Geomagnetic jerks finally reproduced and explained

The Earth’s magnetic field experiences unpredictable, rapid, and intense anomalies that are known as geomagnetic jerks. The mechanisms behind this phenomenon had remained a mystery until the recent research. Scientists have now created a computer model for these geomagnetic jerks, and provided an explanation for their appearance.

Island lizards are expert sunbathers, and researchers find it’s slowing their evolution

If you’ve ever spent some time in the Caribbean, you might have noticed that humans are not the only organisms soaking up the sun. Anoles — diminutive little tree lizards — spend much of their day shuttling in and out of shade. But, according to a new study, this behavioral ‘thermoregulation’ isn’t just affecting their body temperature. Surprisingly, it’s also slowing their evolution.

Sand tiger sharks return to shipwrecks off N.C. coast

A study reveals shipwrecks off North Carolina’s coast are important habitats for sand tiger sharks, whose population plummeted in the 1980 and 1990s. Photos taken months and even years apart by scuba divers show female sand tiger sharks returning to the same shipwrecks. The photos were uploaded to the citizen-science program Spot A Shark USA which used specialized software to ID the sharks.

Huawei’s business is doing just fine, despite US security risk accusations

Huawei on Monday said that its first quarter revenue jumped up 39 percent compared to a year ago, a sign that the Chinese company’s business continues to grow in the face of a US-led campaign meant to paint Huawei as a security risk. It was the first time Huawei released a quarterly report, according to CNBC, and the move was almost certainly intended to show that the US has failed to stunt the company’s growth.

Huawei said it had shipped 59 million phones in the first quarter and touted revenue of 179.7 billion yuan ($26.8 billion).

US intelligence officials have warned that Huawei’s network equipment — which is used by many carriers around the world — could be secretly retooled by China for espionage purposes. Washington has been…

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Fortnite is getting another Avengers crossover this week

The Avengers are coming back to Fortnite — though in what form, we don’t know just yet. Today, developer Epic teased a crossover event between the two pop culture giants, which will kick off on April 25th, a day before the conclusive Avengers: Endgame hits theaters. Right now, all we can glean about the crossover comes from a single image of a Fortnite character wielding Captain America’s shield along with the tagline “whatever it takes.”

Last year, Marvel brought Thanos to the battle royale game with a limited time mode that let players take on the role of the galaxy-conquering villain. It seems like we’ll see a similar limited time event this time around that’s possibly based around Captain America’s shield. Epic did something along…

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