13 Reasons January Jones Looks Half Her Age

We’re not sure exactly when it was that we first became fans of January Jones. Was it her most iconic role to date as Betty Draper? Or smaller “Oh my god, it’s January Jones!” roles in classic films like Love Actually circa 2003? Either way, we have major love for the actress’s quirky real-life demeanor and, of course, amazing style and beauty aesthetic. (We have dozens of screenshots on our camera rolls to prove it.) Between her practically pore-less complexion, playful approach to makeup, and super-shiny strands, we desperately want to know all her beauty secrets, especially considering she looks roughly half her 41 years.

We’re super appreciative that we’re not alone in our admiration, and Jones regularly listens to her fans’ Instagram requests by posting ample intel about her beauty routine—from the supplements she swears by to the extensive skincare rituals she credits her glowing skin to. We did some major digging (the kind of digging that takes us from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.) to compile a 13-point list featuring all of Jones’s best beauty tips, secrets, and favorite products. Keep scrolling! Ahead, 13 reasons January Jones looks half her age. 

Take a scroll through Jones’s Instagram, and you’ll immediately notice the actress has a flair for a pretty punch of pink makeup—be it on her eyes or lips. The juicy hue brightens her complexion and definitely supports her youthful glow. We’re not sure of the exact product ID here, but the latest Norvina launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills is the only palette people can talk about at the moment. 

Jones knows that SPF is only one part of the equation for ample sun protection. She’s always decked out in sun-shielding hats and sunglasses.

According to Jones, she’s always changing her mind regarding her cut and length, which not only keeps her look fresh but keeps her strands healthy and bouncy thanks to the regular trims. Plus, the A-list and beauty editors alike are obsessed with this cult-loved cream from Virtue Labs. The smell is intoxicating, and it’s an amazing fix for rough ends in between your salon appointments. 

After perusing her Instagram, we noticed she stays loyal to her skincare treatment plan and regularly visits Jason Diamond, MD, in Beverly Hills for non-surgical Diamond InstaFacials, which entail lasering, injections of platelet-rich plasma (from the patient), micro-needling, and a soothing mask to finish. 

“I just recently tried the PRP blood facial or ‘vampire facial’ by @drjasondiamond and am starting to see the results of that, it was fascinating, I’m trying to decide if it was worth the $$. I’ll let you know,” she explains in this post.

After noting she’d been sick and stressed (and healing with the help of a really great bubble bath—a theme we consistently notice on her IG), Jones touched on her gratitude and thankfulness. We’re pretty sure that kind of recognition is just as important to aging gracefully as a decadent bath bomb or bath elixir.  (BTW—we know the actress is a big fan of beauty haven Violet Grey, and the above is our favorite bath accessory from the retailer.)

We see Jones decked out in white face masks more than we do her chic swimsuits. Here’s a few we’ve spotted in her bathroom cabinets in addition to the ones she says are her current favorites (including the infamous Hanacure All-in-One Facial, $29).

“These are my current favorite masks for exfoliating and moisture,” she explains in an Instagram caption. “These change all the time depending on what my skin is needing,(factoring in weather, travel and stress).”

We love how playful Jones is when it comes to her style, and we frequently see her grid stamped with sweet barrettes, vibrant headbands, and other fun accessories we want to try ASAP.

“This is me using the @deessepro mask, I try to use it 20min/day, results are immediate,” she explains. She also shares that she holds her beauty and skincare routine really sacred and that even though her routine isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s something she really loves to do. “It’s my favorite self-care indulgence, and I find it very meditative to do masks, and I am always trying new products.”

“My face washes and a gentle exfoliator—I only wash my face at night, in the morning I splash water or spray rose water so I don’t lose the previous night’s moisture,” she shares in her IG post here. 

“These are all my fav serums which I rotate,” says Jones. “Some for a.m. some for p.m., but I use all of them daily.”

