What to Wear to an October Wedding

While technically wedding season takes place smack-dab in the middle of summer (June is often the most popular month), we find that another super-popular time for couples to say “I do” is October. The weather is just getting nice and crisp, the leaves are turning, and romance is definitely in the air.

All that is fine and swell, but dressing for such an affair as a guest can be quite the challenge. It’s often too cold for your go-to slip dresses, and strappy sandals are pretty much out of season. What’s a stylish girl to do?

Let the professionals help you with this daunting task. Keep scrolling to see, once and for all, the best tactics for dressing for an October wedding.

Looking for some bridal inspiration? Take a look at the prettiest wedding-day designs, straight from New York Bridal Fashion Week.

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No matter your personal style preference, if there’s one universal go-to for fall wedding dressing, it’s luxe fabrics. This season is all about velvet, satin, silk, and lace. Get in on the trend and turn heads with eye-catching materials that are plenty dressy for the occasion.

15 Comfortable (and Cute) Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

To keep the focus on what’s really important this Thanksgiving (i.e. pigging out on pecan pie, taking endless pictures of your baby niece, and staking out a prime TV-watching spot on the couch), we’ve got your wardrobe situation all planned out. Luckily, the ideas below can be created with a beautiful new faux fur or with your old winter trench. Whether your holiday is in a big city or a rural town, these outfits go over just as well as your mom’s infamous stuffing.

From several ways to style an oversize sweater to a plaid outfit designed for lazy lounging, each look is sure to impress your relatives while still allowing room for an extra helping of turkey—we promise.

Click through for 15 stylish, laid-back outfits perfect for a day of eating and lounging.

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15 It Girl–Approved Halloween Costume Ideas

Coming up with a Halloween costume that hasn’t been done a million times and that you’re excited to put together and wear for a night is a bit of a tall order, but it can be done. So how does one find the perfect Halloween costume idea—you know, the one that’s equal parts unique, alluring, and impressive? 

The answer is simple: By turning to our seasoned panel of experts in everything cool, the It girls of the fashion world, of course. To give you a jump start, we did some celebrity research ourselves and we’re sharing an assortment of creative ideas from Alexa Chung, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Moss, and more, including everything from fashionable spins on classic costumes to inspired takes on movie characters. Get a head start on your Halloween costume this year by bookmarking these supremely stylish ideas. Plus, shop the essentials you need to re-create each creative look. 

Check out 15 fashion girl–approved Halloween ideas below. 

The costume: Girl Scout. The essentials: Urban Outfitters Classic Bandana ($10); park ranger hat; suspenders; trousers; lace-up boots
The costume: Character from the masquerade scene of Eyes Wide Shut. The essentials: Statement mask; matching lingerie set; cape
The costume: Nun . The essentials: Nun habit ($9); black dress
The costumes: Skeleton (de Cadenet Taylor) and cheetah (Love). The skeleton essentials: Black and white makeup ($6); black jumpsuit. The leopard essentials: Leopard ears; leopard turtleneck; black skinny jeans
The costume: Tina Turner. The essentials: Tina Turner Costume Wig ($26); bodycon lace dress
The costumes: Leopard (Smalls) and Elvira (Swanepoel). The leopard essentials: Face paint; statement red dress. The Elvira essentials: Face paint; all-black outfit; black corset
The costume: Masked maiden. The essentials:Glittery costume mask; silky gold slip dress
The costume: Unicorns. The essentials: Ravesandbeyond White Unicorn Feather Mohawk ($189); gowns
The costumes: Garth (Chung) and Wayne (Deyn) from Wayne’s World. The Wayne essentials: Wayne’s World Adjustable Black Baseball Hat ($20); leather jacket; ripped jeans. The Garth essentials: Plaid button-down; Garth Algar wig ($15); Buddy Holly party glasses ($5) 
The costume: Margot Tenenbaum. The essentials: Faux-fur coat; hair clip
The costume: Morticia Addams. The essentials: The Addams Family Deluxe Morticia Wig ($13); all-black outfit.
The costume: Moon. The essentials: Silver Metallic Cream Makeup ($4); beaded dress
Now, check out the most popular Halloween costumes on Pinterest. This post has been updated by Michelle Scanga and Allyson Payer.