© Don’t Back the Wrong Leader

(Excerpted from Mental Streams: Poems of the Heart and Soul)

History is alive
with people who have decided
to back the wrong leader.

A leader who is determined
to forsake his country’s needs
for his own greed.

This does not bode well
for the nation’s survival
as it pulls the country apart
into divisive rivalries.

It is not in people’s best interests
to continue to enable a tyrant
who will eventually fall
from the public’s grace.

Also, history will not be kind
to those who support a disgraced ruler.
When we look back into time
it won’t be just that leader
who is held in disrepute.
It will also be you.            

By Henry Lee Thomas          

PSA: Google Meet to limit meetings to 60 minutes on free plans September 30th

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google said in April it would allow unlimited-length meetings in its Google Meet video chat platform for all users until September 30th, and it looks like the company is sticking with that timeline. After September 30th, free versions of Meet will be limited to meetings no longer than 60 minutes.

“We don’t have anything to communicate regarding changes to the promo and advanced features expiring,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge in an email Friday. “If this changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.”

Under the extension, anyone with a Google account could create free meetings with up to 100 people, and with no time limit.

Also going away September 30th are access to advanced features for G Suite and G Suite for Education customers,…

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Author: Kim Lyons