“These are the retinols from Shani Darden for every skin type (unless pregnant or nursing), Texture Reform is a tad lighter and can be used every night, I use the Retinol Reform every other night,” she explains. 

“My face oils and balms are reserved for before bedtime only, after the Active Serum or Retinol,” Jones adds.

“I stopped using lotions and instead dry brush my skin before I bathe and then use oil-based scrubs in the shower or an oil afterward,” she explains.

We love the actress’s approach to #balance. Here, she shares her dedication to glow- and health-boosting supplements like probiotics, enzymes, collagen, vitamin C, and Sakara’s Beauty and Detox Water Drops, but she’s also transparent about the joy of pairing burgers with Pilates. 

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Blazers’ Rodney Hood Suffers Torn Left Achilles vs. Lakers

Blazers forward Rodney Hood suffered a torn left Achilles tendon against the Lakers, the team announced Friday.

Blazers forward Rodney Hood has suffered a torn left Achilles tendon, the team announced.

Hood exited Friday’s game against the Lakers after suffering a non-contact, lower left leg injury nine minutes into the first quarter. He needed assistance leaving the floor and was unable to put any weight on his leg.

The Duke product re-signed with Portland in July after emerging as a key cog in the team’s Western Conference finals run last spring. Entering Friday, Hood was averaging 11.5 points, 3.5 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game in just over 30 minutes of action.

The former No. 23 pick in 2014 NBA draft is just the latest Portland player to suffer a long-term injury this season. In early November, big man Zach Collins had surgery to repair a dislocated shoulder.

The Blazers entered Friday night with a 9-13 record as they try to rebound from a slow start to the season. 

SOS—These 17 Lip Balms Will Actually Protect You From Chap City This Season

According to our beauty editors.

Finding your ultimate lip balm is kind of like finding your ultimate partner. We want a multipurpose product that can weather the storm when the going gets rough, something composed of the utmost quality, and that will never leave us hanging in Flake City. That said, when it comes to lip balms (even the “best” formulas), we’re all too often left disappointed, quickly kicking them to the curb. My beauty PIC Courtney Higgs and I have kissed a lot of frogs within the lip balm dating pool, and just in time for winter’s chap- and flake-instigating temperature drops, we’re here to set you up with our favorite very eligible lip balms. From formulas spiked with SPF and skincare-grade ingredients like hyaluronic acid to to the prettiest tubes packed with the most flattering of tints and finishes, we swear the below 17 options will do some serious battle against bitter winds and bone-dry conditions this season. Keep scrolling!

Why you’ll love it: “I’ve been wearing this $8 strawberry-flavored lip balm since high school, and it keeps my lips hydrated for a full 24 hours—no re-application necessary.” 

Why you’ll love it: “This advanced therapy version of Fresh’s cult-classic balm is one of my favorites. It goes on clear, plumps your lips, and offers an extra-strong dose of smooth, hyaluronic acid–infused hydration that lasts and lasts and lasts. It’s amazing under lipstick.”

Why you’ll love it: “This is the balm I always have with me at the airport and when I’m traveling—it delivers a slick coat of dewy, creamy nourishment and has the most addictive orange-vanilla scent.”

Why you’ll love it: “This raspberry-popsicle tinted balm from Tata Harper is one of my favorite beauty products of all time, in all categories—it hydrates, boosts lip volume, treats, and delivers the most flattering punch of juicy color.”

Why you’ll love it: “Perhaps the most iconic of any lip balm, La Mer’s signature peppermint-patty smelling balm features the brand’s trademark Miracle Broth to instantly give your lips a softer, smoother, all-around healthier feel. It’s the one I keep on my nightstand because it’s not too slippery or greasy, so I don’t feel like it gets all over my silk pillowcases like some other balms.”

Why you’ll love it: “This is the best lip-plumping balm in existence—plus, it actually keeps your lips smooth and moisturized and adjusts to the unique pH of your lips for a customized shade of pink. The shade Big-O is my fave.”

