Jessica Biel Has Classic Style—These Are the Only Basics She Wears

Whether she’s on or off duty, it’s become apparent over the years that Jessica Biel’s style is practically the definition of classic. She certainly has fun with her looks and incorporates trends into her wardrobe each season, but at its core, her style stays true to its timelessness year after year. We’ve been watching Biel’s style evolution for years, and we get why she has such a rabid fan base of women eager to know what she’s wearing on any given day. She wears basics that you’d find in your own wardrobe, making it easy to be inspired by how she styles them. Because of this, we were inspired to sift through all of her looks from the past few years to narrow it down to the 11 basics she clearly couldn’t get dressed without.

Between her favorite denim style (any guesses?), a few staple shoe styles, and the jackets and accessories she wears with everything, there are a lot of basics to consider adding to your wardrobe here. Keep scrolling to see Biel’s favorites and shop our pick for each style.

Biel wears oversize denim jackets with everything from more denim to casual dresses. It’s the perfect jacket for her, as she spends much of her time in mild L.A. weather.

On Jessica Biel: Iro T-shirt; Levi’s jeans; Chanel shoes

Simple white leather sneakers have become Biel’s most-worn shoe style, and we can’t blame her. They truly go with everything.

On Jessica Biel: Gigi Barcelona Firenze Sunglasses ($249); Frye Ivy Low Lace Sneakers ($198)

The Jessica Biel topic we cover the most is undoubtedly her skinny-jean looks, of which there are many.

Ankle boots (her favorite cold-weather shoe style), skinny jeans, and chic outerwear make up an outfit combination Biel wears on repeat. 

Biel has frequently proven that trench coats don’t have to be boring, as this casual layered look exemplifies. 

Jessica Biel doesn’t live on denim alone. A go-to look of hers is midi-length skirts and dresses with sneakers or flats.

On Jessica Biel: Gigi Barcelona Firenza Sunglasses ($249); The Kooples Safety Pin Tee ($107); Sézane Nicole Bag ($340); Ancient Greek Sandals Clio Sandals ($185)

Additional sizes available here.

When she’s not wearing flats, Biel often opts for a pair of neutral-pointed-toe pumps to dress up her look.

On Jessica Biel: Elie Saab jumpsuit; Christian Louboutin So Kate Pointy Toe Pumps ($695)

Given that the paparazzi is constantly following her around, Biel wears hats (of every style) more often than most, but, luckily, she looks great in them.

On Jessica Biel: Tory Burch sneakers; Tory Sport Ruffle Sneakers ($228)

Jessica Biel isn’t one to try to cram all of her things into a mini bag. Oversize totes, on the other hand, are her frequent companion.

On Jessica Biel: Sunday Somewhere Yetti Sunglasses ($290); Gucci bag; Christian Louboutin shoes

When Biel wears sweats, she always pairs them with polished accessories for an elevated look.

On Jessica Biel: Gigi Barcelona Firenze Sunglasses ($249); Frye Ivy Low Lace Sneakers ($198)

+ Adidas by Stella McCartney Ess Sweatpants ($90)

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Alert: Hilary Duff Is Bringing Lizzie McGuire Back to TV

If you spent your tweens with Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda, you’re about to squeal with excitement. There may be a lot of television reboots happening these days—hello, The Hills and Gossip Girl—but I happen to believe that this news tops them all. Unlike the aforementioned shows, the Lizzie McGuire‘s number one star, Hilary Duff, is coming back for the new version. Yep, you read that correctly.

As The Hollywood Reporter revealed, the reboot will follow Lizzie as a 30-something millennial living in New York City. We imagine there might be significantly fewer headbands and bedazzled jeans this time around, but we can’t wait to see how Lizzie is doing in 2019. As THR reports, the show will stream on the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service and the show’s original creator, Terri Minsky, is coming back to serve as showrunner. Stay tuned as we learn more details. In the meantime, we highly recommend scrolling through our ranking of Lizzie’s best accessories of all time. 

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Lamborghini Unleashes Final Edition of Flagship Aventador Supercar

Lamborghini’s final edition of the Aventador is also the “most exclusive” topless version of the flagship Raging Bull. 

Unveiled last week at Pebble Beach’s Concours d’Elegance, the Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster’s very name indicates just how exclusive the Italian supercar will be: Only 63 people will have the luxury of owning one. That number honors of the Italian’ marque’s founding in 1963. 

Aside from the “SVJ 63” livery, stylish elements developed for this model in particular include a carbon fiber upper, engine cover, air vents, windshield rim and wing mirrors—all of which are available in a matte or shiny finish—as well as a new matte titanium finish on the wheel’s forged rims.

The limited colorway bleeds into the cockpit, which features carbon fiber seats swathed in a combo of gray and orange Alcantara upholstery with Q-Citura cross stitching and an embroidered “63” logo.

Beneath all of those strikingly angular lines is the same tuned-up version of Lambo’s 770-horsepower, naturally aspirated V12 that powers the “standard” SVJ Roadster.

A sprint to 62 mph still takes just under 3 seconds, and it’ll officially max out 217 mph, though Car and Driver is pretty sure that the actual top speed is even faster. 

Sadly, every Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster is already spoken for. Don’t be too bummed—the flagship’s unannounced replacement with a rumored 800 hp is on the way. 

The Godzilla Guitar Is the Loudest Way to Celebrate the King of Monsters’ 65th Birthday

ESP has created a wild new Godzilla-shaped guitar to honor the famed movie monster’s 65th birthday. 

The Tokyo-based guitar giant started with an alder wood body that was meticulously crafted to resemble the towering, city-smashing reptile as it was portrayed in 2016’s Japanese kaiju movie Shin Godzilla, complete with a shrieking, toothy mouth. 

As Robb Report notes, the eye-popping instrument boasts a 24-fret, three-piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard, Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh tuners, EMG-85 pickup, and a tail-shaped headstock. It’s based on a custom model played by Toshihiko Takamizawa, frontman for Japanese rock band The Alfee. 

When shredders really want to activate some star power, there’s a switch that activates a series of purple LED lights. The feature is meant channel the radioactive glow Godzilla gets right before it lets out a blast of havoc-wreaking “atomic breath.” 

Only five of these Godzilla Guitars will be sold for a price that’s as tall as the 393-foot lizard itself: $52,500 apiece. 

Visit the Godzilla Store online to place an order before the September 30 deadline. 

You Can Now Rent This 100-Ton Sandcastle Mansion For Overnight Stays

Vacation rentals are getting increasingly weird with massive pirate shipsgiant hot dogs and oversized tequila barrels that you can sleep in all cropping up in recent weeks. The latest oddball offering is an enormous sandcastle in Coney Island, Brooklyn, that you can rent out via

The sandcastle mansion, dubbed the “SAND-sion,” is 8 feet tall, 20 feet wide and long, and was constructed with 100 tons of sand making it the largest sand sculpture constructed in New York City, and was erected in honor of National Sandcastle Day.

Located at Luna Park in Coney Island, the sandcastle only costs $29 per night as an homage to the 29th Annual Coney Island Beach Sand Sculpture Competition, and guests staying in it will enjoy dinner for two on the Coney Island Boardwalk, sunrise beach yoga, and Luna Park VIP passes.

The sandcastle mansion will be available to book August 23 and 24, so you better act fast. Learn more right here.