25 Under-$100 Summer Shoes That Are Trendy But Not Too Trendy

When it comes to any type of fashion item (whether it’s clothing, swimwear, bags, or shoes), there’s a fine line between something feeling underwhelmingly basic and overly trendy that’s often hard to get close to, let alone touch on. Luckily, as your own personal shoppers, here at Who What Wear, we’re kind of experts at it—and our namesake clothing and accessory collections reflect it, too.

That’s why—with relative ease—today I’m able to bring you a whopping twenty-five summer footwear options (including flat sandals, heels, and mules)—all of which not only hit on that perfect in-between mark of trendy but not too trendy. They also happen to cost under $100, too. In short, you can pick up a new pair for this season sans guilt, knowing you won’t get sick of it by the time next summer rolls around. To see and shop all the pretty styles for yourself, just keep scrolling.

The best thing about these blue sandals is how good they look paired with other colors.

Block-heel sandals are my go-to’s for comfortable height.

I’m very into white sandals lately, almost more than the nudes of season’s past.

Silver is another less-common neutral that actually goes with everything.

Date night in, anyone?

These barely there kitten heels will become your new go-to’s.

Every wardrobe needs one pop of pink.

For ultra long-looking legs.


It’s hard for me to resist anything in this color.

A pair of classic sandals in an of-the-moment color.

Everything looks chicer in snake print.

Swap your plastic black flip-flops for a leather-look pair.

Cross-strap mules are another comfortable option I highly recommend.

Fashion girls are all about fancy flip-flops.

The quintessential summer mules.

If you’re bored of basic ballet flats, give these a try.

The square-shaped back on these makes a subtle statement.

Buckles give slide sandals a fancy element that makes you feel like you can wear them almost anywhere.

Speaking of fancy…

These sandals have been popular with our editors and fashion girls alike.

Go-with-anything slides.

I have these in black and have been living in them over the past couple months.

Lighten up any look with this white pair.

You can never go wrong with a pair of strappy black sandals.

Next, I’m a picky shopper and this is what I’d buy from Nordstrom for summer.

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I’m French and Live in California—This Is My 7-Piece Wardrobe

If we’re looking for those effortlessly chic outfit ideas, Vanessa Oblinsky’s feed is a go-to. The French Canadian lifestyle blogger was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, and now resides in San Diego, California, with her three sons and husband. It’s that laid-back California vibe mixed with the sleek French sartorial sensibilities that makes her personal style so covetable. So on that note, we thought we’d tap Oblinsky for insight into the specific pieces she relies on to create her easy yet forward silhouettes.

Ahead, you’ll uncover the seven-piece wardrobe she swears by, complete with visual inspiration and a debriefing on why each item is a must from her point of view. And if you’re shopping at the moment, you’ll also uncover some product recommendations.

“A wardrobe staple! It’s like the chic version of a classic white T-shirt to me. A white relaxed shirt and jeans are my favorite.” — Oblinsky

“I just love them. No fuss, so easy and versatile.” — Oblinsky

“They are timeless, easy to dress up or down, and are good to have year-round.” — Oblinsky

“High-waisted denim is so flattering. I love the silhouette of an accentuated waist! And as a mom, relaxed fits are easily a top favorite.” — Oblinsky

“Higher-cut and mock-neck tops are effortlessly chic. They instantly elevate a casual outfit!” — Oblinsky

“The easiest way to elevate a casual outfit.” — Oblinsky

“I wear them year-round. They’re the perfect chic alternative to your classic blue jeans when you want to switch it up.” — Oblinsky

Next, check out how French girls are wearing denim shorts this season.

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I Was Sick of Makeup Melting Off My Oily Skin—These 14 Primers Actually Helped

Plus, the best foundations to pair them with.