Why you’ll love it: “If you’re a fan of Nars’s cult-classic blush, you also need this shiny, peachy-pink lip blam in your life.”

Why you’ll love it: “I’m convinced Kosas makes the very best lipsticks in all the land, but I reach for these tinted balms when my lips need a little more TLC and I’m looking for a slightly more understated lip color sitch. I’m obsessed with both Rush and Pulse and am begging the brand come out with even more color options—that’s how much I adore the formula.”

Why you’ll love it: “I’m obsessed with this lip treatment balm from It Cosmetics—it’s a pH-adjusting, shade-shifting rosy hue that’s been in my makeup bag for years, and I’m convinced it is the best antidote for makeup and no-makeup days alike. Plus, it keeps lips supremely shiny, soft, and moisturized—even in the dead of winter and bitter winds and cold!”

Why you’ll love it: “I’m so damn obsessed with this iconic blam from Glossier. Untinted, the flavor called Birthday not only tastes and smells like fluffy Funfetti sheet cake, it also has the prettiest flecks of glitter and shimmer without looking tacky or like you’re trying too hard. I love layering it underneath and on top of my favorite lipsticks.”

Why you’ll love it: “Literally every single celebrity and makeup artists is obsessed with Dr. PawPaw. The brand makes a number of lip formulas, but this adjusting peachy-pink shade of lip balm is my favorite—it’s $7, and you can even use it on your cheeks for a sweet flush of color that also banishes chap and windburn.” 

Why you’ll love it: “This Parisian lip twist from Sisley is another one of my favorite makeup products of all time and across all categories. The colors are divine, the finish is glossy and hydrating, and they’re just the all-around perfect lip balm. I’ve hoarded quite a few of the colors over the years, but this bright shade of coral is a standout. Or, if you don’t want so much tint, there are also nude and super-sheer pink options.” 

Why you’ll love it: “I agree with Erin, this salve is wonderful. It’s nice and thick without being sticky and actually leaves your lips feeling hydrated instead of just greasy. I can’t remember what life was like before BDC, but I can only imagine that I was living a perpetually parch-lipped existence.” 

Why you’ll love it: “This naturally derived overnight mask stays put on your lips no matter how much tossing and turning you do throughout the night. I love waking up with soft, hydrated lips.”

Why you’ll love it: “This velvety smooth lip conditioner is the perfect companion to keep on hand when you’re on the go because it doesn’t require any fingertips for application. It’s super light and refreshing. Once you swipe it on, there’s no fussing to keep hair from getting stuck in it.”

Why you’ll love it: “You never think about the possibility of your lips getting sunburnt, until your lips get sunburnt. It’s no fun, and this SPF 30 balm makes sure that never happens.”

Why you’ll love it: “This tried-and-true ointment can be used to treat dry skin anywhere on the body, including lips. No frills here, but it gets the job done.” Up next: The 9 Best Lipsticks, According to Mindy Kaling

11 Perfumes Every Fashion Girl Will Be Wearing This Winter

Winter is near, and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Not only is the season chock-full of holidays, but the cooler temperature lends itself to new opportunities for layering coats, scarves, and boots to our heart’s content. Another wardrobe component that gets extra consideration during the equinox is our perfume choice. After all, we’ll need scents that won’t get smothered under all those clothes, and, of course, that smell as chic as we look.

Just in time for the turn of the season, we hit up some of our most fashionable friends to get their hot takes on the olfactory goodness they’re already loving for winter. From woodsy scents to intricate florals, and even some unexpected scent cocktails, our trusty clique gave us the lowdown on the perfumes they’ll be spritzing until the L.A. rain goes away.

Ahead, find the 11 that made the cut and where to get them.

“I never felt that I found ‘my’ scent until I tried Le Labo’s AnOther13. It’s an exclusive fragrance that the perfumery collaborated on with AnOther Magazine, and, as the two put it, it’s both hypnotizing and utterly unique. Rich notes of musk balance lighter hints of jasmine along with 12 other ingredients that are forever a mystery to me. It’s the perfect everyday fragrance for someone like me who prefers something a little deeper, and I love that the oil-based formula is more concentrated than most, so a single spritz is all you need.”

