Sources: Russell joining GSW, Iguodala to Grizz

The Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets have agreed on a sign-and-trade that will send point guard D’Angelo Russell to the Warriors, who will send Andre Iguodala to the Memphis Grizzlies, league sources told ESPN.

The Pros and Cons of Every Type of Engagement Ring Cut

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on an engagement ring. There’s metal color, setting, diamond carat, and last but not least, the cut. Unless you’re GIA certified in diamonds or gemstones, it’s nearly impossible to be able to know all the intricacies of each engagement ring cut. You’re probably familiar with the heavy hitters like round, emerald, and oval, but when it comes to the princess, cushion, and radiant cuts of the world, now that’s where it gets a little dicey. Since I’m no diamond expert myself, although I would love to be, I reached out to one of my favorite jewelry designers, Octavia Zamagias of Octavia Elizabeth Jewelry, to give me the low-down on the pros and cons of every type of engagement ring cut. So before you set your heart on one specific cut, be sure to read up on the good and the bad when it comes to all the engagement ring world has to offer.

Pro: Elongates the finger 

“This shape diamond is most popular with Octavia Elizabeth clients. The oval is classic and yet unique. One pro is that since this shape is essentially a modified round, it has similar brilliance to a round cut and bonus—they look larger than rounds and elongate a woman’s finger!”

Con: The bow-tie effect 

“The con is the infamous bow-tie effect. The bow-tie effect can be seen in the center of the diamond, and it literally looks like a man’s bow tie. It’s caused by uneven light distribution and not enough depth. Usually, with stones I like to find a large table ‘spread’ so we can maximize the amount of diamond we see on a person’s finger, but with an oval, you need to make sure that the diamond has more depth, thus minimizing the bow-tie.’ Of course, if you don’t mind the bow-tie, you can often get away with an even larger carat weight without added costs. Keep in mind that with ovals, you can’t see if a stone has a bow-tie based on a grading report. Your jeweler needs to examine the stone in person from all angles.”

Pros: Elongates the finger and looks bigger than round cuts

“This is a personal favorite and the second most sought-after OE engagement ring shape (the first is oval). The emerald cut diamond is a step-cut faceted stone, and it doesn’t offer the sparkle many people associate with a diamond. This is neither a pro nor a con, as with all shapes of diamonds, it’s a personal preference. A pro is that it elongates the finger and can appear larger than its round counterparts. For example, an average 1-carat emerald-cut diamond measures 7-by-5 millimeters. An average 1-carat round measures 6.5 millimeters.”

Con: Prone to showing imperfections

“The con of the emerald cut is that the quality can’t be disguised as easily as a brilliant-cut diamond. Imperfections can be seen more easily in this stone, which can often be seen through like a window. Furthermore, emerald cuts can have the appearance of a black area if they’re not cut well. A good jeweler will make sure that the cut of your emerald-cut diamond [has] a grading report and inspect the diamond in person from various angles.”

Pro: Masks imperfections well

“Combining a round brilliant and a marquise, you get the pear-shaped diamond. It’s an elegant option, but with a personality. The pros and cons of this style are similar to that of the oval—its brilliance can mask color and imperfections well. Like the oval, the pear elongates your finger.”

Cons: Point can chip; bow-tie effect

“The downside is that there can be a bow-tie effect, and additionally, its sharp point can chip like the princess-cut diamond. This can be remedied by a V-tip-prong setting style or the wearer being extra careful.”

Pro: Has the most sparkle

“The round diamond has the most sparkle or what we diamond people call ‘brilliance’ of all the shapes. Additionally, because a round diamond has such a beautiful brilliance, you can hide flaws and mask color more with this shape.”

Con: Higher price tag

“The most popular and widely worn diamond shape is the round. A pro, right? Not quite… As the most sought-after, it demands a bit more of a price tag and is the most expensive shape.”

Pro: Higher crown = more brilliant

“The Asscher can be thought of as the emerald cut’s sibling. Though still considered a step-cut faceted diamond, it has a smaller table and higher crown, making it appear to be more brilliant than the emerald cut—a pro!”