We’ve talked about it before—primers are known for their relatively controversial nature. For the most part, people seem to fall into one of two camps: 100% pro primer or 100% against. Few seem to be on the fence. However, after shunning most primers for years and simply letting my oily skin have its way with my foundation (it never ended well), I got sick of my perpetually melty face and decided to dabble. The key to finding an amazing primer? Hone in on the specific formulas that cater to your particular skin type or skin concerns. And if you’re oily, certain primers are going to be a far more successful bet than others.  In general, a good rule of thumb for those with oily skin is to shop for primers specifically stating they were created with oily skin types in mind, and some other keywords and phrases to look for are “matte,” “oil-free,” “noncomedogenic,” “blurring,” etc. Although there are a few exceptions (which I will point out below), most glow- and dew-enhancing primers probably won’t bode well for anyone whose complexion goes full-on oil slick by noon. (Trust me—I’m one of those people.) To help you wade through all of your options, my fellow beauty editor Courtney Higgs and I are sharing 14 of the best primers for oily skin we’ve personally tried and recommend to people with grease-prone skin. Plus, we’ve gone a step further by sharing our favorite shine-curbing foundations said primers play especially well with. Keep scrolling! 

When I asked my fellow beauty editor Courtney Higgs to share her favorite primers for dealing with oily skin, she immediately shared this cult-classic formula from MAC Cosmetics. “This primer is great for oily skin because it’s so lightweight but super effective for evening everything out and keeping your skin balanced—it’s pretty perfect with the MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation since they’re both so light on top of the face.”

“This mattifying, oil-free primer from Fenty is very good for oily skin types,” notes Courtney. “I think it’s best paired with the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation—its filter-effect formulas go hand-in-hand and make your complexion look sooooo nice.” 

Okay, technically, this best-selling sunscreen is, indeed, a sunscreen. But the 100% invisible, featherlight gel formula grips onto your makeup just like a primer, and it helps smooth uneven skin texture all while keeping oil at bay. It plays well with every foundation I’ve paired it with, but I especially love to use it underneath Armani Beauty’s Luminous Silk Foundation for a grease-free satin finish that lasts all day or night. 

You can read my full, glowing review on this brand-new Glossier launch here, but I’m here to tell every other oily skinned person on the planet that this product is SO good for keeping grease and shine at bay. In fact, it’s almost too good, so you can definitely reach for a foundation that boosts your glow a bit. This priming-moisturizing hybrid is the new, oil-free, noncomedogenic version of the brand’s best-selling original, which may be a little too rich for those of us prone to the midday oil slick. 

I wanted to love Tatcha’s The Silk Canvas Protective Primer, the brand’s first expedition into the priming scene. But despite so many rave reviews, the heavy balm-like texture was just too thick and oily for my finicky complexion. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when the brand came out with a new, lightweight, oil-free iteration with all of the same pollution-prevention perks sans the greasy aftermath. The formula is unique thanks to its special mix of fibroin, sericin, and silk powder which work in harmony to blur the look of pores, fine lines, and any other imperfections you may be looking to camouflage. I love to apply it before this skin-refreshing foundation from Shiseido.

I have been screaming about how good this primer is for years, and I have yet to find a superior formula fit for my oily skin. If I could only use one primer for the rest of my makeup-wearing days, it would be this one. Though it might sound counterintuitive, oily skin still needs and craves hydration—just not heavy, oily, or pore-clogging hydration! This primer is enriched with algae and marine plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, kefir extract, and turmeric to keep the skin balanced, smooth, soft, and miraculously grease-free. Plus, it makes any foundation you apply afterward look even more amazing. Another longtime obsession? Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation With SPF 20.

This is another longtime cult favorite within the primer realm. It’s remained one of the all-time best oily skin primers for a reason—it’s highly effective. Oil-free, clear, and rich with skin-protecting vitamin E, it’s the perfect setup to prep your complexion for foundation and significantly minimize pores.