Leave it to Craig, who you might know as Bag Snob online, to get creative and blend two fragrances together to create her signature scent. She loves Kai gardenia oil mixed with Le Labo Lys 41.

“Kai gardenia oil is sweet, and Le Labo Lys 41 is has a white floral musk, which is a great balance,” she shared.

“Portrait of a Lady is my go-to scent for fall and winter. The fragrance is sophisticated, sensuous, and alluring all at once. It pairs perfectly with a red lip and elevates a dark fall wardrobe. The top note is an evocative oriental rose that perfectly captures glamour and mystery. It’s entirely irresistible.”

“I’m currently crushing on Acqua di Colonia Cinquanta by Italian scent specialists, Santa Maria Novella. The fragrance takes me back to a golden era of luxury perfumes. I love the combination of floral and woodsy notes.”

“I should say Dior, but I love this line called Eight & Bob,” Dello Joio told me. Her favorite scent from the brand is a complex blend of bergamot, néroli, and petitgrain inspired by the Carribean island it’s named for.

“Not only is this perfume bottle ultra chic, but it actually smells incredible. I’d be lying if I said I had never purchased a perfume solely because I like the bottle and the way it looked on my dresser, but this one really checks all the boxes. As someone who has been wearing Chanel Chance basically my entire life, it takes a lot for me to jump ship scent-wise, but Gucci Bloom is the one that did it for me. It has a floral scent without being too sweet and actually smells better the more it sits on your skin. Even though the bottle has total spring vibes, this is one perfume you can wear year-round, hands down.”

“I was originally looking for scents for my boyfriend. I love how unisex it can be and how it smells completely different on him than it does on me. Sharing is always caring.”

“I Love Chanel Coco, It’s sexual, mysterious, and intelligent. I feel powerful when I wear it.”

Ibrahim is a busy lady, so it’s no surprise that she likes the switch up her scent for daytime meetings versus evening events. “The Gucci Mémoire I love during the day because it’s light, airy, delicate, and not overpowering. It’s one of those scents that’s faint, but when you walk past someone they’d ever so sweetly notice it.”

“Dior Pure Poison I love for the evening because it’s a little dark and a little intense. It’s like my sexy smell–that liquid confidence you spray on before you leave the house.”. Up next, 13 drugstore BB creams that will trick everyone into thinking you have perfect skin.

9 Expensive-Looking Winter Outfits to Wear With Jeans

I honestly don’t know what we’d all wear in the winter if denim ceased to exist. It’s simply essential, and it’s the perfect match for all of those winter-friendly items like coats, sweaters, and boots. It’s also universally loved, so there’s a steady stream of examples of stylish women wearing incredible winter outfits with jeans. 

Even though jeans are the most basic of basics and can be very affordable, they needn’t actually look cheap. I scoured street style from the past year in search of the winter jeans outfits that look ultra-expensive, thanks to a smart styling trick here and there. What does or doesn’t make an outfit look expensive isn’t a scientifically proven fact, but I have a well-trained eye for these sorts of things, so keep scrolling to learn 9 tricks of the trade and shop the looks.

Unlike real fur, good faux fur can often be quite inexpensive, but it does wonders for dressing jeans up and making them look luxe.

A puffer is a cold-weather essential, and if you want the chicest-looking winter outfit, opt for a black one that’s a bit elevated.

A neutral-colored wool coat with jeans of any wash is an expensive-looking combination you can wear every single day during winter.

The layered sweater look is huge right now, and it makes jeans look so chic. If you want to DIY it, simply purchase two of the same sweater (even better if they’re affordable) and drape away.

Yes, you can wear a coat and a blazer together, and it looks damn expensive.

Wearing a pretty embellished sweater with jeans is a no-brainer way to make your jeans look fancy and luxe.

