Poems in the Keys of Life

Poems in the Keys of Life is the authors foray into the world of poetry. The book correlates poems with music. Each elicits certain feelings and emotions (keys or tonics) from the listener. Poems can have a musical melody of their own. Just as you can enjoy the lovely vocal melodies in music such as Verdi’s “Rigoletto”, poems can achieve the same level of beauty. After all, many songs are created from poems!

The author defines a poem’s key as “the major events/emotions/thoughts which dominate a person’s life”:
1. Birth
2 Childhood, School, & Work
3. Love, Sex, & Marriage
4. Family
5. Interaction with Nature
6. Mind Streams
7. Retirement & Death.

This organization represents the author’s mind map which shows that poetry impacts us at every stage and state of our lives. In this book he presents Poems in the Key of life.

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