Meghan Markle Wore the ’80s Trend Zara Made Famous Again

It’s a busy day in the life of Meghan Markle. Today the duchess stepped out for two events (so far) in two different wardrobes. As Markle is nearing the end of her pregnancy (she’s rumored to be due in April or May), she’s relying on easy dresses and coats and is still very much devoted to her trusty heels (pumps, in most cases). That certainly doesn’t mean that she can’t try some of the latest trends. One of the easiest ways to do so is via print, and the particular print Markle chose for the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey is undoubtedly a product of the ’80s revival. Markle wore a chain-print dress from Victoria Beckham’s F/W 19 collection, along with a cream-color coat and pillbox hat and green pumps.

Hermès and Versace really made chain print famous (see the S/S 18 runway proof below from when they officially revived the trend), but over the past year, Zara has really embraced it and made it more accessible. Currently, blouses, blazers, skirts, and scarves abound in the expensive-looking trend, and we’re guessing the retailer might add to its stock even more now that Markle has endorsed the ’80s-inspired look.

Keep scrolling to see how Markle styled the chain-print trend and shop affordable versions of it from Zara.

On Meghan Markle: Victoria Beckham dress
Versace S/S 18

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Be Ready For Anything With the World’s First Ultra-Secure Smartphone

Abu Dhabi-based DarkMatter says its corporate mission is “to enable businesses and governments to become smart, safe, and cyber resilient.” 

With the KATIM R01, their new tricked-out Android smartphone, DarkMatter is definitely true to their stated purpose, because it fulfills a need that far too many other manufacturers never address: military-grade safety and security. 

No joke, this is James Bond stuff. If you think about it casually, Bond seems like he’d rock a stylish top-notch iPhone, but let’s face it: iPhones are not known for their toughness. 

The KATIM R01’s short list of features geared toward tactical use are damn impressive. From their own description:

KATIM® R01 is tough. It has the strength of five layers of hardened case and can handle being dropped, run over and immersed in water. It has a tamper protected design so all data in the device stays safe and a USB interface protected against data theft and malware.

KATIM® R01 is even tougher inside with multiple layers of defence: hardened KATIM® OS with a hardware-based crypto root of trust, KATIM® Secure Communications suite of applications based on custom and quantum-resistance cryptographic protocols, and back end infrastructure with the KATIM® Command Centre.

Together, these layers form a unique, ultra secure system. In extreme conditions, it gives an optimized user experience with good grip, extra loud audio for noisy environments, dedicated buttons for Push-to-Talk and SOS, and a touch screen that’s accurate for gloved and wet hand operation.

There are 4GB of RAM on board with 128GB of storage that the user can expand with a microSD card. The phone’s 5.65” display is made with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and it comes with a fingerprint sensor in addition to dual-SIM support. 

The KATIM runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip and its OS is basically a forked version of Android 8.1, which can be upgraded as needed.

Even if much of the above is technobabble to some, the bit about handling the phone with wet hands is remarkable enough. We may all have supercomputers in our pockets now, but one of the great ironies in that is how they’re unusable if you just walked in out of the rain. 

On top of all this, the KATIM R01 just looks badass, like the RoboCop version of your standard-issue Android device.

The kicker: The phone can only be purchased from DarkMatter, and pricing is only available on request—so it probably has a pretty steep price tag. If DarkMatter can back up its claims with performance, though, it’s worth it. 

Jaguar Won’t Be Euthanized After Attacking Selfie-Taking Woman

A jaguar “won’t be put down” after it brutally mauled a selfie-snapping woman. 

The predatory big cat reportedly clawed a female patron who climbed over one of two protective barriers surrounding its  enclosure at Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park in Litchfield Park, Arizona. 

Authorities say that the woman was “attempting to take a selfie…when the cat reached out and attacked her arm,” according to AZFamily

Video posted to Twitter shows a gruesome gash on the woman’s left forearm. She was hospitalized and is expected to make a full recovery. 

“There’s no way to fix people crossing barriers,” said Mickey Ollson, the zoo’s director. 

“That happens occasionally. And we put substantial barriers there and if people cross them, they can get in trouble.”

Wildlife World Zoo officials ensured social media users that the jaguar will not be euthanized following the incident. 

“We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar,” zoo officials tweeted. 

“She’s a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe- not a wild animals fault when barriers are crossed.”  

Fox reports that the woman admitted she was wrong for climbing the barrier and apologized to zoo officials.

That didn’t stop people from berating the woman on Twitter with a variety of memes.

Needless to say, don’t climb into a cage with a freakin’ jaguar.   

Here’s How Our Editors Would Spend $100 on Fashion and Beauty at Amazon

There are a lot of compliments that swirl around the fashion-forward and beauty-obsessed Who What Wear office. I, for one, am always eager to hear where someone got their nifty little hair accessory or where those cool boots are from, and the same goes with beauty commendations. I’m not afraid to grill a fellow colleague on what she used to get her skin so glowing or her hair so shiny—taking notes of every detail.Admittedly, the response that get me really giddy is when someone exclaims, “It’s from Amazon! Two-day shipping!” Music to my ears because let’s face it, there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than the ease of shopping on Amazon—made only better when you find a gem recommended by a trusted friend or colleague.

So with this in mind, I tapped into my fellow editors to see what fashion and beauty items they are currently adding to their carts as well as what they love to buy regularly on Amazon. And because part of the shopping satisfaction is acquiring these treasures at favorable prices—all their picks are under $100. 