Leather (or faux leather) is magic when it comes to elevating denim. Truly a match made in heaven.

Turtlenecks have a way of making any outfit feel more elegant. And luckily, they’ll keep you nice and toasty.

Choose a coat made of something like vegan leather and even with the casual combination of jeans, sneakers, and a puffer, your outfit will look decidedly rich.

Next up, 28 sweaters, jeans, coats, and shoes I’d buy even if they weren’t on sale.

Utah Crumbles in Pac-12 Title as ‘Conference of Champions’ Again Misses Playoff

The No. 5 Utes had a clear path to the College Football Playoff. Instead, they faltered Friday vs. Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game.

The Pac-12 cannot have nice things.

That’s the dispatch Friday night from Santa Clara, where the conference ate its own. The Pac-12 watched its championship game turn into a College Football Playoff elimination game. Utah, the shining hope of a downtrodden league, played the first half with the poise of a herd of panicked wildebeest in a 37-15 loss to Oregon.

And so the weakest of the Power Five conferences will miss the playoff for the third straight season, and for the fourth time in the six years of the playoff’s existence. No other Power Five league has missed the playoff more than twice. It is a major problem for the Pac-12, without an easy solution in sight.

This playoff snub was the cruelest yet for the West Coast. In the previous two seasons, the Pac-12 was eliminated from consideration weeks ahead of the championship game. This time, the Utes were exactly where they needed to be with one game to go.

The committee slotted Utah in fifth. With No. 4 Georgia a significant underdog against No. 2 LSU Saturday in the Southeastern Conference title game, the path was there. Beat Oregon and play well while doing it, watch the Tigers take out the Bulldogs, then win the resume contest with Oklahoma or Baylor—whichever wins the Big 12 at 12-1.

Except the Utes fell apart. They wilted under the bright lights of playoff pressure.

This outcome would seemingly gift-wrap a playoff bid for the Big 12, provided LSU beats Georgia. It also relieves the pressure on the committee to make a hard decision.

Under Kyle Whittingham, Utah has been consistently very good but resistant to being great. He’s a defensive coach who has rarely fielded a truly explosive and innovative offense, despite shuffling through coordinators at a high rate. Being shut out for the first 34 minutes Friday night only reinforced the fact that the Utes are not a playoff-quality program offensively.

But here’s the other big takeaway from the night: it was Oregon that truly blew its opportunity this year, not Utah. The Ducks were the better team, but the Ducks made two crucial mistakes this season:

  • They scheduled Auburn.
  • They lost to Auburn.

If Oregon had taken the cautious route and gone with, say, a home game against BYU instead of playing the Tigers in Arlington, Texas, it would have been a one-loss team at this point. And this is the point which makes college football maddening in its approach to deciding its champions—scheduling safely has its rewards, because so much is still predicated on the number of losses for each team.

Undefeated is best. One loss is second-best. Two losses is elimination. That’s the playoff history, and before that the history of poll voting since the dawn of time.

But even playing that high-risk game against Auburn, the Ducks had it and let it get away.

They never trailed until nine seconds remained, when Auburn quarterback Bo Nix threw a surprising downfield pass into the end zone that Seth Williams came up with. With 20 minutes left to play in that game, Oregon led by 15 points, then failed to finish.

Oregon’s other loss was at Arizona State Nov. 23, and that was one where the Ducks failed to fire all game. They trailed 24-7 before scrapping back into it, but a victory would have been larceny. Quarterback Justin Herbert picked a very bad day for his only two-interception game of the season.

Oregon showed both how good and how flawed it is Friday night. The Ducks dominated the Utes, but still should have won by more than they did. Penalties, dropped passes and some curious misreads by Herbert kept this from being a complete blowout.

But for Utah and the Pac-12, it was plenty bad enough. This was a game the Utes needed to not only win, but to look good winning. Instead, they looked terrible losing.

And once again, the self-proclaimed Conference of Champions is left out of the championship.