I’ll just say it. This is one of very few primers formulated with clean ingredients that haven’t made my skin freak out. Since so many clean skincare and makeup brands rely on oils, I’ve found many yield dastardly results when it comes to greasy aftermath. However, this one from Ren is an exception. In addition to being clean, it’s also noncomedogenic (aka, it won’t clog your pores), and it boasts tons of MVP ingredients like matte-enhancing agave, probiotics, and lactic acid. 

We don’t believe in such a thing as “perfect” skin, but if we did, this primer would get us pretty dang close (especially if we wore it underneath its strategic foundation accomplice below). As one of the most legendary makeup artists of all time, Pat McGrath delivers on this skincare-enriched primer that lends necessary hydration and glow (thanks to hyaluronic acid) and some smoothing magic courtesy of the brand’s signature Cosmetic Filler Powder, which it describes as a coated, microsphere powder designed to emulate the seamless clarity of ceramic. (Yes, like the tile.)

This primer from French beauty brand Sisley Paris is an investment but a worthy once considering how much ground it covers in the skin-enhancing category. Not only does it help out oily skin thanks to its simultaneous shine-reducing, pore-tightening powers, but it also fills and blurs fine lines and wrinkles and even diffuses the look of blemishes or pigmentation.

Trying (and loving) this radiance-boosting primer from Charlotte Tilbury officially dispelled the myth that products touting “dewiness” and “glow” don’t work for oily skin types. The name doesn’t lie—this wondrous primer curbs oil, revives dehydrated-looking skin, and lends a soft-focus aura to your complexion that’s so incredibly flattering. Worn underneath the brand’s best-selling Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation, you won’t experience a lick of grease. (Pre-pandemic, the combo survived through plenty of evening workout classes and even granted me “good skin” compliments afterward!) 

ICYMI, there’s a lot more to Beautyblender than its iconic makeup sponges. In fact, it’s a little-known fact (except among makeup artists and beauty editors) that the brand’s makeup primers, foundation, and newly released concealers are truly fantastic. I recommend this primer for oily skin since it absorbs almost instantly, has skin-protecting antioxidants and SPF, and also has a unique dry-oil consistency to ensure your skin doesn’t get too matte.

Specifically formulated to address oiliness and pores, this mattifying primer from Korean beauty–inspired brand Erborian features a beautiful fusion of white water lily (to moisturize while nixing grease), silica powder (to absorb sebum and minimize the look of pores), and light-reflecting pigments (to add a haze of radiance that doesn’t look like it’s been born from grease).

YSL touts this best-of-the-best primer for oily skin as “blotting paper in a tube,” and I have to wholeheartedly agree. Salicylic acid is the hero ingredient and goes on the offensive to control oil, nix excess shine, and even minimize the look and size of pores. Even better, if used regularly, the formula is designed to actually curb your complexion’s oil production long-term as well so your skin will look more refined even without product.

Up next, 14 Hydrating Face Primers for Glowing Skin—and the Foundations to Pair Them With

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I’m Convinced This Iconic Summer Dress Trend Will Never Go Out Of Style

There was definitely a time, oh, I’d say two years ago, when puff-sleeve prairie dresses felt new and trendy. Fast-forward to the present day, and the dress style has died down in the trend category, but as far as classic dress styles go, it’s made its way to the top. Puff-sleeve dresses are sweet and easy and, after maintaining a shelf life longer than one season, have deemed themselves rather iconic. Over the years, they have certainly evolved, making them perfect for every style type and occasion on the map. This dress style can be both casual and formal and, particularly in the summertime, proves to be the go-to for fashion girls everywhere.

Ahead, scroll through the best puff-sleeve-dress content on the internet. You can quote me on that. From images of people wearing the trend to some of the most irresistible options on the market, this story has it all. If you’re able to scroll all the way through without making a purchase, please contact me because I need a lesson from you in willpower stat.  

Proof these dresses serve just as much purpose indoors. 

There’s nothing sweeter than a yellow dress on a warm summer day. 

When you have a perfect dress like this, you really don’t need much else. 

