32 Workwear Essentials Your Closet Deserves

We get it… Between your morning routine, your daily commute, and the urge (read: need) to hit the snooze button once or twice, your office attire can sometimes become a bit of an afterthought.

While we’re not here to knock your 9-to-5 wardrobe, we are here to encourage you to switch things up a bit. There’s nothing wrong with a blazer and slacks, but could your blazer be a pastel pink, perhaps, à la this chic number? And if you must wear slacks, might we suggest a plaid, cropped, flared pair?

To help you elevate your essentials, we sourced an amazing assortment of brands from the Lord & Taylor x Walmart partnership on Walmart.com Not only are there plenty of staples you’ll be excited to grab come 7 a.m., but there’s also a mix of high and low, meaning there’s something for every budget. 

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