Weekend Fashion Tips (And Our Favorite Loungewear Styles For Leaving the House In)

Monday to Friday are a grind all their own, but now it feels like even weekends require a warrior mentality, what with all the errand-running, kid-shuttling, wine-drinking and other garden variety self-caring that has to be stuffed into 48 fleeting hours.

Loungewear is there to save lazy Saturdays and Sundays from total fashion oblivion by stylishly taking you from AM coffee to PM nightcap and everything you fit in between.

We asked Bare Necessities buyer Melissa McDonald for her best advice on how to leave the house feeling snuggly, but never sloppy.

5 casual weekend fashion tips for any style:

  1. Keep it simple: “Look for solid colors or quiet prints, cozy textures and fashion details like buttons or contrasting trim,” Melissa advises.
  2. Match your separates: “Intentional coordination is the key to looking polished,” she says.
  3. Find the right fit: “Of course you want the silhouette to be roomy and comfy, but anything too big and slouchy can look messy.”
  4. Take a few minutes for hair and makeup: “Ward off the ‘leaving the house in pajamas’ effect by doing a shortened version of your weekday beauty routine.”
  5. Boot up: “Wear athleisure and loungewear with cool sneakers or Ugg boots; leave actual slippers at the door.”


Barefoot Dreams Boucle Hooded Cardi: You may not be able to wear a bathrobe out in public, but you can definitely wear this opulent open-front sweater, which is probably the better idea anyway. Besides the ridiculously plush knit this brand is renowned for, a hood and deep pockets also make it ideal for dashing out.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Ultra Lite Cardi: This so-soft blend looks like a designer cardigan; patch pockets and that luxe Sand Dune shade take it to the next level. With a hem that’s shorter in front than in the back, it drapes not only beautifully but flatteringly over the hips and tush.

Ugg Judith Knit Plush Long Cardigan: Inching closer to the jacket end of the spectrum, you’ll find this substantial knee-length duster with a hood and button that smoothly pulls a whole look together (or at least covers whatever you threw on underneath). Coming from Ugg, you already know the comfort and warmth it’ll deliver.

P.J. Salvage Cozy Fleece Cardigan: The innerwear/outerwear mash-up of a bed jacket and a teddybear coat, this cardigan’s shawl collar and button front let you swap it in for your usual weekend fleece zip-up for a softer, sweeter chill-busting layer.


DKNY Cozy Up Fleece Lounge Set: For a two-piece set that feels like a million and doesn’t cost a fortune, DKNY gets it exactly right. You can add any tee or tank under the open-front fleece cardigan, pull on the stretchy fleece leggings and a pair of white sneaks or black boots and go where you want to go, do what you want to do.

Flora Nikrooz Genna Cozy Knit Pajama Set: A lot of our favorite bloggers fell in love with this one. Sure, it looks like that perfect paragon of comfort—the crewneck sweatshirt and sweatpants—but it’s so far above and beyond it as to defy any comparison. The pants are the right amount of roomy, and the floral embroidery is so prettily unexpected.

Kate Spade New York Velour Jogger Pajama Set: The sweatsuit instantly becomes stylish with the addition of black cuffs, an ever-so-slightly fitted cut and, not least of all, a well-executed modern animal print. Just add trainers.

Pour Moi Velour Lounge Set: Understated is always the smart way to play a trend, as this solid black set proves. The easy-wearing flow of both the boat-neck top and the wide-leg drawstring pants show off the supremely soft fabric’s good looks and feels.


PJ Harlow Izzy Terry Lounge Shirt and Blair Knit Lounge Pants: You could put the satin-trimmed sweatshirt with either the cool racing stripe pants, jeans or leggings for a comfy day-off outfit you’d be more than happy to run into an acquaintance in.

P.J. Salvage Peachy Waffle Knit Turtleneck Lounge Top and Jogger Pants: Thermals are the best because they keep you warm without bulkiness. This one gets dressed up with a cowl-meets-turtleneck top and drawstring side-pocket pants. Both pieces offer loads of mix-and-match potential.