Heading to a socially distanced picnic? Well, this outfit was basically made for the occasion. 

Puff-sleeve dresses are perfect for whenever you need to throw something on and go. Errands? Check. Outdoor brunch? Check. Walking your dog? Also, check. 

Have fun with color and choose a hat that will contrast your dress while still complementing it. 

Fashion girls love sporty sandals with frilly dresses, and this look is the perfect example as to why. 

Don’t be afraid of details beyond just the puff sleeve. This added ruching makes the dress feel 10 times more exciting. 

Bust out your knee-high boots this summer, and wear them with all your new puff-sleeve dresses. The combination is idyllic. 

Dining in has never looked so good. 

Voluminous dresses not only make for great Instagram content, but they are also extremely comfortable. 

Next up: Shop the swimsuit that just got 1.4 million likes on Hailey Bieber’s IG.

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Everything at Topshop Is on Sale, But I’m Flipping Out Over These 31 Items

There are some pretty epic sales to be had all across the internet right now, but I’m not being shy about playing favorites. Topshop’s selection has been serving up the prettiest summer trends and some solid closet staples all season long, and, well, being the shopping-oriented editor that I am, I’m jumping at the opportunity to shop the sitewide sale that just launched ahead of the holiday weekend.

I’ve had my eye on a number on really good pieces for a minute now, from the check-print dress you see in the above image to a pair of fancy flip-flops that I’m positive my summer wardrobe will benefit from. To ring in the Fourth of July, Topshop has put all of its full-priced items on sale for 15% off from now through July 6. All you need to do is drop the code HAPPY4TH at checkout and scroll through the below edit if you need a place to start.

Here’s the pretty summer dress featured in the above image.

The subtle corset-inspired seaming makes this one more special.

I’m pretty much infatuated with all denim in this stone wash.

The lace trim really takes this up a notch.

The cool trend you haven’t tried (yet).

Snag these while you can. I have a feeling they won’t be staying in stock for very long.

Dainty florals like this will always have a place in my closet.

An excellent excuse to shop in the men’s section.

The texture of this top is just wow.

I’m in love with the tie straps on this pretty dress.

The walkable sandals you’ve been looking for.

Actual zodiac knowledge not required, but any of these horoscope tees would make a great gift.

My closet is yearning for a cute and comfortable top like this.

Yes, cute lounge shorts do exist.

Wear this. with chunky sandals for an easy and on-trend outfit.

Why not have a little fun?

Cute pajamas like this are replacing all my sweats this summer.

You’d be wise to invest in a timeless blazer like this while it’s on sale.

The prettiest flats I’ve laid eyes on in a while.

I’m buying this stunning dress for the day I have an occasion to wear it.

People will assume this is a rare vintage find.

These will see you through til the fall.

The freshest way to wear classic gingham right now.

This will instantly spruce up your closet.

The textured fabric makes this look far more expensive than it really is. Shop the matching Ecru Ditsy High Leg Bikini Bottoms ($22).

Wear this as a coverup. with the above bikini.

This is how I’d wear these shorts, too.

I can’t help but be a sucker for anything with a lettuce trim.

Well, this is pretty.

Everyday is in the style name, so you just know it’s good.

Pleated shorts are the next summer trend you have to try.

In the mood for more summer sale shopping? Check out these stories:

30 Summer Essentials I Just Scored On Amazon For Even Less

65 Sale Finds That Are So Good I’m Losing My Cool

7 Summer Trends You Don’t Want to Miss From Net-a-Porter’s Epic Sale

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Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez’s Favorite Jewelry Is Finally on Sale

I always get a kick out of seeing jaw-dropping red carpet jewelry, but celebrities’ everyday pieces can be much more meaningful because they represent their true personal style. Just like the rest of us, when Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez find a piece of jewelry they love, they wear it nonstop. More often than not, these ladies are stepping out in pieces by British brand Missoma, which is hosting a rare sale right now. 

