Priyanka Chopra’s Perfect Outfit Will Make You Forget About Skinny Jeans

Hot off the heels of their own wonderously over-the-top wedding, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are back in India to attend Isha Ambani’s nuptials. (Ambani is the daughter of the richest man in India, by the way.) To say that Chopra and Jonas are in good company would be an understatement: none other than Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton also attended Ambani’s pre-wedding festivities yesterday.

Chopra was photographed at the airport in Udaipur wearing a simple tank top, sleek coat, and matching wide-leg pants. Her look struck the perfect balance that we try to achieve with every travel outfit: easy and comfortable yet polished. Plus, Chopra is far from the only celeb jumping on the wide-leg trend bandwagon: Margot Robbie and Gwyneth Paltrow have also been favoring wide-leg styles lately. (Meanwhile, Lucy Hale was ahead of the curve and wore anti-skinny jeans back in July.) Scroll down to see Chopra’s newest outfit and shop the trend for yourself. 

The Items French Girls Never Wear on an Airplane

When she’s not working as a journalist, It girl Sabina Socol also shares her fashion expertise in our French Girl column. Come back each month for her perspective on Parisian style.

I’ve been planning a trip to Italy with my friends for months. We’ve rented a catamaran and will be visiting the Amalfi Coast by the sea. To me, a weeklong trip on a boat needs organizing not only for restaurants and sightseeing but also in terms of style. This is actually a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and even discussing with my closest friends: How to travel while remaining chic?

I always like to observe Parisian women whenever I’m at the airport. Their travel style is so flawless and laid back at the same time. For instance, I never thought that traveling with a lot of luggage was chic, and I think it’s something that most French women would agree about. French girls at the airport look exactly the same as they would in the street. Usually, their go-to outfit is a mix of hard and soft, which includes a flattering pair of jeans, a cashmere sweater or an oversize shirt, and a well-tailored jacket, all paired up with a classic piece of luggage such as the Louis Vuitton Keepall or Longchamp Pliage Bag. That’s what I call traveling à la Parisienne!

For the airport, I used to privilege comfort over style when I was younger, especially when I took long flights. I would wear a pair of leggings, Uggs (yes, Uggs), and a comfy sweater. When I look back to that time, I wouldn’t say I regret it as it’s a time that comes with a careless attitude that I enjoyed, but I’ve definitely been trying to evolve. Now, I won’t wear comfortable clothes over stylish pieces. I try (as much as possible) to dress as I usually do. So for summertime, I wear a flowy dress or a pair of jeans with flats and a leather jacket or a sweater that I carry in my basket in case it gets chilly. Furry boots and leggings are now banned!

Traveling a lot for work lately, I noticed I hated waiting for my luggage at the airport. I also live on the fifth floor in Paris and don’t have a lift, so carry-ons are not the best option for me. I’ve been looking for a duffel bag and finally put my hands on one that’s practical and has that safari-chic vibe. In France, Longchamp bags are a chic, classic, and affordable option, even a go-to for Parisians.

The Amalfi Coast is trending on Instagram right now, as is the style that goes with it. Of course it’s tempting to adapt to the trends on Instagram, but I’m going to try to keep it low-key and stick to my usual outfits (the ones that I wear in Paris, too). Keeping in mind that I’m traveling on a boat, I forced myself to bring only essential wardrobe pieces and accessories that can be worn in several outfits.

That includes a few colorful wrap dresses, a Levi’s jean skirt, and some tops to pair with it, a pair of flat sandals and a pair of high heels, a basket bag, and a lot of swimsuits since that’s what I’m going to be wearing most of the time. Beside the swimsuits, the rest of the looks are pretty much the same as what I usually wear in Paris. Whenever I’m abroad, I can always recognize Parisian women. With just a messy bun, simply cut dresses, Repetto ballerina flats, and a relaxed attitude, they’re a little laid-back with a touch of je ne sais quoi.

Keep reading to see the travel essentials I’ll be packing for my summer getaway to the Amalfi Coast.

My all-time favorite brand for dresses! I’m just in love with everything and couldn’t bring myself to pick one color, so I actually bought this dress in three prints.
I only bring one pair of glasses, so black frames with a flirty shape are a good option. 
I rely on a staple pendant necklace. 
This is an improved version of the very classic Pliage by Longchamp that every Parisian woman has in her closet. It just never goes off-trend.
The best shape to wear with everything.
I like this ruffled number, and since it’s cotton, it can be worn as a bodysuit.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Up next, these are hands down the coolest sneakers to wear right now.

The 5 Bag Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019, According to a Celeb Stylist

The New Year is just around the corner, and you know what that means, don’t you? No, we’re not talking about resolutions (though those are important, as well). We’re actually referring to the new 2019 fashion season, which brings with it a slew of fresh trends that are officially making their way from the runway into the street style scene. Now is officially the time to invest in these staples, and first up on the list are the biggest bag trends for 2019.

To figure out which bags will be huge next year, we tapped celebrity stylist, Britt Theodora, for her expert insight. From the perfect party clutch to the sleek and practical crossbody, 2019’s accessories have something for everyone, whether you like the glitzy and sparkly or the minimalist, everyday picks. Ahead, see five bag trends predicted to be everywhere come 2019, along with Theodora’s picks.