P.J. Salvage Peachy Knit Jersey Lounge Top and Knit Joggers: Buttery soft. Deep V-neck. Eye-catching, mood-elevating color. These two pieces right here are what to wear on a plane, to the grocery store, to breakfast…the list goes on.

P.J. Salvage Sweater Knit Cozy Pajama Top and Sweater Knit Cozy Jogger: If full-on magenta isn’t for you, then this version of the same idea is the way to go. Subtle pops of pink at the neck, sleeves, waist and ankles take quiet gray someplace special. You could without a doubt wear the sweater to work Monday morning, and no one would ever know you wore it to bed Sunday night.

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The Most Comfortable and Cozy Sleepwear To End The Decade In

The depths of winter are the perfect time to double down on sumptuous, decadent fabrics in the form of comfy, cozy sleepwear.

We dug into our extensive women’s sleepwear collection with Bare Necessities buyer Melissa McDonald and came up with the most wonderful, feel-good, keep-you-warm, lounging-around layers. In fabrics as toasty as they are trendy, cashmere to velvet, a holiday staycation or New Year’s Eve fête at home never sounded more fabulous.

For the Love of Flannel
If you love the toasty feeling of a thick flannel button-down shirt on a chilly day, why not try it at night? Because it’s cotton, it’s breathable; because it’s woven, it’s extra warm; because the fibers have been brushed out, it’s supremely soft.

Lauren Ralph Lauren really excels at these tailored plaid flannel pajamas, and they come in a set (we find the length of the tops to be particularly generous and flattering) or as a nightgown, like the one shown here.

P.J. Salvage also makes excellent flannel pajama sets, in decidedly more humorous designs (“Coffee is Life,” “Meow & Furever”) that are extremely well made—note the details like the embroidered puns on the cuff.

Fluffy Chenille
Here’s a little trivia for you: chenille is the French word for ‘caterpillar’—the fabric actually takes its name from the fluffy critters it’s supposed to resemble. Butterflies and bugs aside for the moment, we really like chenille for its extreme softness, which is matched only by its durability.

That’s why it makes for such awesome winter socks, like Hue Chenille Boot Socks, Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Heathered Plush Socks and the Ugg Cozy Sparkle Sock Gift Set.

Also look for it in loungewear, as in the Ugg Fremont Fluffy Knit Cardigan (as shown), which can stay in as happily as it could go out.

Chic Cashmere
What’s finer, stronger, softer and more insulating than wool? There is no riddle to unravel; it’s cashmere.

Starting with the great pashmina epidemic of 1996, the luxurious fabric has started to become more coveted and accessible. Made from the fleecy under layer of a few goats once only found up in the Himalayas, cashmere now comes in a wider range of quality and prices than ever before.

The very best stuff is fine yet thick (two- or three-ply), made of long fibers to resist pilling. When it comes to innerwear, the very best brand is Arlotta (look into this splurge-tastic ankle-length robe for someone who’s been on their very best behavior this year).

Ultra Soft Shearling & Sherpa
Shearling is tanned sheepskin; sherpa mimics that look and texture using synthetics. Whether you want the real deal or a vegan version, there’s something snuggly waiting here with your name on it.

Ugg is undisputedly the leading shearling brand for shearling boots and slippers (the Fluff Yeah Slides shown are the hot new silhouette for the holidays).

The sheepish Hue Plush Sheep Bootie Slipper Socks are perfectly plush—and more than a little adorable—for padding around the house.

The Virtues of Velvet
Some fabrics only get to come out once a year; winter is velvet’s time to shine. The short, smooth, densely packed pile is what gives it its distinctive plushness, and whether it’s made from silk or synthetics, velvet should always have that great sheen to it. For day, stretchy Commando Perfect Control Velvet Leggings hit the right seasonal note in both classic black and versatile olive green.

