How to Dress Like You’re Basically Italian Royalty

I know, I know—Italy doesn’t have a monarchy. However, chic sisters Viola and Vera Arrivabene may be the next best thing. After all, they are descended from the House of Savoy royal family and grew up in a 16th-century palace in Venice. Not only that, but the two certainly have an impeccable, royalty-worthy wardrobe to match.

Front-row fixtures at Dior shows every season, the sisters are worth keeping on your street style radar for Paris Fashion Week. They often emulate Ashley and Mary-Kate and Olsen, and wear complementary outfits like a coordinated jeans-and-blazer combo with candy-colored accessories.

Besides their personal style, I also love Viola and Vera for their brand of under-$150 slippers called ViBi Venezia, which pays homage to classic Venetian designs, and they know how to style the flats to perfection. Scroll to see seven outfit tips I picked up from studying their covetable Italian style.

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5 Spring Trends I’m Not Waiting Around to Buy—or Wear

It happens every year. We’re in the dead of winter, it’s 39 degrees outside (at least in NYC), dressing in layers is the name of the game, yet all anyone can focus on is spring trends. Blame it on fashion week’s impending arrival, or the fact that S/S 19 collections are what all our favorite designers are sprinkling into retailers right now, but whatever the reason, it can seriously play with this fashion editor’s emotions. After all, how can I focus on staying warm when all I want to wear is bike shorts and sandals?

I might have to hold off on busting out the floss heels until the temperatures rise or a tropical vacation magically appears on my calendar, but there are still plenty of spring trends I can start buying—and wearing—now. Just what are they? Keep scrolling to find out, see how some of our favorite girls are already wearing the trends, and of course, shop them for yourself.

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Fashion and Beauty Editors Agree: You Should Always Travel With These Products

“I look like a zombie without mascara and swear by Nars’s latest Climax formula. It’s clump-free, and in two to three swipes, my lashes are in full force.”
“I always, always travel with my Milk highlighting stick. The highlighter adds just the right amount of glow to my face, which is especially appreciated when traveling.”
“I don’t travel anywhere without Bioderma CrĂ©aline micellar water. It’s the ultimate water-free makeup remover that I first discovered at a French pharmacy.”
“Nucifera’s luxurious combination of plant-based butters and oils has a permanent home in my carry-on. When I’m in-flight and my hands or lips or arms or hair feels so dry I think I might turn into a puff of dust and disappear forever, I warm some of this up in my hands and apply to wherever ails me. It’s coconut oil–based, so I avoid using it on my face, but it’s my go-to savior for everywhere else.”
“Kopari’s coconut lip balm is my fave because not only is it so hydrating that no amount of recycled air could undo it, but it also looks so pretty on the lips and could pass for a plumping, non-sticky gloss. Pro tip: If I’m too lazy to reach for my Nucifera, I’ll also use this as a hand and cuticle cream.”
“I use Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum every day, so of course I have to travel with it as well. I think it helps me look awake and refreshed after a long flight.”
“I already use this almost every day, but especially so when I travel to somewhere tropical. It’s so light and smells so good, you’d never know it had even a trace of SPF and keeps my skin feeling so moisturized.” 
“Dry hands are my biggest struggle when traveling, so I slather on this non-greasy balm as often as possible.”
“This is my go-to face wash, and I was so happy when they made a mini version.”
“This lightweight foundation does an excellent job of making me look like I got a lot more sleep than I actually did when traveling.”
I’ve been obsessed with this organic, raspberry-hued lip treatment for years and compulsively keep it on hard regardless of whether I’m headed to the gym or airport. It imparts the perfect punch of color for that just-bitten vibe and keeps my lips moisturized, soft, and plump. Plus, I use it as an easy, breezy blush in a pinch.
Fun fact: I’m actually roommates with my fellow beauty editor Amanda Montell, so not surprisingly, beauty banter and product swaps accelerate to 100 mph within our household. Even though Amanda has loved this cult-fave highlighter from Glossier forever, she only just recently turned me onto it. There’s no mess, and it gives you the fresh, dewy, lit-from-within look you desperately want while deplaning.
I’m what you would call a little bit of an addict when it comes to both eye cream and concealer. I blame it on my perpetually vampirey under-eyes. This PYT from ClĂ© de Peau BeautĂ© is the best of both worlds—a skincare-meets-makeup magical wonder of a pen that I sweep and pat anywhere I need a hint of coverage while traveling. It’s the perfect antidote if don’t want to feel fully made up and is a godsend spot treatment for impromptu blemishes.
I’ve tried a lot of lash curlers in my life, and this is the only one that has lasted over a year. It still delivers the same degree of sky-scraping (and long-lasting) curl as the day I first opened it. Plus, curled lashes are my secret weapon for looking wide-awake and bright-eyed regardless of jet lag.
I’m one of those people who’s constantly putting my hair up. Even though I usually have every single kind of hair tie on my wrist or in my bag at all times, nothing can compare to the supreme hold of the Invisibobble. Plus, I appreciate that they don’t leave a dent, so if I want to take my hair down post-flight, I’m not left with a major rehab project. The newer Slim iteration is especially perfect for my fine texture.
“I pop a couple of these in my toiletry bag whenever I travel. My skin tends to freak out the moment I step off a plane, but just one of these magical peel pads tames any of the impending doom headed for my pores.”
“Thanks to this magical and lovely smelling Wave Spray, I can style second- and third-day hair without traveling with all my other haircare tools and products since it enhances my natural waves.”
“I am obsessed with having clean skin before I sleep on a plane, so makeup wipes are an absolute must to keep me fresh. These Koh Gen Do ones are my favorite. They’re super gentle and remove even waterproof makeup.” Next up, celeb facialists say these are the only products worth applying this winter.