The perfect party clutch.
Accessorize all of your looks with this cute oval bag. 
“I love this Mark Cross bag. There is something so polished about the simple square shape. “
Pick a crisp white bag to brighten up any outfit in an instant.
So cute.
“Staud has finally mastered the see-through bag without seeing everything inside. Love this bag in pink because the concept is already so playful. Why not wear a little pink?”
Go slime green with your accessories.
Or try the trendy croc-effect trend, too.
“A lot of people ask me what kind of backpack they should get for work. I love this Miansai black leather backpack. The finish of the bag is matte, which is perfect for making a sophisticated statement without feeling you look like you’re back in high school.”
This wicker bag is perfect for every occasion.
Mansur Gavriel knows how to do timeless classics.
“I love this Givenchy crossbody because if you want to wear the bag in the evening, you can store the leather straps and wear the gold chain that is draped on it as a little handle. It dresses it up for nighttime, but the crossbody leather strap is great for the day.”
We love the asymmetric flap on this one.
This one hits on two major bag trend: the top handle style as well as an elegant black crossbody.

Headed to Morocco? Here’s What to Wear

The likelihood of traveling to a warm-weather locale becomes all the greater once we hit the deep of wintertime. Amongst popular cold-season getaway destinations are a cruise (to a secret island, perhaps?), a trip to the City of Angels (Los Angeles, that is), and vacation to the breathtaking North African country of Morocco. While each boasts a warmer climate, and such, light layers and summery staples are a must-have, the packing list for every place is slightly different. There are a few things to especially keep in mind when visiting the latter, and we’ve rounded up exactly what to wear in Morocco.

Consider this your definitive Morocco packing guide. We’ve covered everything you should bring along with you, from modest summer dresses to the four pairs of shoes you definitely must pack in your suitcase. Certain things to keep in mind, though? Pick pieces that are slightly more conservative, so skip the skin-tight, body-con dresses and miniskirts, and instead, opt for flowy, flouncy dresses and pants that elegant and weather-appropriate. Ahead, shop the pieces that made it onto our Morocco packing list.

This is a great everyday pick.
This one has a good length and covers the shoulders.
An easy, elegant LBD.
For a fancy dinner.
Lightweight pants are a must.
So elegant.
The perfect pants to wear while exploring.
Chic silk pants to wear day or night.
So sleek and simple.
Pair this with black linen pants.
Go green.
For the beach.
These pair with everything.
Simple white sneakers are essential.
…As are a pair of classic booties.
Slide into these.
A backpack is the ultimate travel companion.
Go hands-free with this fun crossbody bag.
Sleek hoops to style with all your outfits.
Go bold in these.

7 Carry-On–Friendly Essentials to Pack for a Cruise

Headed on a cruise in the coming months? Then we certainly envy you. With the temperatures dropping lower every day, a warm-weather getaway via a cruise ship is the ultimate winter vacation. Ahh, the beauty of sitting poolside, sipping on Piña Coladas and fully relaxing on the water. But while the final destination is the perfect spot to unwind, actually getting there, well, that’s another story. You’ll have to go through the usual packing stress, with many cruises having a strict “one bag per person” policy.

Of course, you don’t want to lug an oversize, 50-pound suitcase on board, so it’s best to go with a carry-on bag. While the storage space is certainly more limited, a smaller travel bag will prove far more convenient in the long run. As for what to actually bring with you? We’ve curated a list of all the thing to pack in a carry-on for a cruise. Ahead, shop our selection, and get ready to sail away in style.

This perfectly doubles as a top, too.
The cutest two-piece there ever was.
Be fierce in this leopard-print one-piece.
An LBD is a must.
The prettiest jewel tone.
Wear with sandals or sneakers—your call.
So cute.
This one has subtle nautical vibes.
The perfect little white dress.
How amazing are these?
Try a pair with a super-cool heel.
Easy, effortless slides to wear day and night.
Check the pearl detailing, though.
Everyone will ask you about these.
Try a funky shape.
Meet your favorite straw bag.
Scoop this one up while it’s on sale.
Circle bags are big.
Try a pair of geometric shape earrings.
These certainly aren’t for the faint of heart.
Poppy orange earrings are perfect for a cruise.

These Watches Are Made From Rockets That Actually Went to Space

When Swiss watch company Werenbach first debuted on Kickstarter with the idea of selling “Spaceborn” watches made from pieces of actual space rockets, it may have seemed a little out there. 

The initial response was strong enough however that the company is now launching a new series of limited editions watches honoring space travel along with a proper website.

To create the “Race to Space” series as it’s known, the company painstakingly collected material from real rockets to craft the timepieces, making them truly unique. And while the whole project could easily have veered off course, becoming a mere gimmick, Werenbach’s watches are actually pretty cool.

All three models in the new collection do not merely contain trace amounts of metal of dubious origin; they’re meticulously made from the fairings or nose cones of two rockets which were used in historic missions transporting astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting high above Earth. 

Part of each watch case is in fact cut from a single section of fairing painted with the flags of ISS nations Russia, Germany and the U.S.A., while the watch dials also include bits of the very tip of the rockets themselves, making them totally unique.

While both the Russian and U.S. flags are red, white and blue – meaning the section of your watch’s case could be one of those colors or a mix of all three – the black, red and yellow German flag did not fare well in flight and so this version is all black with fairing material incorporated into the dial instead.

All of the watches are made from the rockets used to launch the famous Soyuz spacecraft, originally designed for the Soviet space program in the 1960s and still in service today ferrying astronauts to the ISS. 

The Russian watch, RTS RUS1, made from Soyuz MS-04, is limited to 99 pcs, while the American watch, RTS USA2, also made from Soyuz MS-04 is limited to 199 pieces, and the German watch, RTS GER5, made from Soyuz MS-09, is limited to 199 pieces as well. 

All are sized at 42mm with Russia and the U.S. priced at $476 apiece and Germany at $446.

The watches come on NATO straps in the colors of each country with the blacked-out German watch being the most menacing. Considering the authenticity of the rocket material – not to mention the $150 cost tag of the International Space Station itself, the single most expensive item ever created – the price seems pretty down to Earth.