20 Color-Block Dresses That Aren’t for the Faint of Heart

Are you ready to channel your inner maximalist? Before you try and tell us there isn’t a part of you that finds bold colors and prints appealing, hear us out. Instead of leaning toward your usual neutrals, give colorblock dresses a try; after all, they’re an easy way to revitalize your fall wardrobe. Don’t get us wrong: Nothing can beat a creative LBD or a cozy gray sweaterdress, but sometimes you have to switch it up. So keep your camel coats and black jackets at hand, but opt for a burst of color underneath (in small or large doses) that’ll add an eye-catching element to any ensemble. From pink-and-red combos to more subdued pastel pairings, scroll on to find a colorblocked dress with your name on it. 

Here’s to our newfound maximalistic ways!

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No Fall Outfit Is Complete Without This Accessory

One trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon? Chunky sneakers. And with fall here, we’re aiming to style this trend to its fullest potential. We’re talking about stocking up on cute affordable socks. Not the no-show kind—ones that truly pack a punch. We happen to think that no fall ensemble is complete without this accessory, and whether you’re a fan of chunky socks, love a good quirky print, or stick to the classics, there are tons of sneaker-and-socks combos that’ll elevate your outfit and make a subtle statement. Best of all, all the cute socks we’ve rounded up below ring in at under $20.

Don’t overlook this detail when you bundle up.

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15 Friendsgiving Outfits That Are Chic, Cozy, and Feast-Friendly

Holidays are the perfect excuse to go all out with your outfits. However, when it comes to Friendsgiving, you also want to be extremely comfortable: You’re definitely going to go for seconds, and mid-meal naps aren’t off the table either. So even though you’ve been dying to finally wear those sleek leather trousers (or that investment belt you finally pulled the trigger on), perhaps you should reconsider. After all, finding an outfit that’s both chic and feast-friendly is 100% possible. Below, we’ve highlighted 15 looks that hit all the right notes (and will ensure that you’re comfortable even after you dig into that second slice of pie).

Happy feasting!

20 Plaid Scarves That Will Help You Survive Fall (and Winter)

It’s hard not to think about plaid when you think about fall fashion. From coats and trousers to tops and shoes, it’s everywhere. The real closet MVPs, though? Plaid scarves. Not only do they help to gradually ease you into truly cold temperatures, but they also add personality to even the most minimalistic of looks. On the hunt for the best plaid scarves out there? We can help. We’ve rounded up the best plaid scarves—in a variety of fabrics and colors—to help you stay warm, cozy, and stylish without having to settle for predictable motifs. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong.

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