This Instagram Model Was Refused Entry To The Louvre Because Her Outfit Was Too Revealing

When it comes to visiting religious tourist attractions like churches and temples, it’s common knowledge that there’s a strict dress code.

But for normal museums? Usually not…but according to an Australian Model named Newsha Syeh, the Louvre in Paris didn’t let her in because of her outfit, even though they technically don’t have a dress code.

Apparently, Syeh was denied entry to the Louvre because of her outfit, which was a super low-cut mesh dress that showed off her ample cleavage. 

“Picasso would have loved my outfit,” she captioned a post on Instagram, showing off the very dress that stopped her from getting in.

She also posted an Instagram story saying: “Yesterday at the Louvre, I was stopped at the entrance by a guard for my outfit.

“He made the most disgusted and horrible gestures and facial expressions, swore at me to cover up, with hate filled eyes stopped me entering. I was heartbroken, because I thought the Louvre enforced this archaic rule. Turns out…it does not,” she continued.

She shared a screenshot of a Google search showing the Louvre’s dress code, which states that there is no dress code, but the Louvre’s “Visitor Regulations” page does state that it is prohibited to “wear swimsuits, or be naked, bare-chested or barefoot.”

Maybe the “bare-chested” part is what they were stopping her for? 

Speaking with Daily Mail Online, Syeh explained: “I tend to be a little rebellious with the way I dress, but I was born in a country where women would be arrested just for showing their hair, so I celebrate the freedom other countries afford me now.

“He [the guard] eventually did let us into the museum after I put on my giant coat on that very hot day, but I didn’t feel in the mood to enjoy art anymore after that. We walked straight back out and enjoyed the rest of Paris.”

After the whole fiasco, one of Syeh’s 277,000 followers commented their own Louvre adventures in which they also got turned away: 

When I visited The Louvre with my sister a few years ago. We wore winter clothes with boots and we got denied entry by security for being ‘Under dressed.’ They were so rude about it too and cussed us out until we had no choice but to walk away feeling embarrassed.

Another follower sweetly commented: “I’m sorry that happened – I think your outfit is the most beautiful thing. Biggest love!”

And I agree. I don’t know what that guard was thinking, because Syeh looks amazing. Besides, the paintings and statues in the Louvre totally show naked boobs (the statue of Aphrodite? Hello?!), so I don’t know what the big deal is.

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