Con: Can look smaller than other cuts

“The cons of this shape are that its table is often small and the depth of the asscher cut diamond is where the majority of its carat weight is held. The same buying guidelines apply for this shape as the emerald cut. The reason this is a con is that the “table” is the actual surface you see when setting the stone in a ring. The surface measurements of an asscher are smaller than other stone shapes of equal carat size. The majority of the weight of an asscher is in its depth. Bottom line—you need to be okay with a smaller looking stone or be able to afford the larger carat size to get a look that you’d like. “

Pro: Lots of sparkle

“A great choice for those who love the shape of an emerald- or Asscher-cut diamond, but not the step-cut facets. This diamond has unique faceting that lends itself well to someone looking for the sparkle of a brilliant-cut diamond.”

Con: High price tag

“The con of this style is that it can be more expensive because more raw material is lost when cutting this shape.”

Price includes setting only. 

Pro: Largest-looking

“Hands down the largest-looking diamond, in comparison to other shapes of the same carat weight. It elongates and slenderizes a finger, and has the largest surface area in comparison to any other shape. Like an oval and pear shape, marquise diamonds can hide imperfections well.”

Con: Chips easily

“Neither a pro nor con, but it’s worth pointing out that this shape is either loved or hated. If your partner has not mentioned this shape before, it’s best to stay away and not go with this one for a true surprise engagement! Its pointed tips can chip, and it’s best to set this style in a bezel or V-tip.”

Pro: Very sparkly 

“Second to round diamonds in brilliance or sparkle is the princess cut. Like the round diamond, these diamonds can hide flaws and mask color better than other shapes.”

Con: Corners can chip

“The con of this style is that its sharp corners can chip. This style is best when set in a bezel to protect the stone.”

Pro: Less expensive 

“The cushion cut or ‘pillow cut,’ as I call it, is a beautiful, romantic shape that’s less harsh than your square, precise princess cut. Pros—it’s one of the least-expensive shapes, and when you work with a good jeweler like myself and someone who’s familiar with this cut, you can get a gorgeous stone at a very fair price.”

Con: Tend to be poorly cut 

“Cons of this shape are that they tend to be poorly cut and are therefore not known for their brilliance.”

Pros: Sparkly; hides imperfections well

“An option for the true romantic. If you’re after a heart-shaped diamond, I suggest viewing three side by side in person or with the help of a great video from your jeweler. The proportions of this stone can make the heart shape appear thin, fat, or just right. The majority of diamonds are cut to maximize carat weight, and beauty can come second. The pro of this diamond shape is that it’ll sparkle and can hide imperfections like other brilliant-cut diamonds.”

Con: Shape can get lost

“The cons are that the actual shape of this diamond can vary a lot, and you should shoot for a .75-carat heart-shaped diamond or larger so that the shape is not lost and apparent.”

Prince includes setting only.

Prince includes setting only. Next up, discover 15 fresh ways to style the #1 shoe style of the summer. 

Why Fashion Girls Are Replacing Their Leggings With Weekend Sets

Leggings have come a long way from the are they even pants debate, as they are now a fully crucial part of our go-to wardrobes. We wear them to the gym, to run errands, with blazers, and so on and so forth. Considering the frequency at which we wear leggings, burnout is something we’re bound to experience. As of late, fashion girls have been swapping the traditional athleisure staple for a trend that’s a bit more unconventional. No, we aren’t talking about bike shorts; we’re talking about weekend sets.

Weekend sets are still up for interpretation, but our definition involves either a sweatshirt or tank that has a matching pair of lounge shorts. Bike-short sets could be considered a weekend set as well, but for now, we’re focusing on the comfortable and roomy shorts that make you feel like you’re still in your pajamas. Throw on a cute weekend set for a Saturday filled with errands, a quick coffee with a friend, or even a lazy day in your house, and you’ll feel weirdly pulled-together for wearing what are essentially loungewear pieces. This athleisure trend can be styled in a ton of ways due to the variety of styles out there. All you have to do now is scroll down and find the one that’s right for you, and pretty soon you’ll forget why you ever wore your leggings so much in the first place. 

Shop the matching Sunnyside Cotton-Blend Terry Shorts ($125). Simple but effective. 

Shop the matching At Ease Terry Shorts ($58).  Is this not Hailey Bieber in an outfit?

Shop the matching Stretch-Jersey Shorts ($175).  Contrast longer shorts with a cute sports bra.

Shop the matching Perfect Jogger Short ($40). Nailing two trends in one. 

Shop the matching Logo Shorts ($48). The right way to wear pastels. 

Shop the matching Maisy Drawstring Short ($44). Throw on some sneakers, and you’ll go straight from your bed to the store in seconds flat. 