Bella Hadid’s favorite piece from the brand? The Lucy Williams Gold Entwine Front-Facing Hoops ($162), which she even wears at the beach. Although this particular style isn’t on sale, there are plenty of other worthy options. Scroll down to see how celebrities wear Missoma, and shop my favorite pieces from the brand’s new sale. 

On Bella Hadid: Melissa Simone swimsuit; Chrome Hearts sunglasses; Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Entwine Front-Facing Hoops ($162)

On Selena Gomez: Missoma Gold Axiom Chain Necklace ($214)

On Gigi Hadid: Missoma Gold Axiom Chain Necklace ($214)

Next, 33 dresses that are just as good as Zara (but cheaper)

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These Short Hairstyles Are Perfect for Women Over 50, According to the Experts

I’m really sorry to say it, but when it comes to our body, time takes its toll on just about all of it. And although we know all too well what aging does to our skin, when it comes to other areas of our beauty regimens, age is rarely factored in. From swapping in serums that tackle fine lines and wrinkles to acid treatments that work against age spots and pigmentation, products that cater to aging skin seem to be everywhere.

But what about our hair? It turns out that besides going grey, aging can affect our hair in a number of ways. From thinning to dryness, the ways in which our hair deals with getting older means that as time goes by, we may need to change up our routine. And one of the most effective ways we can do that is by trying out a new haircut.

As hair ages, it’s normal for it to become a little more difficult to style, meaning that it’s often all too appealing to chop it off. As we get older, keeping hair short comes with its benefits. Not only does it keep locks looking healthy, but it also makes increasingly difficult-to-manage strands a lot easier to deal with.

Keep scrolling for all of the expert advice and inspiration that you might need if you’re over 50 and considering going short with your hair.

As we get older, so does our hair. Over time, the rate at which our body produces melanin (the thing that gives our hair pigment) slows down and eventually may even stop altogether, causing hair to lose its color and appear grey.

Alongside the loss of pigment, grey hairs often appear wiry and dry as a result of diminishing oil production by the sebaceous glands in the hair follicle. Jonathan Soons, creative ambassador at Headmasters explains: “The ageing process changes the texture of hair so that it appears brittle, wiry and frizzy. Commonly, the longer the hair is, the more this becomes evident.”

To deal with aging hair, Soons recommends switching your products up. “Older hair can be more fragile, so use a gentle brush such as Manta ($30). To help keep grey hair fresh and remove yellow tones, I swear by Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in 1002 ($18). As well as helping with color, it also acts as a mask to keep hair super moisturised,” says Soons.

As older hair becomes gradually more difficult to deal with, many women feel that going shorter helps to minimize the upkeep. Valerie Maine, a hairstylist at Live True for Redken, reveals: “Short hair gives a feeling of a more youthful look. As you get older, your hair will sometimes thin and become weaker. Shorter hair is often easier to style and can fit in better with a busier lifestyle.”

Besides the fact that keeping hair short minimizes the appearance of age-induced damage that might be more evident with longer styles, going for the chop can also help disguise the side effects. “Short hair will often give the illusion of fuller and thicker hair and will disguise this,” says Maine.

As with any hair change, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into for before you go ahead. Of course, going short comes with the usual considerations such as whether or not your cut of choice will work with your texture and thickness. However, when it comes to going short, there are other things to consider too.

As a rule, short hair tends to have to be styled more frequently than longer hair and the general need for upkeep tends to be greater. When it comes to a short look that needs constant styling, it’s more important than ever to take the texture of your hair into account. “Consider the natural texture of your hair. If it is coarse, fine, straight, curly, etc. If you go for a style that ignores this, it will cause styling issues. Use your new short haircut to put emphasis on your favorite feature and showcase the areas you like the most. It could be your eyes, lips or cheekbones, for example,” says Soons.

If you know that you want to go short but are unsure of where to start, worry not. Keeping scrolling to discover exactly what short hairstyle is right for you along with all of the celebrity inspiration you might need.

