ingredient you are allergic to.”

The takeaway: There is not one particular ingredient that is harmful to hair in every person. Your dermatologist can help you diagnose symptoms connected to allergies or sensitivities that might also be getting in the way of healthy hair and lash growth. 

“Obviously, the scalp is where the hair is born and an unhealthy scalp can equal unhealthy hair. Some scalp conditions can even lead to scarring and cause permanent bald spots. If there is an obvious skin condition on the scalp including itching, flaking, redness around the follicle, pimples, etc., it is important to see a professional for appropriate diagnosis and treatment patch.”

The takeaway: Taking care of the skin surrounding the places you want hair to grow can only help your chances.

“I strongly believe that sun and environmental aging have a major effect on the hair—just like skin in sun-exposed areas. I recommend wearing a hat to protect the head from sun damage as much as possible, and I like to mix up a combination of some of my favorite skincare serums to use on my scalp nightly.”

The takeaway: Suncare isn’t just for your face! Treat your whole body, including your scalp, to the same kinds of soothing serums.

Up next, Zendaya, J.Lo, and Victoria Beckham’s favorite skincare picks are all on sale.

The One Thing 10 Celebrities Never Wear

It seems like celebrities are able to pull off just about any fashion trend. Teeny-tiny crops tops? You bet. Oversize sweaters? They manage to make them look cool instead of sloppy. Blazers? They know exactly how they should be tailored to look chic instead of corporate. For all of their experimentation with fashion trends, though, it’s clear that there are some pieces celebrities will never wear.

After studying the outfits of the most fashionable celebs, we observed some noticeable items that they habitually skip and some style rules they stick to instead. Sarah Jessica Parker favors heels over flats, much like her character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. On the other hand, Bella Hadid never wears midi dresses—instead opting for mini cuts or floor-sweeping styles. What are some of the other fashion items you’ll never spot celebs wearing? Scroll down to find out.

Much like her character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker skips flats in favor of heels. While she might wear sneakers and boots on occasion, she always opts for heels over flats.

When it comes to dresses, Bella Hadid always skips midi-length styles. Instead, she sticks to minidresses or long gowns for dressy events.

No matter what Priyanka Chopra is wearing, she always chooses pieces that highlight her waist—whether it’s a fitted blazer or a tailored dress.

Ashley Olsen tends to wear loose silhouettes—like this oversize sweater—instead of anything tight or body-conscious.

Now that Meghan Markle is a royal, she has put her distressed jeans on hold in exchange for more polished styles like these tailored pants.

You won’t see Rihanna in shrunken jackets or pieces that are super fitted. Instead, she wear oversize outerwear.

While you’ll spot seasonless prints like leopard and stripes in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s closet, you won’t see trendy patterns. Instead, she tends to stick with neutrals.

Like many celebs, Jennifer Lawrence sticks to crewneck T-shirts over other cuts.

Kendall Jenner skips low-slung denim and instead regularly steps out in high-rise fits.

For as often as Gigi Hadid wears sneakers, it’s impressive that they always look clean and new. You’ll never spot the model in worn-out or distressed pairs.

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