9 New Bridal Jewelry Trends You Need to Know About

When it comes to weddings, we so often think about the bride’s dress, her shoes, and her engagement ring, but there’s a lot more that goes into her full look than the bread and butter sartorial adornments. For example, all the fine jewelry that goes along with the aforementioned essentials. Year after year, there are ebbs and flows as far as bridal jewelry trends are concerned, and today, we’re here to discuss the newest ones on the block. Don’t worry, most of these trends are engagement ring–focused, but thanks to the insights from the talented jewelry designers ahead, we were given a broader scope of what’s trending in the bridal world this year. 

Here, you will hear from designers like Jade Trau, Renna Brown-Taher, Anne Sisteron, and more on the nine bridal jewelry trends they are predicting will be huge this year. From statement earrings to unique engagement ring settings, the selection ahead will have you ready for all the best new jewelry styles to wear on the big day. 

Spinelli Kilcollin Freya Ring (price upon request)
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I’m a Fashion Editor, and These Are the 21 Beauty Products I Want From Amazon

Truth be told, even though I’m a fashion editor, I buy a lot more beauty products from Amazon than I do clothes. Not that there isn’t a great selection of clothes on Amazon (as you know), but I just find the beauty product categories easier to navigate and a breeze to just throw into my cart (especially since many of them are affordable).

I’m constantly keeping my eyes and ears open about the best Amazon beauty products, whether it’s via customer reviews, word of mouth, or, of course, Who What Wear’s very knowledgable beauty editors. Speaking of which, I’m not a beauty editor myself, but I’m a fashion editor who is very interested in beauty products (and my overflowing bathroom cabinets admittedly resemble those of a beauty editor). So even though I may not be an expert on all things makeup, skincare, and haircare, I think the 21 beauty products that I want from Amazon are worth a scroll, as many of them come highly recommended via actual beauty experts, and many of them are quite stylish (because that’s how I roll).

Keep scrolling to shop the 21 Amazon beauty products this fashion editor wants right now.

An unfortunate pair of ankle boots left me with some unsightly scars on my legs. I’m really hoping this highly praised oil fades them because nothing else has been effective in the least.
I’ve considered investing in a Mason Pearson brush, but with reviews like this $8 one has, why would I?
I love a good French beauty buy, and this one seems to be a godsend for intense moisture without heaviness.
My love for matcha knows no limits. This may fall more under the wellness category, but it does claim to support skin, hair, and nails.
I keep hearing about Briogeo but have yet to try it. This highly rated hair-protecting product might have to be my first foray. 
The description of this new foaming cleanser is enough to sell me on it, not to mention all the buzz it’s been getting.
I recently starting using some Verb products and think I may be hooked. Plus, I love a good wave spray.
Who What Wear UK’s beauty editor recently did a story on this oil, and now I must see what all the hype is about for myself.
Since I feel like my hands are aging more rapidly than I am, I’m seriously considering giving this a try.
I love RMS Beauty’s cream highlighters, so I’m anxious to try the new powder version.
People love this stuff, and it seems particularly appropriate for the summer months to come.
I just bought this, and it’s already changing my life (relatively speaking). It’s the most effective hand cream I’ve encountered by far, and it’s surprisingly not even greasy.
I honestly don’t really know what to do with face glosses, but I want to know. And this one is far more appealing to me than Vaseline. 
This is the color I envision my toes being this summer.
I’ve yet to meet a Bioderma product I don’t love, and this de-puffing eye gel is next on my list.
It’s been in the back of my mind that I need to start using a neck cream, so here we are.
I’m a big fan of Baby Foot’s exfoliating peel, so I was excited to see that it has a cream for daily maintenance.  
I’ve tried these glossy eye colors in a couple of shades and am planning to add this pretty shimmering one to my collection next.
I always forget to moisturize my cuticles, but the 1000-plus favorable reviews for this just reminded me.
I love to use cream blushes, and this Beautyblender is made for just that.
I’m officially replacing my boring drugstore hand soaps with this lovely bottle.

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We Asked Linda Wells What She’d Buy From Her Own Makeup Brand

It takes a lot for me to buy a beauty product. Having been a beauty editor for 25-plus years, I’m used to getting boxes upon boxes of products to try, all of them free. I could practically wash each strand of hair on my head with a different shampoo and apply a serum to each pore without making a single purchase. I’ve met beauty editors who use Crème de la Mer on their elbows.

When I left the magazine world and started working on Flesh, I made up for lost time by becoming a major beauty consumer. I bought so many of my own products in one month that I quickly became a platinum member of Ulta’s loyalty program. (A purchase of a Drybar blow-dryer, $195, also helped push me into that echelon.)

Here are the top five products from Flesh that I buy with my own money. And I have the receipts to prove it.

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The Only H&M Pieces You Need to Know About This May

With the warm months and long days excitedly ahead of us, it’s time to get down to summer shopping business. First up, a deep dive into H&M’s warm weather must-haves. And we’ve got to say—the brand’s summer lineup is seriously good. Fresh, trendy, and affordable new arrivals are coming in hot at H&M this month, and you’ll want to get your hands on them fast as we’re pretty sure they’ll sell out before summer even arrives. From the most romantic summer dresses to the coolest strappy sandals and swimsuits that look way more expensive than their price tag, there’s something for every sartorial taste hiding at the fast-fashion retailer this season. Below we’re highlighting some of the biggest trending pieces you’ll want to snatch up this May. Your new-season wardrobe awaits.

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