“I’ve been using Bioderma’s micellar water for ages and will never travel without it. I used to stock up on it in Paris, but now it’s available straight from Amazon.”
“Dior’s iconic mascara in a super-inky black formula. Simply the best.”
“I have this soap at every sink in my apartment.”
“My favorite face wash for clear, glowing skin. Here, in a travel size.”
“I own these great leggings in black and I think it’s time for a prettier pair.”
“My dry skin is going to enjoy this cult favorite moisturizer.”
“A lot cheaper than those Prada knee-high socks everyone is wearing.”
“With bike shorts about to be everywhere for spring, I’ll be needing to stock up on at least one solid black pair. This no-frills pair feels like the perfect length for me.”
“This is my favorite brow product because it includes a brush to use first, and the thin applicator lets you get a really natural look without appearing to have overdrawn your brows.”
“This is my go-to sunscreen I wear every day. It’s not greasy, doesn’t make me break out, and is easy to wear under makeup, which is everything you can ask for.”
“This cult face mask is definitely something you’ll want to never run out of. The BHAs and AHAs exfoliate the skin and help with acne issues.”
“I use these cucumber wipes to get makeup off in a pinch when I don’t feel like washing my face.”
“I’ve used this hair mask until the last drop because it smells incredible and makes my hair silky smooth, so it’s finally time for a restock.”
“I’ll be trying out these carpenter jeans purely because Kendall Jenner and co. have made the style look so cool.”
“Teva’s are having a major moment this year—the sporty sandal popped up unexpectedly on the spring and fall 2019 runways—and I can’t wait to wear them with socks (yes!) and a cute dress once spring rolls around.”
“This trendy seashell choker necklace has been adding a carefree, bohemian touch to my outfits lately. It pairs surprisingly well with practically everything—from a print dress to a chic blazer.”
“I have these handy in my handbag, car, at the office, and whenever I travel to wipe away the day’s impurities. They are gentle, don’t dry skin, and remove even the strongest waterproof mascara”
“I just ordered this inspired by Chanel’s latest fall runway show where models donned adorable black bow ribbons to the back of their hair.”
“The perfect fitted white tee for layering.”
“I almost never wear makeup without adding at least a little flick of liquid eyeliner. This is my ride-or-die formula of choice, and I pretty much refuse to use anything else! It’s super dark, it doesn’t budge, and the felt tip is the perfect size for easy maneuvering.”
“Kind of like the eyeliner from Stila, this is the only top coat I use or recommend to friends. With just one coat, you’re not only left with tons of shine, you’ll also have a manicure that stays intact for at least a week or two.”
“Believe it or not, my mom actually turned me onto this! Even though it looks a little unicorn-y from the pan, the finish is actually so flattering and pretty. It catches the light in the perfect, most believable way, and it doesn’t veer to chalky. In fact, it’s so blendable, you’d think it was a cream.”
“What’s not to love here? A fun pair of mules for under $65.”
“You don’t really have any excuses not to try the pearl hair clip trend when it costs just $3.”
“I just bought these lucite shelves to help store my growing collection of bags.”
“These pimple patches work wonders for reducing any unwelcome guests on your face.”
“Amazon is a great place to buy of-the-moment accessories like headbands and white tights. You know, the trends that are cool now but might not be in a few months.” 

Up next, 25 Amazon finds we all unanimously agree are amazing.

Feast Your Eyes On the Otherworldly Luxury of the Rolls-Royce Phantom ‘Tranquillity’

Rolls-Royce debuted an ultra-luxurious, limited-edition Phantom that’s truly out of this world at the Geneva Motor Show.

The British automaker says the Phantom Tranquillity’s dash was inspired by shadows created by radiation that travels through the X-Ray-coded aperture masks used on the Skylark space rocket. 

All we know is that the combination of 24-karat gold, space-grade aluminum and stainless steel certainly looks like it belongs inside a spacecraft created by a fashion designer. 

Authentic Muonionalusta meteorite and gold are embedded in the volume controller, while matching black gloss accents run throughout the center console. A contrasting white satin veneer is used on the upper glove box and door armrests.

The extraterrestrial theme is continued on the roof, where an array of LED lights mimic the night sky. 

Bespoke speaker frets are finished with—you guessed it—more gold. All features containing the precious metal were supposedly inspired by the NASA Voyager probes that carried two gold records with sounds and images from earth into space. 

Other elements exclusive to the Tranquillity’s interior include a vapor-blasted yellow gold and titanium clock, stainless steel pinstripes and either Arctic White or Selby Grey leather upholstery.

Available with standard or extended wheelbases, all 25 of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Tranquillity models have already been purchased—it’s pretty easy to see why.

Americans Will Need Visas to Visit Parts of Europe Beginning in 2021

Unfortunately for U.S. citizens visiting Europe, starting January 1, 2021, a visa will be required for travel to some countries in the European Union.

Called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System), the visa won’t have a painstaking application process. It only involves filling out an online form and paying a small fee.

Previously, U.S. citizens could travel to The EU for any length of time under 90 days visa-free. The reason for this change is to increase security and pre-screen visitors before they arrive. 

The ETIAS isn’t being called a visa per se, but rather a “pre-travel screening for security and migration risks of travelers benefiting from visa-free access to the Schengen area.” For all intents and purposes, it’s a visa.

Side note: The Schengen Area is made up of 26 European countries that don’t have internal borders where people can travel freely between them.

For an ETIAS, you’ll need your credit or debit card, email address, and a passport that’s valid for three months beyond your intended stay. Once you apply, you’ll (probably) be approved within a few days.

Luckily, that approval will be valid for three years and can be used for multiple entries. So even if you take a bunch of trips to the EU, you’ll be set.