Shop the matching Printed Cotton-Terry Shorts ($168). Matching, but not. 

Shop the matching Printed Cotton Terry Shorts ($120).  Another look Hailey Bieber would wear. Yes, I’m obsessed with her. 

Shop the matching The Sweat Frayed Loopback Cotton-Jersey Shorts ($145). I see these with strappy sandals and a mini bag. 

Sometimes, the more practical option is best.

We’re loving all the fun pastel versions of this trend. 

And here are the matching shorts. 

This one’s giving us major dancer vibes. 

Shop the matching Milan Bike Short ($63).  Technically bike shorts, but the tie-dye was too good to exclude. 

Shop the matching Rwb Stripe Piqué Shorts ($390).  Even iconic designers have jumped on this trend. 

This sweatshirt will also look great with your favorite jeans. 

Shop the matching Farrah Organic Cotton-Jersey Shorts ($60). This brand is one of my new favorites. 

Shop the matching Etoile Short ($90).  One for the sporty souls out there. 

Shop the matching Tie Shorts ($125).  Tied up and ready to go.

Shop the matching UO Exclusive Sports Trim Bike Short ($39). Okay, one more bike-short version because look at that sweatshirt! 

Next up, check out the gutsy new trend that is also in the running to replace all your leggings this summer.  

I’ve Been Writing for Who What Wear for 5 Years—These Are My 5 Best Style Tips

Prior to joining Who What Wear in 2014, I had zero fashion-industry experience. At the time, everything I knew was pretty much instinctual, and I had to quickly figure out how to articulate myself in my stories. Now, five years later, I’ve written thousands of stories, and I’d like to think that I’ve picked up more than a few tips along the way. (I’m better at fashion than math, but my calculations put me at nearly 3500 stories. No wonder the letters on my keyboard are rubbing off.)

With fashion, it can be hard to practice what you preach 100% of the time, as everyone’s style, career, and budgets are different. I try to provide style information that appeals to as many readers as possible, but there are some tips that I’ve definitely come to realize are useful across the board since being immersed in the fashion world these past five years. That said, I truthfully put off deciding on my five tips, assuming it would be quite difficult to narrow it down, but much to my surprise, I quickly chose the tips below.

These five tips are ones that I practice on a daily basis in my own life and that save me time and money and have ultimately lead me to a better wardrobe. I rarely take more than five minutes choosing what I’m going to wear, and I think that’s due in part to these holy-grail tips, so let’s just say that I stand by them. Thanks for reading, and I hope to provide you with plenty more style tips via my faded keyboard.

It’s natural to have hesitation about buying an oversaturated It item. I certainly do. But if you really love something, you can still make that item that seemingly everyone has your own. How you style a piece could make it look completely different than it did on that girl you saw on Instagram. For example, my By Far Rachel bag in the below photo wasn’t the most under-the-radar fashion find, but after seeing how versatile it was and how useful it would be in my wardrobe, I bought it anyway.

Behold the aforementioned Rachel bag.

This Nanushka dress I’m wearing was a big It item earlier this year.

So many celebrities have worn these beauties recently.

I wear jeans a lot, but before I became a fashion editor, I wore them even more. I used to mindlessly reach for them on a daily basis, but diversifying the options in my wardrobe (with skirts, jumpsuits, trousers, etc.) has made my style more interesting. And now, when I do wear jeans, it feels like more of a treat.

Shop the matching 7/8-Length Tailored Pants ($295). This suit made me forget all about my jeans.

I want this skirt in every perfect print.

I always get compliments when I wear a jumpsuit.

I’m certainly guilty of falling in love with a trend and spending more of my budget on it than I should, only to see the trend quickly fade away the next season. So unless I see that a beloved trend is staying power (i.e., it’s all over the next season’s runways), I find it on the cheap. And it can always be found on the cheap.

I think the tie-dye trend will be around for awhile, but you can still find tons of chic under-$100 options on the market.

The modern shape of this mini bag suits the trendy neon hue perfectly.

Amazon is an excellent source for accessory trends like these pearl clips.

I learned the hard way that forgoing purchasing basics for fun and exciting pieces does not a well-rounded wardrobe make. Before realizing this, I often felt like I had nothing to wear because my closet was seriously lacking in staples to wear with the fun pieces. Now I regularly invest in quality basics, and I never complain about having nothing to wear anymore. 

You won’t believe how comfortable these 100% cotton jeans are.