For sleepy time, you’re only going to want to wear the Lauren Ralph Lauren Velvet Pajama Set (see photo), Donna Karan Lux Dream Velvet Joggers and Lounge Top, the N Natori Lush Velvet Pajama Set and N Natori Lush Velvet Caftan from now until Leap Year.

What sleepwear fabric gives you all the feels? Let us know in the comments!

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The Stress-Busting Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

As soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are stacked in the sink, it’s gift-getting game on with a seemingly endless list of people who deserve perfect presents.

This is the year to ask Santa for your sanity back.

So light a lavender candle, crack open a dark chocolate bar and peruse our expertly curated Holiday Gift Shop, our Black Friday lingerie deals or any of the suggestions below, and treat yourself and everyone you love to a very Zen holiday season.

Ready to Gift
Just about all of the holiday offerings from some of our favorite innerwear designers come nicely banded or be-ribboned. You can put them inside a festive gift bag, prop them under the tree, wrap in cellophane or even hand out as is.

Spoil the ladies in your life with pairs of sleek, soft pajamas in contrasting neutral shades you know they’re going to love. Everything Barefoot Dreams makes feels like newborn baby clouds; the Barefoot Dreams Luxe Milk Jersey Piped Modal Pajama Set is no exception.

The next best thing to a spa day: the P.J. Salvage Spaw Day Flannel PJ Set. Swaddle yourself or someone you love in pink flannel jammies with adorable dog doodles. (For the win, pair with a gift certificate to an actual spa.)

If the tutti frutti shades of the Kate Spade New York Brushed Twill Striped Pajama Set don’t make you instantly drop your shoulders and smile, then consider getting to yoga sooner than later.

And should your idea of a perfect winter’s night involve a crackling fireplace, a hot toddy and a good novel, then the Lauren Ralph Lauren Brushed Twill Pajama Set is your outfit. Go for understated gray or any number of plaids.

Presents They Won’t Buy Themselves
The family pajamas trend has been going strong the last few years and will no doubt press on. If you know a family—or are in one—that hasn’t tried the matchy-matchy thing for holiday photos or a morning of opening presents, then get a set of Karen Neuburger fleece family pajamas, in plaid (see up top), checks or candy-cane stripes. (Don’t forget the dog!)

Also, slippers. When if not now is the season to pick up extravagant pairs? Once you’ve felt the cozy warmth of padding around the house on a cold morning wearing UGG, Arlotta, Acorn, P.J. Salvage or Lauren Ralph Lauren slippers, there’s no going back.

Another present that surely would be appreciated: elevated loungewear by the likes of PJ Harlow and Flora Nikrooz. Because while everyone has pajamas, not everyone has decent lounge attire.

Finally, for the trend-followers you run with, think fashion leggings from Spanx and Commando. In velvet, designer denim, faux leather and high-shine patent, not only are they flatteringly shaping, they’re extremely chic and useful.

Stocking Stuffers
Just when you think the list is all done, don’t let the extras be your downfall. Load up on warm and witty socks for Christmas and Hanukkah by Hot Sox (how can anybody resist a good “Feliz Naughty Dogs” or a “Knish Me, I’m Jewish” pun?). There’s also plush, posh Barefoot Dreams socks, fine Falke footwear, pretty yet practical Smartwool pairs and the signature styles of Ralph Lauren.

Best seller Hanky Panky always comes through this time of year with ever-so-slightly splurgy treats that feel good to give, to receive and to wear. Choose from lots of bottoms all bundled with care, like Twinkle Lights, the gilded Gift Wrap motif, patchwork Plaidness and flowery Mistletoe.

Of course, stress relief takes myriad forms, one of them involving a sexy holiday something. There’s everything from classic teddies in reds and greens to satin Santa sets and flirty skirted G-strings, all of which make for an exciting new gift-giving direction.

Should none of the above do the trick, find salvation in the ease of a gift card—all the time you save searching can be cashed in on a well-earned bubble bath.

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