If styling your hair is the last thing you want to think about in the morning, this low-maintenance cut could be for you. “For an older woman that has a natural curl or wave, the pixie cut is the best choice as it uses the hair’s natural pattern to create texture and volume. They are also relatively easy to style and maintain on a day to day basis,” says Maine.

Considered the queen of pixie cuts, Dame Judi Dench’s textured cut creates the illusion of thick locks.

Short, straight and iconic. Jamie Lee Curtis is forever serving timeless hair inspiration.

Ever so slightly longer than a traditional pixie cut, Ellen’s short-back-and-sides style is perfect for those who like to keep their hair regimens minimal.

If the pixie cut seems a little too much of a statement, keeping a bit more length could be the perfect answer. A longer pixie style is also a great option for those that want to create an illusion of volume. Maine explains: “Longer layers can add volume, which is ideal if your hair is thinning and falling flat. The long pixie also gives a feminine touch when paired with a sweeping fringe.” 

I’m head over heels for this swept-over style, which proves that a long pixie is one of the best cuts to create volume.

I’m not sure I could be any more obsessed with Emma Thompson’s bleached, swept-back cropped ’do. It oozes sophistication.

If you hate spending too long on your hair, this grown-out pixie style is perfect. Just a bit of styling paste is all you need.

This grown-out pixie cut is the epitome of cool. Plus, styling it out is more or less effortless.

Helen’s sweeping fringe adds the ultimate feminine touch on a longer pixie style.

Want to keep things simple? “A blunt bob keeps ends looking as fresh as possible. It can look quite quirky, a bit cool and it’s really easy to style. This style works on wavy, straight, fine, medium or thick hair, but for curly locks, go brave and cut to the jawline,” says Soons. But be warned, a blunt bob requires commitment. To keep it fresh, it’s advised that you book in for a trim every six to eight weeks.

Although we might know Iman best for having long locks, for a brief period she sported this side-parted bob—blunt but still slightly choppy to create more shape. I’m obsessed.

I just have one question for Monica Bellucci: How does she get that shine?

Okay, Sharon Stone, you win. Blow-drying a blunt bob back off the face and with serious volume is the perfect way to update a classic style.

Short, sleek, straight and fringed. Viola’s bob is just about as sophisticated as they come.

Jodie Foster demonstrates how a blunt lob provides endless styling options. Perfect for those who like to switch up their look.

For the evening, a side-parted bob with a loose curl is a super-chic option.

Break the traditional bob-haircut rules and opt for something a little cooler with this no-effort style. “For women that want to keep their length but want to add some life to their limp hair, the bob is a suitable haircut as it still gives the feeling of having long hair whilst creating volume. Shaggy Bob Cuts are very popular as they break the traditional bob haircut rules and create a more adventurous look,” says Maine.

To give your bob an edge, take it a little shorter like Cate Blanchett. Just above the jawline is usually the sweet spot.

Adding in a subtle fringe to her shaggy bob, Gayle King demonstrates perfectly how to add a classic touch to a timely style.

Ellen Barkin’s side-parted, bleach-blonde locks are igniting serious hair envy.

Shaped around the face and styled into laid-back curls, Meg Ryan’s shaggy lob (long bob) is totally timeless.

Now totally iconic, Jane Fonda’s super-layered bob might require daily styling, but I think it’s totally worth the work.

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.

Next up, these are the over-50 fashion icons with the best style.

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Hailey Bieber’s Latest Look Is a Sign of Fall Outfits to Come

What month even is it anymore? Oh yeah, July. It definitely isn’t fall, but hey, rules don’t really apply to outfits anymore, which Hailey Bieber seems to agree with. Case in point: Earlier this week, Bieber arrived at a studio in L.A. wearing an outfit that we’re definitely bookmarking for October, as it’s easy and comfortable yet just elevated enough.