Have you ever seen a more pristine black blazer? Didn’t think so.

These pleated jeans are so polished. (I also love this pair.)

I order all of my clothes online, so I’ve dealt with a lot of sizing trial and error over the years. I try to find reviews that speak to the fit first, but especially if I’m trying a new brand or an item looks more slim-fitting, I almost always size up now. You can always get something tailored to fit perfectly, but I’ve also found that things often look cooler when they’re a bit slouchier (especially things like jeans and blazers). Oh, and pro tip: Go up a half size with mules to avoid toe overhang. 

Loose jeans are the biggest denim trend of 2019, so I’ve been sizing up to get the look.

I prefer my minidresses to have a little extra room to avoid being both short and tight. 

As I mentioned, I often find that even true-to-size mules are a little small, so I order up.

Next up, 21 fashion items I’ve bought that keep me from running late.

What 20 Women From Across the U.S. Are Wearing (and Shopping) Now

Ever since June began, we’ve been covering summer style from every angle. We’ve shared the It pieces defining summer vacation style, the trends celebs are wearing (and those they’re skipping) this season, and the best outfits to hit the beach in. But now we’re zooming out and shifting our focus on the current state of American style as a whole. We were curious which trends are defining style in the U.S. right now. What are women from across the country (not just New York and L.A.) really wearing?

We tapped our incredibly stylish pool of Who What Wear readers for the intel. Each of the following 20 women shared the outfit that defines their style and the number one item topping their shopping wish lists at the moment. From the vintage aficionado in Minneapolis who will inspire you to start wearing more color to Nashville’s chicest minimalist, we canvased the country to bring you a snapshot of what of American style in 2019. Scroll through to get see their original outfits, find out how they define style in their city, and glean some summer shopping inspiration straight from their shopping carts to yours.

Who: Alyssa LeSavage . From: Minneapolis, Minnesota . How she describes her style: “Classic, natural, feminine, with a strong vintage twist. I love everything vintage, and I’m passionate about sustainable style. As an indigenous woman, sustainability is something I value deeply.”

Who: Sarah Butler. From: Seattle, Washington. How she describes her style: “Urban bohemian.”

Who: Noor Elkhaldi. From: Orlando, Florida. How she describes her style: “I really just like to keep things easy and comfortable. I recently started incorporating more color into my looks, and it’s been really fun stepping outside of my comfort zone.”

Who: Christina Noia. From: Chicago, Illinois. How she describes her style: “I love a good vintage find but styled up with modern pieces (aka vintage with a side of that new-new). I’d say my style is bold, adventurous, and colorful—I’m not afraid to push the limit and go outside of my comfort zone.”

Who: Sandra Sauceda. From: Tucson, Arizona. How she describes her style: “Chic, feminine, masculine, and easy.”

Who: Laniqua Mcmillian . From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. How she describes her style: “My style is bold, modern, and colorful.”

Who: Kira Bradford. From: Rexburg, Idaho. How she describes her style: “Classic, vintage, comfortable, sometimes a little weird. My personal style is curated to reflect my mood for the day. Alexander McQueen said it best: ”Fashion is self-confident and fearless.'”

Who: Caitlin Klarich. From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . How she describes her style: “It really depends on my mood and what inspires me at the moment. Feeling like a sad teenager? I’ll wear dark monochromatic clothes. Feeling chic and dramatic? I’ll pair a blazer with a weird combo of jean shorts or cool pants and make it work. Feeling like a star from a teen rom-com in the ’80s and ’90s? I’ll totally dress the part. Philly is definitely a good inspiration for fashion, and growing up here my whole life has helped with my sense of style.”

Who: Kimberly Seidensticker. From: Seattle, Washington. How she describes her style: “Very relaxed, slightly sensual, inspired by ’90s minimalism and the French-girl aesthetic.”

Who: Bhoranie Seide. From: Minneapolis, Minnesota . How she describes her style: “Trendy, classic, and eclectic.”

Who: Therese Brady. From: Bay Area, California. How she describes her style: “Minimal and utilitarian, classic yet current. I’m a sucker for menswear (suiting, oversize silhouettes), jumpsuits, and anything with pockets. Comfort always comes first. I love mixing investment pieces with affordable yet thoughtful elements.”

Who: Marche Robinson. From: Raleigh, North Carolina. How she describes her style: “Tailored and feminine!”

