Everyone Is Wearing This Shoe Style With Leggings Again

For whatever reason, leggings seem to be having a resurgence this season. In recent years, it was typical to see them paired with sneakers or a pair of slide sandals from time to time, but that’s about it. This winter, celebrities have been wearing them outside of the gym and the airport a lot more than usual, even dressing them up with chic outerwear and jewelry. And the particular shoe style that’s most often worn with jeans this time of year? Ankle boots.

Yes, you read correctly—leather ankle boots (and not just Uggs) have made their way back into celebrities’ legging outfits, many of which have heels. We’ll admit that they look very, very chic. Take Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, for example, in her long vest, athletic leggings, and black suede ankle boots this week. She clearly was not going to pilates.

Want to see more proof? Scroll for the celeb-approved legging-and–ankle-boot outfits that may encourage you to follow suit (and shop stylish leggings and ankle boots, of course).

On Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Iris von Arnim Camel Poncho Coat; Alo Extreme High-Waist Airlift Leggings ($118); Bottega Veneta necklace and Jodie Bag ($2450); Saint Laurent boots

On Emily Ratajkowski: Commission Fanny Top ($230); Wardrobe.NYC Release 03 Leggings ($260); Celine boots

On Elsa Hosk: Dior jacket; Gucci sweater; Bottega Veneta boots

Next up, 21 winter boots that are functional and stylish.

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Why The Gurkha Nicaragua Series Is The Perfect Super Bowl Cigar

Presented by Gurkha

While Cuba still enjoys a well-deserved reputation for making fine cigars, many discerning aficionados actually prefer smokes made from Nicaraguan tobacco, which often produces better cigars at much cheaper prices. The tiny nation of Nicaragua has long been renowned for its verdant fields full of top-quality tobacco, which make flavorful stogies spanning from the wonderfully smooth to the beautifully bold and spicy. 

So it’s great news that Gurkha has rolled out its first Nicaraguan Puro cigar–that’s a stogie comprised of tobaccos grown in only one country–with the Nicaragua Series. It’s produced at the Aganorsa Leaf factory in Nicaragua and consists only of pure, Aganorsa-grown tobacco. Gurkha’s Nicaragua Series is also made with a Corojo ’99 wrapper, two Corojo ’99 binders and a filler mix of Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 filler. 

The Nicaragua Series comes in four sizes: Robusto, which measures 5 inches by 52 ring gauge; Toro, 6 by 54; Belicoso, 6 1/8 by 52; and Magnum, 6 by 60. They cost anywhere from $9.75 to $10.95 each, and are available in 20-count boxes. The affordably-priced Nicaragua Series has garnered rave reviews from critics, with Cigar & Spirits magazine naming it one of the 20 best cigars of 2019.

For anyone looking to smoke a quality stogie during the Super Bowl, the medium-to-full-bodied Nicaragua Series–Gurkha’s fullest-flavored cigar made with Aganorsa Leaf–certainly fits the bill. It’s an ideal cigar to light up after scarfing pizza, wings and other hearty game day grub. It also pairs well with a fine whiskey or other spirt of your choosing, should you be celebrating (or commiserating) during the Big Game.

Gurkha also worked with Aganorsa on the Gurkha Treinta celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary, so there’s more than one Nicaraguan smoke to choose from. Visit your local cigar shop to see if either Gurkha style is in stock, and go to gurkhacigars.com for more cigars and accessories.

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Author: Chris Wilson

24 Spring Sandals That Are the Perfect Combination of Trendy and Basic

If you read the title of this story and instantly thought of the line in Crazy, Stupid, Love where Steve Carrel refers to his wife as “the perfect combination of sexy and cute,” then we should be best friends. When thinking of the best way to describe the influx of spring sandals that are starting to hit the market, the words “trendy but also cute” were the words that instantly came to mind.

Since fashion, in general, is getting a lot less frilly and a lot more practical, these wearable (you really could wear these every day) yet extremely sleek and fresh-feeling spring sandals are hitting our desire for approachable yet cool fashion right on the head.

Here, I’ve rounded up all of my favorite pairs of trendy and basic sandals on the market right now. Yes, it definitely feels a tad early to start your spring sandal shopping, but by the looks of the styles ahead, we have a feeling they are going to fly off the shelves before the temperatures even begin to rise. In other words, stock up before it’s too late.

These bad boys are already selling out. 

Sleek, wearable sandals. Also very ’90s-esque. 

Prepare to see these all over Instagram. 

This new shoe brand is going to be a major hit. Mark my words. 

Summer is calling, and it wants you to wear these shoes.

Naked sandals are really reaching new heights here. 

The more straps, the better. 

The updated version of the By Far sandal that blew up last season.

If you didn’t hop on the thong train last year, this is your time. 

You will wear these way more than you’ll care to admit. 

Knowing Zara, these won’t be in stock for long.

Fun but wearable. 

If there was ever an appropriate time to say something was “sexy,” it would be now.  

Because no, you can never have enough pairs of black sandals. 

Slide into these and you’ll be vacation-ready in seconds flat. 

These flowers are everything. 

Worth every penny. 

Orange can be a neutral if you let it. 

Honestly, every Bevza sandal is just as good as these. 

We love expensive-looking shoes that are anything but. 

Square-toes are life-changing. 

More orange. Have we convinced you yet? 

The best way to wear the mock-crock trend in the spring. 

You might want these in nude as well.  Next up, if you aren’t sick of shopping, discover the 33 coolest items this editor has seen this month. 

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5 Unconventional Ways to Style Your Leggings This Year

Fun fact: I hate wearing leggings as pants. Post-gym looks and weekend errand running aside, I personally feel that leggings should not be a part of my usual pant rotation, that is until I caught wind of these 5 recent street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week. The fashion girls dwelling (and traveling to) that city are always thinking outside of the box, sartorially at least. From innovative layering techniques to always knowing about the coolest new brands before anyone else, the street style scene in this city is pretty much my main source of inspiration. 

With that said, when I spotted a handful of these women styling leggings in ways that I actually wanted to recreate, I was quite shocked. Somehow, they managed to maintain the integrity of the leggings while also accompanying them with things that one would never normally wear with the garment such as tweed jackets, loafers, and big hair bows. Intrigued yet? Then go scroll away and get ready to shop the most innovative legging outfits of 2020. 

This is one look that I know could take you from the gym to the street without anyone knowing. The layering of the blazer underneath the leather trench adds just the elevation these sporty leggings needed to feel, well, less sporty and the loafers make the entire ensemble office-ready.

The juxtaposition of this quirky shirt with the chunky boots almost makes you forget that leggings are the real hero piece of this look. The addition of an oversized boxy blazer adds structure to the otherwise casual ensemble. 

Who said leggings had to be black? While that is certainly the most practical color option, fashion girls are beginning to opt for prints and hues of all sorts like this leopard pair. Accompanied by fellow bold accessories and an oversized vinyl shirt, this look is one none of your friends will expect.  

In case you haven’t heard, wearing your socks pulled up over your leggings is officially trending. A quilted coat is just the thing you’ll need to tone the “dad” look (i.e. the sneakers and henley) down a tad.  

Either Courtney Trop is literally wearing tights as pants or she added black socks atop her leggings. For the sake of this story, I’m choosing to see this as a sock and legging combo. Everything from the classic tweed jacket to the retro mary jane heels makes this outfit feel so fresh, but also weirdly comfortable. 

Speaking of 2020, check out the biggest spring 2020 trends, period. 

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