Lindsey Pelas Just Issued a Sexy Challenge To Odell Beckham Jr.

One of Instagram’s most famous models is flirting up a storm with the highest-paid receiver in the NFL. 

Or at least that’s what Odell Beckham Jr., who recently signed a $95 million contract extension with the New York Giants, might take away from TMZ’s recent interview with the great and powerful Lindsey Pelas.

When a reporter asked the bodacious beauty if it’s time for the 25-year-old football phenom to settle down, she said “absolutely not.” 

“I think he should play the field, on and off the field,” Pelas quipped.  

After being informed that she and Beckham both attended Louisiana State University at the same time, the paparazzo asked Pelas if she’d field an Instagram DM from him. 

“[Regarding] athlete DMs, I should be on the receiving end,” she said. “I might catch it, I’d look for it. I’m open.”

Given OBJ’s history of hanging with other lesser known Instagram bombshells like Polyxeni Ferfeli and Laura Cuenca, Pelas could very well get her wish. 

All we know is that her 7.7 million followers would probably kill to be in Beckham’s cleats right now. 

Want proof? Check out a sexy sampling from her feed here: 

Mercedes Reveals Self-Driving, Body-Swapping Van of the Future

Mercedes has created a freaky new concept van and we’re not sure if it’s undeniably awesome or disturbingly weird. So while we’re figuring that out, might as well take a look at this thing.

It’s called the VISION Urbanetics. It may never be commercially available, but it seems like the rare concept that points directly to the future of both commercial and consumer transportation.

The big thing? Interchangeable chassis. The Urbanetics chassis rests on an electric base, which can functions like a giant, self-driving hoverboard. 

That’s what we mean when referencing commercial and consumer uses. This thing can also easily function as a cargo carrier. A kind of traveling box. It looks like a giant toaster, really.

So if you owned one of these babies you could haul furniture or garbage or bodies by day then switch it up and head out with the family at night. (Don’t haul bodies.)

It’s electric and has autonomous capacity, which appears intended for the cargo function, considering that toasters rarely have windshields.

The VISION Urbanetics is intended to carry up to 12 people—meaning serious potential as the most versatile party van, ever. Mercedes envisions the vehicle with huge screens that can notify pedestrians that it won’t necessarily run them down as they cross the street.

It’s clear that Mercedes-Benz has a vision of this versatile vehicle potentially de-cluttering the roadways. It can run day and night, and has minimal need for a driver at the wheel. 

Jokes about the appearance aside, there’s something encouraging about this look at the (possibly near) future. Hopefully more manufacturers will consider following the company’s direction. 

A solution to the major traffic tie-ups that plague every major city would save a lot of lives just by preventing anger-induced strokes alone.

Motorcycle Racer Faces Lifetime Ban After Grabbing Rival’s Brake at 140 MPH

(Photo: YouTube)

This guy deserves to be banned from motorcycle racing for life. 

Romano Fenati was fired by his Marinelli Snipers team following an absolutely insane incident where he grabbed rival racer Stefano Manzi’s brake lever at 140 MPH during Sunday’s Moto2 race in San Marino, Italy.

His team made the firing announcement on Facebook Monday. 

“We can communicate that the Marinelli Snipers Team shall terminate the contract with the rider Romano Fenati, from now on, for his unsporting, dangerous and damaging conduct for the image of all,” read the team statement. 

“With extreme regret, we have to note that his irresponsible act endangered the life of another rider and can’t be apologised for in any way. The rider, from this moment, will not participate in any more races with the Marinelli Snipers team.”

But it didn’t end there. Fenati was supposed to race for for MV Agusta in Moto2 (kind of one step down from MotoGP) starting in 2019. 

On Monday, that company’s president, Giovanni Castiglioni, shared a post on Instagram that said he’ll do everything he can to stop Fenati from joining the team, calling it the “worst” and “saddest” thing he’d ever seen in a motorcycle race.

Road & Track points out it’s not the first time Fenati has faced criticism for totally unsportsmanlike conduct on the track.

Fenati published a statement apologizing for his action, calling it “a disgraceful gesture” and stating that he’s “always been a just rider” and has “never put someone else’s life in jeopardy.”

