Everyone on Instagram Keeps Asking Me Where These Boots Are From

A big part of my job at Who What Wear is to try and judge which fashion items our lovely readers (yes, that’s you) are going to want to buy—particularly when I’m putting together one of my Joy of Shopping features. However, what’s often tricky about these excursions is finding a single pair of shoes that works for multiple outfits.

Case in point: For one of my recent pieces about the parent brands of the high street, I decided to wear a pair of chunky lace-up boots that the brand Ash kindly gifted me with. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was the deluge of questions that hit my inbox the moment the pics were posted on Who What Wear’s Instagram Stories. Everyone was desperate to know where my boots were from.

So I thought I’d give the people what they want. In summary, these boots make every single outfit look a 100 times cooler, whether it’s a tweed skirt suit, floaty dress, or minimalist camel coat. They’re also super comfy and so resilient. I’ve worn them both on the streets of London and in the muddy forests of Kent. Anyway, enough from me. If you want to bag a pair, I’ve put a link to them below alongside a few similar styles. Trust me. You won’t regret it.

Style Notes: I never thought I’d like a tweed suit, but when paired with a Breton top and Ash’s lace-up boots, it’s transported into cool-Parisian-girl territory.
Style Notes: Hobbs’s classic camel coat is kicked into 2019 with a leopard-print top and Ash’s chunky boots.
Style Notes: Ash’s boots are a dream to wear with a floaty dress, as they instantly offer an edge.

Diane Kruger Knows the Chicest Way to Wear Mango in Paris

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, which means celebrities are flocking to the French capital with their chicest outfits in tow. For Diane Kruger, a stroll in the City of Light calls for a simple yet stylish denim outfit anyone can re-create—whether you have fashion week plans or just a trip to Trader Joe’s on the agenda.

Her newsboy cap and lace-up boots are star accessories, but her black Mango coat, in particular, caught my eye. The sleek wool coat is a timeless staple, and the icing on the cake is that it’s currently marked down from $230 to $150. Considering many parts of the country are still coated in snow as we approach March, it never hurts to invest in on-sale outerwear that you’ll wear constantly. Scroll down to see how Diane Kruger styled Mango in Paris, and shop our favorite items from the retailer.

On Diane Kruger: Mango Unstructured Wool-Blend Coat ($150)

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The Best Wedding Bands for Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

With all the attention we like to give finding the perfect engagement ring, it’s easy to forget about the wedding band. While choosing your wedding band might seem easy, the task gets tougher when you have a less conventional engagement ring. Even finding a wedding band for classic pear-shaped engagement rings can be difficult.

Which is why we tapped Olivia Landeau, founder and CEO of The Clear Cut and all-around diamond expert, for her insight on finding the best band to fit against your pear-shaped diamond. “When shopping for your wedding band, the shape of your center stone on your engagement ring is less important than the actual setting of your engagement ring,” she says.

According to Landeau, once you know your setting, you’ll be able to find the right band to complement your ring. If your stone is set in a solitaire setting or in a delicate pavé diamond band, you can choose something as simple as a matching band or perhaps even a curved one.

If your setting is more complicated, there are more things to consider. “If your pear-shaped diamond is set in a three-stone ring with side stones, you may have a bit of space between your engagement ring and your wedding band,” she explains. “Because of this, you may want to consider an understated band as to not take away from your engagement ring.”

Landeau also adds that one thing you should avoid when searching for a wedding band to wear with your pear-shaped engagement ring is mixing faceting patterns on the same finger: “I wouldn’t recommend getting a larger emerald-cut eternity band if you wanted to wear it on the same finger as your brilliant-cut pear-shaped engagement ring. The difference in the patterns can create a confused look.”

With that advice on hand, scroll down to shop rings that’ll go perfectly with your pear-shaped engagement ring.

You’ll never want to take this band off.
Subtle while also making a statement.
Black diamonds are so unexpected.
If you like texture, you’ll love this braided band.
Whether your pear stone is sitting in the traditional way or east-west, this band will fit your engagement ring nicely.
This is simple with the right amount of sparkle.
We can’t get over the subtle texture of the band.
Subtle yet sparkly. 
This band is ideal for everyday wear.
Create the look of a ring stack with this pavé ring.
This will look so good worn with your engagement ring or on its own.
This will nestle well with your ring.
Made for the no-fuss bride.
Create a unique cluster with an additional pear-shaped diamond.
An eternity band is always classic.
This feels so dainty.
You’ll never get tired of looking at this.
When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a minimalistic band.

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Poor Attendance At Intervention A Real Wake-Up Call

LAWTON, OK—Brought to the brink of tears by the concerned looks in the eyes of a few of his loved ones, Alex Sheehorn, 29, was presented with a serious wake-up call Wednesday in the form of the piss-poor attendance at his intervention. “I walked into my place to find Mom, Dad, and my Aunt Carla standing there, plus…

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