Who: Ahdilah Haswarey. From: Irvine, California. How she describes her style: “Modest fashion, classic, chic, and feminine. Fashion is my form of artistic self-expression. It is also a means for me to connect with like-minded women who are constantly looking for inspiration, and I feel that social media has allowed us to create communities in which women are connecting with one another and finding support systems through which they can express this sense of self through fashion and photography.”

Who: Kristen Cueto. From: Nashville, Tennessee. How she describes her style: “I’d explain my style as elevated basics blended with sustainable vintage pieces and classic silhouettes and clean lines. I love to mix high with low so that I’m never too done-up, but then again, never too done-down at the same time. Blending everyday classic staples with new trends is a good way for me to still feel myself while also enjoying new trends that catch my fancy.”

Who: Meghan Adams. From: Houston, Texas. How she describes her style: “My personal style is polished and classic mixed with on-trend yet authentically me.”

Who: Bria Jones. From: Kansas City, Missouri. How she describes her style: “Street style with a touch of sweet. I’m a huge advocate for comfortable fashion and look to achieve both.”

Who: Anastasia Furrow. From: Orem, Utah. How she describes her style: “I love classic silhouettes with modern touches, for example, dramatic ruffles added to a midi-length dress.”

Who: Allison Romero. From: McAllen, Texas. How she describes her style: “It’s hard to define it because it’s always changing, but I’m rarely too scared to try out a trend, so I’d define my style as bold and daring. I love taking risks and stepping outside of my comfort zone.”

Who: Jenny Bonavita . From: New York, New York. How she describes her style: “Electric. My eye is drawn to anything that is a loud print, silhouette, or design. If it’s funky, I want it.”

Who: Lanise Lovestone . From: Chattanooga, Tennessee. How she describes her style: “Urban-chic, depending on the occasion and mood and at other times business casual.”

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The Biggest Fall Color Trend Fashion Girls Are Embracing Already

Ok, ok so we’re not quite in the mindset to think of warm camel coats and chic knee-high leather boots just yet—summer has just arrived, after all. But we are always two steps ahead of the fashion curve here at Who What Wear and we can’t help but think forward to the top trends that are set to be huge come fall—some of which are already gaining momentum right now. Such is the case with one of fall’s biggest color trends.

Pistachio green is the color set to dominate by the time Autumn rolls around—every shade of the pretty hue was seen from head-to-toe on the Fall/Winter 19 runways from silky verdant looks at Sally La Pointe to minty green maxi dresses and beanies at Marc Jacobs. The looks felt modern and refreshing—and are convincing us to run out and buy a pistachio green outfit asap. It’s a color that has already been discreetly making it’s mark this spring and summer with fashion girls wearing the pistachio hue in the form of dresses, swimsuits and blouses. Below, we’re rounding up the coolest pistachio pieces to get your hands on to nail the trend this season and some key items that will take you into fall.

Designer, Sally La Pointe went full head-to-toe pistachio (even, the tights!), mixing textures and fabrics to create a luxurious look.

Make a statement in a simple minty green maxi dress. Don’t forget your matching beanie when it starts getting cold out.

Contrast shades of green by pairing a sage skirt with a pistachio hued jacket as seen on the runways at Jil Sander.

A loose fitting ensemble in a pale—almost khaki shade—will look perfectly on trend for fall.

Smocking! Linen! Suede! Mix your fabrics and textures to add interest to your pistachio look.

Pair a pistachio sweater cardigan with a leopard print swimsuit (such a cool combo) this season, and add slouchy pants or jeans to take you into fall. 

Play with different shades of green to keep your outfit from looking too uniform.

The pretty sage hue looks crisp when paired with white jeans and neutral accessories.

Pale green shades look luxurious when worn as a slouchy suit.

For a fresh look, pair a similar colored swimsuit and jacket together. Don’t forget the matching accessories.

Recently spotted on Irina Shayk in Florence this pretty pistachio shirred dress is doing the rounds on Instagram.

Just add boots and a blazer come fall.

An Insta-favorite.

Trade your jeans for luxurious suede trousers instead.

Opt for strappy sandals for a subtler take on the trend.

The chicest way to nail the trend at work.

One word: gorgeous!

The color will accentuate you sun-kissed skin.

A jacket you can wear now and later.

Spotted on our favorite celebs and influencers this season.

Just add a cream skirt or pants.

Utterly charming.

Make a statement in vibrant blazer.

Up next, the 5 biggest color trends we’ll be wearing in fall.