But longtime motorcycle racing fans will remember instances where Fenati punched and kicked at fellow racers at speed, including this incident from the Moto3 warm-up in Argentina in 2015 which culminated in Fenati reaching over and hitting the kill switch on Niklas Ajo’s motorcycle, forcing him to withdraw from the warmup event:

Should this guy get yet another second chance, or should be be banned for life? 

Marijuana Leads to Better and More Frequent Sex, According to Science

If you’ve ever smoked weed before, you don’t need a team of researchers to tell you that everything is better when you’re high. Food tastes better, music sounds better, and, of course, sex definitely feels better.

But even though we know this as an undeniable fact, scientists at Stanford University went ahead and conducted a study to confirm what we already know: Weed takes sex to a whole ‘nother level.

For the study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers analyzed data from a massive group of 28,176 women and 22,943 men “to elucidate whether a relation between marijuana use and sexual frequency exists using a nationally representative sample of reproductive-age men and women.”

The study found that “marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function,” and moreover, it was revealed that people who toke up daily reported having 20 percent more sex than those who don’t smoke weed.

An additional JSM-published study entitled, The Relationship Between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women, conducted at Saint Louis University in Missouri also found that weed can significantly improve things in the bedroom, Forbes reports.

In this survey, researchers polled 133 sexually-active adult women at one particular, academic ObGyn practice, during their annual check-ups. The female patients filled out a lengthy questionnaire regarding marijuana use before sex (hashtag #MUBS).

Thirty-eight women (29%) disclosed consuming cannabis prior to copulation. Of those 38 women, 68 percent reported more pleasurable sex, 16% said it ruined their sexual experience, while the remaining 16% were undecided or unaware.

The same research team later widened the scope of their survey to 289 adult MUBS women, with similar results: 65% decided it enhanced their sexual experience, 23% said it did not matter one way or the other, 9% had no significant feedback and 3% said it sabotaged their sexual experience.

So, in short, researchers reached this simple conclusion: Weed + Sex = Amazing.

However, I would personally like to make note that not all weed is equally great for sex, and some strains might actually make you more catatonic than kinky. 

So, if I may kindly offer my suggestions on three of the sexiest strains out there:

Granddaddy Purple

Generally used to relieve stress and muscle spasms, this indica strain is perfect for lowering inhibitions in the bedroom for some of the best sex you’ll ever have.

Sour Diesel

Energizing and uplifting, this sativa dominant hybrid gives you the lusty energy you need to do the do like a champ. 

Strawberry Cough

A potent sativa blend, Strawberry Cough gives you a deliciously tingly body high while giving your mood a nice boost. Just a hit or two of this, and you’ll be well on your way to weed-fueled ecstasy.


Jim Beam Repeal Batch Celebrates 85 Years of Post-Prohibition Whiskey Heritage

Jim Beam’s latest bottle celebrates 85 years of lawful whiskey making, and we’ll definitely drink to that.

The iconic distillery is launching Jim Beam Repeal Batch, an 86-proof, non-chill filtered version of their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that harkens back to full-flavored booze James B. Beam produced following the repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933, which ended Prohibition in the United States. 

A ’30s era label from the Jim Beam whiskey bottles that inspired Repeal Batch. 
Jim Beam Repeal Batch’s label. 

Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh generation master distiller, told Maxim exactly how Repeal Batch differs from their flagship bourbon. 

“Much like my great-grandfather’s recipe produced after the distillery reopened after Prohibition, Jim Beam Repeal Batch is non-chill filtered to create a fuller mouthfeel,” says Noe. 

“The lack of chill filtration, as well as the aging process, contributes to the bourbon’s unique flavor and honors the style of bourbon my family produced back in the ’30s.”

Each dram of Repeal Batch has a “light amber color along with oaky notes with light vanilla and brown spice aroma.” 

Sippers can expect “char and caramelized tones with light sweetness and a pleasant finish of sweetness, oak and char.” Sounds about right to us. 

Jim Beam Repeal Batch will be available for $17.99 at your local liquor store this September. Visit their website for further details.