The aforementioned outfit consists of a trench coat, black turtleneck, distressed jeans (denim trend alert), socks, and white sneakers—and a mask, of course. If we had to predict what outfit trend everyone will be wearing this fall, it would be exactly this. Who knows what will be happening in the world in a few months, but this casual outfit will have you prepared for many things, even if it’s just a trip to the grocery store.

Scroll to shop Bieber’s chic fall outfit, and feel free to wear it now or later.

On Hailey Bieber: Kassl Editions Faux Leather Coat ($770); Ksubi x Kendall Jenner jeans; Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Sneakers ($90)

Next up: The swimsuit trend that got 1.4 million likes on Hailey Bieber’s Instagram.

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Vizio To Launch Its First Affordable 4K OLED TVs This Fall

Vizio is finally releasing its latest lineup of 4K TVs to retailers. Consumers can look forward to high-resolution picture quality ideal for streaming and gaming, but the bigger story may be yet to come—a new and relatively affordable OLED TV set to become available in fall 2020.

Vizio’s OLEDs will come in two flavors: the pricier 65-inch and a 55-inch set for $700 less. The brand has a rep for affordability so the cost of these sounds high at first—$2,000 for the 65-incher and $1,300 for the 55—but compare that to Samsung selling just LED TVs for as much as $2,500, or LG, offering a 77-inch OLED for $4,299.

Vizio’s OLED line offers 800-nit brightness, Dolby Vision, and support for new tech innovations like high-resolution image-enhancing HDR10+ as well as HLG. Both sizes run the IQ Ultra processor, which integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximize picture clarity.

The new models also come with up-to-date SmartCast, supporting use of AirPlay, Chromecast, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and pretty much any streaming service you can name right now.

Vizio’s P-Series Quantum and Quantum X 4K UHD TVs have boosted color by 165%. They are equipped with Dolby Vision HDR. They come in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes and Quantum begins at $1,099.99, Quantum X at $1,399.99. The lower-priced 4K UHD M-Series Quantum TVs range between 50 and 70-inches and begin at $379.99, while the budget V-Series is available in 40 up to 75-inch screens starting at $229.99.

Vizio’s OLED TVs range from $1,300 to $2,000 and will be available in the fall. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can register to be notified about when they become available: vizio.com.

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Author: Steve Huff

GM Wins $214 Million Contract to Make Army Truck Based on Chevy Colorado ZR2

General Motors Defense has officially won a $214.3 million contract to build, field and sustain the Army’s new expeditionary Infantry Squad Vehicle, or ISV. 

The American automaker’s military product division joined forces with Belleville, Minnesota’s Ricardo Defense to develop an $1 million ISV prototype based on the off-road-trimmed 2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, which ultimately bested designs by OshKosh Defense and Flyer Defense. 

GM’s final ISV features 90 percent commercial off-the-shelf parts, including a Multimatic dual spool-valve dampers and Chevrolet Performance suspension. These components were previously proven when the mid-size pickup emerged as one of four vehicles out of 434 competitors to complete 11 consecutive events in the North American Best in the Desert race series. 

Propulsion comes from Chevy’s stock 186-hp, 2.8-liter Duramax turbo-diesel and six-speed automatic transmission. That pedigree likely factored into to the U.S. Army Contracting Command–Detroit Arsenal’s decision. The new ISV is light enough to be sling loaded from a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, compact enough to fit inside a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, and agile enough to transport a nine-soldier squad across a treacherous battlefield.

“The entire Ricardo team is proud to continue our work with GM Defense on the ISV contract, and to provide our infantry troops in harm’s way with this highly-capable, and much needed vehicle,” said Chet Gryczan, president of Ricardo Defense. 

“The ISV will showcase the speed at which the Army can rapidly produce, field and sustain new equipment by leveraging a proven commercially available vehicle and the global supply chain infrastructure of General Motors, supported by Ricardo.”

Assuming the Army is satisfied with 649 initial ISVs, a final order of 2,065 vehicles has been approved. 

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Author: Brandon Friederich